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2010 Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) Tournament

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This was my first ever arcade tournament and it was a blast. Met a lot of nice guys that weekend and I even played well enough to qualify (rules are that you have to achieve a minimum score in at least 7 titles to qualify). For a brief time I had the top score on Eagle at 27,000 but Jimmy Linderman crushed that score the next day with over 100K. I eventually got over 50K on Eagle.


I covered the event for the now defunct Classic Video Gamer magazine and you can read it on my www (I originally published score data and tournament rankings in the magazine but it has been omitted because it didn't translate well to the blog):



Damn those date stamps on the photos. But at least we have a record of when they were taken.


And here is Mark Alpiger's page for the same contest:


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