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Atari Buys Bubsy & 100 Games - Thoughts?


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6 hours ago, RickR said:

I think it's exciting.  It's good to see then in "buy" mode rather than the "sell" mode they were in several years back. 

The output of new releases on the VCS so far this year has been really cool to see. 

I agree. If Atari is going to do this, my hope and wish would be to see them re-assemble some of old Atari's assets along with IPs they should've had - try to get back Battlezone, some of the "Atari Games" titles that Midway had such as RoadBlasters, S.T.U.N. Runner, Marble Madness and Paperboy, and whatever Epyx had that would've been on Lynx.

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They have been on an acquisition tear: Sterns arcade IP, Accolade & Ocean, M-Network, and Night Dive Studios, which gives them an internal dev studio.

While I would love to see them purchase Atari Games IP and Williams/Midway IP from Warner, investment in these brands and franchises is a positive. I already sense a Berzerk title in the works based on comments Wade Rosen made in a recent interview.

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