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Who knows about old photography stuff?


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I found this sucker while I was out thrifting, and I can't find any info on it anywhere.
According to the box, it was shipped in Jan 15th 1965.  Total cost:  55 cents.
It looks to be in great shape, as far as I can tell it is complete (the 3rd bulb is actually in the little developer box), and I have no idea what it would be worth.

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I shoot film as a hobby. This seems to be some sort of family developing kit. It has a developing tank and reel, which you roll your film onto in the dark. I also assume that the green metal box thing is an enlarger. An enlarger is a device that once you are done developing the film, you put the negative and photo paper into the enlarger and "prints" the image. 


Anyways, the chemicals from this would probably have been expired for aaaalllonnnggg time (darkroom chems dont last long). This kit is for Black and White film aswell. 

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