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[SOLD, thanks!] - Lot 3 - BOXED Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, XE, C=64 Games - Incl. Mario Bros., DK, Q*bert + More!

Video 61

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Lot #3

hi everyone,

we are putting up a batch of customer returns we purchased out of atari decades ago. these were returned to atari for various reasons by retailers. many times they are still new, or opened boxes, but complete. many are still shrink wrapped, but the boxes are poor, that is why many of the games were returned to atari, poor boxes, which made the games unsellable.

we have perhaps thousands of these atari games left in our warehouse. but the boxes were sent to us not sorted, atari just threw them in shipping boxes and sent them. so we are not sure of how many titles of these we have, or their numbers.

so we have no time to sort these boxes out, we will just put up batches for sale. so we will not mix or match or look for certain titles, because we have no time, and i feel the price is right for this batch.

there are titles for Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, and Atari 400 / 800/ XL / XE. there maybe lynx and jaguar ones also in the future!

there will be no warranty on these.

this batch will be $99.95 and includes free shipping if you live in the u.s.a.

this is not an auction, and we are not negotiable on the price, its firm and fair.

to inquire or purchase please include where you live, and email us with your order at video61@atarisales.com, or video61atarisales@gmail.com

please do not internally e-mail me from atari.io

here are the titles:


ATARI 2600


1-task force


1-circus atari


ATARI 5200

1-mario bros.


ATARI 7800

1-food fight

1-real sports baseball

1-donkey kong



ATARI 400 / 800 / XL / XE

1-tennis cartridge

1-pole position disk

1-gateway to apshai disk



1-track and field including the rare controller that also works on the atari 2600/7800/400/800/xl/xe






22735 Congo St. NE, Stacy, MN 55079

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