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STUDY: Violent video games linked to aggressive behavior…


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Psychologists have confirmed that playing violent video games is linked to aggressive and callous behavior:




Thoughts on this? Particularly with regards to the chicken and the egg scenario, and Atari and Nintendo's role in nonviolent gaming?

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It think it's the same thing as with movies, music or books. Some people can't handle fictional violence. Then they trying to imitate things they watched on the screen in real life. Some people can't even handle to walk the street without getting stupid ideas that could end up i mass murderer.

Then there's people who can handle fictional violence, they unload every bit of anger inside when they play something violent, listen to death metal or similar.

It works like...

You're frustrated because of your idiotic landlord or problems in the relationship. Put on real aggressive death metal or play a hyper violent game. After you're finished every bit of anger will be gone. So fiction violence actually fill a vital function too, in the hands of someone who can handle it.

Imagine the wimp to husband married to a real hag. People like that often visits some hockey game (or similar) and then shouts "hang the referee", to unload every bit of anger inside. The most aggressive people visiting a hockey match is often the ones who takes lot of shit at home. It works for the right people.

Remember, EVERYTHING is dangerous in the wrong hands and some people wouldn't be aloud to leave home. People who blame a video game or a book when they shoot 10 people just for fun.

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My thoughts on this are, the gun doesn't kill the person. In the same way that the game doesn't kill the person. The person that don't have morals will play video games that are super violent. You know who else will? People who want to be entertained and have morals. I am a sane individual. I cherish everyone's life, I treat everyone equally, and I think killing innocent people is bad. I play Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, and a few other shooters that are violent. I watch Marvel movies which are violent. I am Christian so I read the Bible which is in some cases violent (Cain and Abel (Cain killed Abel which was wrong), David and Goliath (David defended himself and others which was right) just to name a few examples).


Violence is a part of life. Unless you are defending yourself or others, it's wrong. If you are attacking for no reason, there is something wrong with you. How I entertain myself does not dictate how I live my life. 

young Atari lover

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