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Tower of Rubble


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Release Date: June 2, 2023

Retail: $3.99

Developer(s): Dionoid

Publisher: Dionoid

Synopsis :

Tower of Rubble is a non-stop action game, where the challenge is to survive on the lethal tower as long as possible, while it crumbles and rebuilds itself around you. 

Every second, a block of rubble will fall from the sky at a different position, building up the tower. And at the same time, horizontal and vertical laser beams will tear down the tower by clearing out full rows and columns of blocks.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, the outside walls will slowly but surely disintegrate and eventually melt while sinking into the hot lava.

Sounds hectic? It is! But you have to keep calm and make the right decisions in a split second to stay alive. 

To survive on the Tower of Rubble, it is essential to master running, climbing, hanging and jumping. You can practice all possible moves right on the title screen. A tricky move to perform is the "island jump", where you are hanging on a ledge and jump to another ledge two blocks ahead. You'll need this jump to survive more than 100 seconds!



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From Dionoid via VCS Discord:

Hi, I hope you like playing Amoeba Jump and Tower of Rubble on the VCS! Both games are VCS-specific special editions, with small enhancements. Note that highscore will be saved on exiting the game, but *only* when you exit the game by pressing the Esc key on a plugged-in keyboard.

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So far, I've only played Tower of Rubble on the 2600, and it is a lot of fun. The character animation is incredible, and I remember Dion talking about the work he put into that. I bought the AtariAge physicals of both these Dionoid games and also got them on the VCS. I'm a little surprised that the two reviews on AA gave it a 4-star rating--tough crowd. It's a 5-star homebrew for me.

I read that this is based on the C64 game. Anyone have experience with the C64 version?

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