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ATARI 5200 - The Retroist Podcast

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One of our favorite podcasts has a great episode that you should check out! Today's episode is about the Atari 5200, introduced in November, 1982 as Atari’s second generation 8-bit video game system. It featured advanced analog joysticks, an arcade-like trak-ball, more sophisticated games than the 2600, and absolutely striking industrial design by Regan Cheng.


The Atari 5200 was originally conceived as a direct competitor to Intellivision, though it ended up competing primarily with ColecoVision released just weeks before. Interestingly, Atari didn’t present the 5200 as a direct replacement for the 2600, but a higher-end alternative to compliment the 2600 in the existing product line. 


The Retroist is a fantastic podcast, and it's long-been a personal favorite among the Mods here at the site for many years. I hope you'll find the time this weekend to maybe put on a great game, tune in and listen to this great podcast. Maybe it'll become a weekend routine!






Listen to the Retroist Podcast here:








You can also search iTunes for Retroist Podcast, or visit The Retroist here:




Here's what The Retroist had to say about the episode:

Retroist Podcast – Episode 006 – Atari 5200


Today’s show is about the less popular younger sister of the Atari 2600, the Atari 5200. I talk about the technology behind the system, its strengths and weaknesses, the games and its small contribution to 80s pop culture. List fans rejoice, metagirl is back again, this time with the 5 rarest Atari 5200 games of all time.


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