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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box!


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Just a small delay. Rumor has it that the USPS workers in NJ held it up when they saw the coolness that is The Atari.io Retro Junk Box. They couldn't resist. They had to check it out. But a supervisor got them back on track (after reading any comic books inside) and sent it on its way. It should be there today or tomorrow.

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The retro junk box made its way to Texas today!  Let's see what I decided to keep, shall we?
wA83fWK.jpgTo be fair, I grabbed Phantom Menace before it could injure someone.   

Who could pass up a Survivor Rocky song that ISN'T Eye of the Tiger?

That Atari controller box o' gum is just awesome.

I love me some Garbage Pail Kids!

Chimichang-O's!   Delicious!

I grabbed SNES Mario World, really stoked about that.  Never solved it, or played it much...but I know its fun!

Also, if I ever get a CD hookup for my Sega I now have NBA Jam!  One of my favorite sports titles of all time. 

But wait....Rowsdower took MORE!

I am, of course a D&D nerd, so these are going to a good home.

Also, look at that gorgeous Yoda print!  

Now its all boxed up and ready to go back out.   I had more stuff than I could fit in one retro-box, so we're going to need to do this again!

Next stop, Oregon! 


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