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Cybermorph - Different Versions!


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I'm sure everyone else but me knew this before today, but there are different versions of Cybermorph!  Why?  Probably because Atari was penny pinching again.

The details are here:  https://www.mobygames.com/game/jaguar/cybermorph/trivia


I also understand you can tell the difference by the number on the bottom right of the cart label.  If it ends in -2, you got the 2MB version.  If it ends in -3, you got the 1 MB version


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Yeah, this is an infamous example of the Tramiel's trying to save a buck. The developer's at ADT were reportedly very upset about the cuts.

Here's a great community interview with questions by our own @TrekMD with Fred Gill, formerly of ADT, who touches on the cut.

Here's the excerpt:

It was a sad day when we got the call asking if we could optimise the 2Mb game to get it into 1Mb cartridge. The reason was purely cost. Atari needed to cut the price of the Jaguar to boost sales and a 2Mb cartridge didn’t give them enough margin, and indeed they may have even made a loss. It took approx. 2hrs to remove enough animation data and Skylar speech sample variations to get it to fit; whilst an interesting engineering exercise, it was painful ‘mutilating’ something that we’d crafted over such a long time.




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1 minute ago, Atari 5200 Guy said:

Dang it.  I have the 1 MB version.  That explains why I remember the morphing title but never see it on the cart I have now.  I originally had the 2 MB version.

I can't remember for sure...but I'm pretty sure I had the 2 mb version too.  Way back before I even had a Jaguar, I had two Cybermorph carts.  I'm pretty sure I stuck one in a Retro Game Box and probably had no idea there was any difference.  Luck -- I must have stuck the "good" one in that box, which is good luck for whoever got it.  No regrets because I didn't know at the time.    

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