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Asteroids Has A Flaw

Atari 5200 Guy

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When I was a kid I enjoyed the reading materials that came with my 5200 stuff.  I would take the poster, owner's manual, game catalog with Asteroids advertised, and sometimes manuals to newly acquired games, with me to school and read them.  Today I still enjoy reading the materials that comes with the NOS games.  Especially Atari games because the stories they would come up with to support the game was very imaginative. 

I remember when I started taking care of my grandmother.  My 5200's game catalog was found in her bedside night stand.  I have no clue how long it had been there because I thought I lost it at school.  I like reading them because you never know.

Let us know what your Asteroids says.

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12 hours ago, dauber said:

Found the problem:

"For use with the 7800 controllers."

NOTHING is for use with THOSE awful things!!

What?!? No light gun or trakball support? 😞. Kind of along the same lines as a movie quote from Doc Brown.  

"No wonder this sucked failed, it says 'Made in Japan'." 

"What do you mean, Doc?  All the best stuff comes from Japan."


I have to agree with you, though.  As much as I love the 7800 and its games those controllers were tendonitis-inducing weapons of destruction.  The balance is way off.  Another design should have been tried or both regions should have received the pad controllers with the system.  At least with that it would have had a bit more success.  Maybe.  That was the only thing that kept me from enjoying it like I wanted to BITD otherwise I would have played it more than the NES.

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