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Skinny & Franko: Fists of Violence (In Development)


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Release Date: April 28, 2023

Retail: TBD

Developer: Blue Sunset Games

Publisher: Console Labs S.A.

Official Site


28 years after the events of 'Franko: The Crazy Revenge', titular anti-hero Franko returns to Poland to get his old friend out of trouble. This time also he will not go easy on his enemies...

Now, with help of his pal Skinny, Franko will wreak havoc in the streets of Szczecin once again.

Skinny & Franko: Fists of Violence is an outstanding and brutal 2D beat'em'up game. Designed by a creator of cult classics like 'Franko: The Crazy Revenge' or 'Doman: Sins of Ardan' that were popular in the 90's on Amiga and PC.

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