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Richard Lewis for BoKu - That time box juices were marketed to adults


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I have a new post at the Retroist sharing memories of Richard Lewis' commercials for BoKu in the early '90s.


BoKu was a brand of box juice released in 1990 by McCain Citrus, Inc. that was marketed to adults and presented as being more mature than children's box juices. I remember being surprised and confused at the idea of box juices for adults.“Box juices are kid territory” I thought. “Would grownups be seen drinking box juice?”


BoKu ran a big marketing blitz of television commercials that targeted adults and featured comedian Richard Lewis as BoKu's spokesman.




The commercials were memorable, with an indignant Richard Lewis dramatically espousing the virtues of BoKu by saying things like “It’s my undeniable right as a man of the ‘90s to quench my thirst in my own way! I want a BoKu!”








Read the full story at the Retroist here: http://www.retroist.com/2015/08/21/richard-lewis-for-boku-adult-box-juices

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PS - Richard Lewis had his own sitcom at the time, and starred alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in Anything But Love airing on ABC in the Tuesday night lineup that included Who's The Boss?, The Wonder Years, and Roseanne.








Anything But Love ran for four seasons on ABC from March 7, 1989 to June 3, 1992.

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i don't recall these juice boxes. Were they available nation-wide? or just select markets?

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Yeah, I distinctly remember Richard being everywhere for a short period of time, and then mostly disappearing.  

I personally thought he was fantastic as Prince John in Robin Hood : Men In Tights.

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