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So I'm moving all my videos over here for anybody looking for them.  I have a bunch that are already posted over in the 7800 forums for anybody interested.  Ten episodes of Man Vs 7800 where I attempt to see every ending, beat the CPU in every sports title, and cycle through all the screens on arcade games.  There's also my longform content that I posted over there, mainly the 2023 Atari 7800 Buyers Guide. 

Check out the channel here and please subscribe!  It helps more than you'll ever know!



Ok but anyway, here is the newest video on the channel.  Tailchao aka Osman was on the Atari 7800 Forever podcast with myself and Vinnie.  I casually asked if he would mind if I cut up the answers and questions and put them in my playthrough and he graciously offered to record another set of audio!

Now mind you, this is my first interview without Vinnie and I was star struck.  I don't care much for actors and Hollywood stuff, but for me this is like meeting your favorite celebrity and then them saying hey want to watch my movie and talk about it?  So I'm sorry if I come across as less charming lol but the whole time I was pinching myself.  Anyway, here it is:



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This week's Thursday featured video is about the Atari 7800, 2600, and XEGS Nintendo Power style magazine, The Atarian!  I give as much information about its history as I could find and then we dig into the premier issue!  Check it out here:

I hope you guys enjoy it as it's something I was really excited to cover.  Any feedback is much appreciated!  Stay tuned for more as we have archives of the podcast interviews going up Saturday and Sunday (with revontuli and Tailchao), and we have Knight Guy Castle Days in the next episode of Man vs 7800!   

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6 hours ago, Justin said:

@Silver Back If you go to the navigation menu at the top of any page and click on the "YouTube" dropdown menu, you'll find that we've added a permanent link to your YouTube channel. I hope this is helpful in sharing your videos and driving more viewers to your YouTube 🙂

Oh wow that's awesome thank you!  I plan on continuing to post content for as long as I'm able to and I'm glad people seem to be enjoying it!  You guys have all been awesome and I really appreciate the kind words and feedback. 


1 hour ago, TrekMD said:

I have it saved to watch.  I still have my copies of these magazines!

I hope you like the video I'm trying to interject more personality into the voice overs so hopefully people enjoy it.  Let me know what you think or if I missed anything I should've included. 

I also have a few announcements I posted on the community page of my channel but I'll post them here.  It's a MEGA CONTENT WEEKEND for the channel lol.  Don't get too excited some of its recycled.  


First we have a stream going live tomorrow at 7:30pm EST.  It'll be available on Vinnies channel too but from now on the Atari 7800 Forever "Procast" (get it, Prosystem, podcast, something I'm trying out) will be available on my channel as well. We will be discussing Ataris purchase of AtariAge and what that means moving forward mainly for Atari themselves.  


Then Saturday we have another Atari 7800 Forever Procast Interview with David Dentt programmer of Ninja Golf and Klax.  I'm super excited for this!  Don't miss it Saturday at 5pm EST and show David how much we appreciate his contributions to the 7800 in the chat!


Then some sad news for myself personally as the Man Vs 7800 series is cancelled for the time being.  I beat a ton of games that I haven't shown yet and it was a personal favorite of mine but people just don't seem interested in long gameplay videos of 7800 games.  But I'm super excited to try something new for Mondays weekly content!  So instead I'm going to attempt some video reviews.  Just like with everything on the channel it may take some time to find the format or voice but I think 5-10 minute reviews will be more digestible for most people and their busy schedules. I'm starting with Knight Guy and that'll be up Monday!


Finally on Sunday and Tuesday night I'll be releasing the interviews with revontuli (dragons havoc) and Tailchao (Rikki & Vikki) on my channel.  They'll still be available on Vinnies channel and I encourage everybody to visit Vinnies channel and check out his newest Robotron Million Point challenge, but putting the podcast and these interviews on my channel was mostly his idea. 

I agree that we both worked hard on getting these interviews and we want the world to see them, therefore we want to put them on both channels, post links here and on the atari7800forever website obviously.  We do this so the world will know about this stuff!

Okay I know that was yet another long post but I hope everybody checks out whatever videos their most interested in!  And don't forget my new Atarian video that's buried now lol

Thanks guys!


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Tonight the first ever 7800 Pro Gamer Review goes up on the channel on Knight Guy in Low Res World Castle Days.  It'll be available at 3:00pm EST and I'll edit this post when it's available!  I've already started reviews for Galaxian, Scrapyard Dog, Animal Keeper and Water Ski as well.  They'll be the Monday series for at least the next month!



Tuesday morning I have the archive video of our Tailchao (Rikki & Vikki) interview going up for those who missed it.  It's been out for a while but Vinnie and I agree having it on my channel isn't a bad idea.  Rewatch it if you already did, it's that good lol

I'd like some input on the future of Man vs 7800 if anybody cares to provide it!  I'm thinking of making Man Vs 7800 an edited show, and only have highlights of the gameplay (such as interesting or tough areas, notable things, examples of talking points, the ending, etc).  It was never meant to be a walkthrough but a way to share information on these games and show that they are indeed possible to beat.  This would probably keep them at 5-15 minutes in length instead of being an hour long sometimes.  

Do you guys think that would be easier to watch or do you like the longplay?  Does it feel redundant with the reviews?

Also I have all the footage and voice overs recorded for Thursday's video, "Ranking Every 7800 Retail Release" and the following Thursday I have all the footage for "The only Atari Flashback for 7800 Fans".  Thanks for all the support guys!

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The newest video is done and in it I rank every retail release for the 7800.  A lot of work went into this one so please check it out if your the slightest bit interested!  


Next week we'll either have a Galaxian or Animal Keeper review on Monday, and then Thursday we have "First Atari Flashback is the 7800 Mini?!" You might be able to guess what I'm covering in that one!  


Then this weekend I have an announcement about the podcast and what we're doing moving forward.  I'm hoping the podcast becomes something you all like because I love interacting with you guys.  


In the next few weeks expect some new VCS content.  Once I get comfortable in video reviews I plan on reviewing stuff available on there as well.  I also seem to of gotten a good reaction talking about 5200 and Jaguar stuff eventually but that's far off in the distance. 


Ok guys enjoy the new video and have a good weekend!

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So I accidentally released Monday's video early.  And it's definitely because I love you guys and not because I'm bad with dates and stuff. 


Anyway this week's review has us looking at Video61's Animal Keeper.  Is it worth picking up?  Should you avoid it?  All this and more in today's review! 

Also, regardless of the score I give a game, I am a huge fan of the homebrew community and would never do anything to purposely bash their hard work (not that I did in this video) but I want my reviews to be unbiased and accurate.  Whether it's one of the original library or a homebrew.  


Anyway here's the video:

Also I'm releasing all the cheats I know for the Atari 7800 in the way of YouTube shorts!  But they'll all be compiled into a new video down the road too. 

Here's the first two...


Okay, as always feedback is appreciated. Thanks guys!



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Hey guys! The Atari 7800 Forever Podcast is going on a regular schedule! You can watch the announcement video or just read it here! Same news regardless. We are now airing the first and third Fridays at 7pm EST of every month! That means the next one is Friday September 22nd at 7pm Eastern Standard Time! You can catch it on the 7800 Pro Gamer YouTube channel or the Big N Funky Productions YouTube Channel!


We should have the developer of the fantastic Popeye Atari 7800 homebrew, Darry1970 aka Darryl Guenther on the podcast this friday! So don't miss me and Vinnie Vineyard getting the scoop of how one of the best ports came to be and what's coming next!




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So it took a long sleepless night to get it done in time, but the newest Thursday video is done!  Looking back I should've went for the easier video and gave myself more time as the lower third cards aren't timed out properly, I missed some information on the keystone Koppers card and worst of all I called omega race Delta race... twice.   And while I can blame some of the issues on having a laptop that's poorly suited for editing (when the editor is full of video elements it's near impossible to tweak anything) I could've done it by getting some rest and taking my time. 

Anyway, enough behind the scenes stuff, I had a lot of fun getting this video ready!  I had to skip games like E.X.O because it doesn't work on Concerto, and I skipped a few of the ms Pac man hacks and stuff because I didn't want the video flooded with those types of games.  But trust me when I say it'll all get covered... eventually!  So even though it says "Every Homebrew Ranked" it should've honestly said "Every Homebrew That I Can Play on my Hardware and Isn't A Ton of Ms Pac Man Hacks or Still A Work In Progress Ranked Also I Still Might've Missed Some".  One rolls off the tongue better than the other 😂😂😂

Anyway here it is guys!  


This week will be busy!  We have the Podcast tomorrow at 7pm, I'll have a few Cheats and Easter Egg Shorts going up and I will have a yet another review this Monday!  But Man Vs 7800s will be sprinkled back in soon!  Ok guys I hope to see you all in the chat on the podcast!

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Well I posted my third review yesterday.  Despite my love for Scrapyard Dog I did what I consider to be an objective review.  Maybe I was too harsh on it?  You'll have to let me know. 


This Thursday I'm posting a brief Overview of the Atari 7800 Flashback aka the only flashback with 7800 games.  The end to that one might be a little silly but whatever. I guess I have to take risks. 


I'm feeling a little burnt out on videos after the marathon of getting two ranking videos out so hopefully I can get my mojo back for next week. Regardless stay tuned!  It'll either be really good or so bad it's good lol


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I watched it and I though you were fair in your review.  This version is not as good as the Lynx version but it does fill a gap in the 7800 game library.  The system needed more games like this one but with more sophisticated gameplay to be able to compete with the NES.  I think what Bob accomplished with Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest is a good example.

🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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