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Atari 1025 printer


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I just bought this today to add to my collection.  It's boxed, looks to be in perfect condition, but didn't come with the manual.  Oh well.


My first Atari computer came as a bundle.  Sears had tied together an 800XL, a 1050 drive, and the 1025 printer.  Well, I used that printer for a long time, but when I started college, I ended up upgrading to a Star printer and sold the 1025.  Now my collection is complete yet again. 


This printer is really pretty bad.  Slow, loud, and it can't print the bottom parts of "y" or "g", so it scrunches those letters up.  It also couldn't do custom graphics.  For example, the banner maker programs wouldn't work...or custom sized fonts. 


Still, I love it because it was from my original bundle.  And it has that Atari name on it.  B)




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Nice... I've yet to own an Atari printer but will probably, eventually, pick up something to go alongside the XE and from what little research I've done, think one of them is capable of doing the graphics and such. Did they even make Print Ship for the Ataris?

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