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Kids In The Hall


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OK now it's on. Having lived my entire life in TORONTO ONTARIO up until moving here to B.C. 20 years ago KIDS IN THE HALL were a favorite. These characters always come to mind when I think KIDS IN THE HALL. Simple concept, that one guy who never comes through for you and yet, we keep falling for their word that they in fact will come through. This skit takes it to the limit 😎The original skit (there are some additional ones) called “The King of Empty Promises” with Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald. Of their most popular sketches and characters (Buddy Cole / Chicken Lady/ Crushing your head guy etc) for some reason, this skit always stuck with me, one because Kevin McDonalds character though clearly evil is quite calm and reserved, maddingly so, compared to many of his usual loud and maniacal characters. 😆Here are the two skits I remember, watch in order to see just how much of a sad sucker Foley's character is. The thing is, maybe it sticks in my mind because I can relate, as Foley's character 🤷‍♂️Obviously e is the victim in this equation but you just know part of his anger / disappointment is with himself for constantly falling for it. 

The Kids in the Hall: King of Empty Promises

Follow up: Kids In The Hall: "The King of Empty Promises" -- In Jail!





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