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It sucks not having any CAD skills.

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I was looking at my TI-99/4A keyboard this morning... and an idea came to me.  I took out the tape measure and realized a keyboard cover, for just the keyboard section of the  TI-99/4A would easily fit on the bed of my 3D printer.   But of course as of yet I have no design skills, and don't even know what 3D design program would be the best to  download learn.  It does seem like a very simple first project... a simple rectangle with rounded corners with walls about 1/2 an inch high.  So now I'm thinking, what if I find a suitable joystick design out there, resize it and/or then cut it to the proper height in the slicer?  Cheating?  Yes.  Will I succeed?  Stay tuned...

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TinkerCad I remember that for future reference.  In the meantime I located a lid to a box, chopped off the top, resized it and saved it in spiral vase mode.   This is what I ended up with...


... I'll know in a couple of hours if it worked, or if I got the measurements wrong.  I have a few nearly empty rolls of filament to test with, so no big deal.

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