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New ATARI STe game after Laserball: ANARCHO Ride

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Out Now: Anarcho Ride V1.0 - Release for ATARI STe/FALCON

The Ride goes online full of crazy ideas and madness!!!
• Basic Game V1.0 (8 Levels, 4 Cars)
• Expansion Pack 1 (9 Levels, 3 Cars)

Game Trailer


It comes in multiple Languages:
• English (G/Q)
• German (G/Q)
• Spanish (BETA, G)
• Polish (G)
• Vorarlbergerisch (G)
G – Game Text, Q – Quest Explanations
More languages and language updates to be expected soon.

Free Download at http://www.hd-videofilm.com/anarcho


With special thanks to JoanAM and Piotr for the Spanish and Polish translation!
The game has now been successfully tested on
• Physical machines: ATARI STe, Falcon, CT60, MIST
• Emulators: STeem, Hatari, Hataroid
Special hint for users of emulators, simulated hardware and/or MIST: make sure that the TOS Version matches the emulated hardware. Make sure that the Game has full writing access to the Floppy/Harddrive simulation.





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