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KILLDOZER! (1974) - Saturday Frights

The Professor

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This week's Saturday Frights is about the 1974 NBC Made-for-TV SciFi-Horror Movie Killdozer! starring Clint Walker and Robert Urich.


The plot of our story involves a meteorite crashing onto the Earth's surface on an island off the coast of Africa, hundreds or thousands of years ago. In 1974, after natural forces have buried it and restored the local environment, six construction workers are boated to the island to begin work building an airstrip for an oil drilling company at the crash site, the uninhabited island.


Foreman Kelly (Clint Walker) and bulldozer driver Mack (Robert Urich) uncover the meteorite (though they don't recognize what it is), which emits a strange sound. When the bulldozer (a Caterpillar D9) is used to try to shift the meteorite, it emits a blue light that moves to, and seems to possess, the bulldozer.


You'll have to tune in and hop on over to the Retroist to see what happens next!











Here's what Vic Sage had to say about Killdozer:



Saturday Frights – Killdozer (1974)


Hello, dear viewers. You seemed to quite enjoy last week’s television film offering of Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell. So I took the liberty of securing a film print for another popular made-for-television feature for your viewing pleasure known as Killdozer.


Originally broadcast by the National Broadcasting Company on February 2, 1974 the story concerns a group of construction workers tasked with creating an airstrip for an oil drilling company on an island located near Africa. Unbeknownst to the crew a meteor had fallen from the heavens and buried itself deep in the ground many thousands of years before their untimely arrival, awaiting the day it’s evil could be freed…to become the Killdozer. Heh, heh, heh.


Will any of the crew be able to survive the onslaught of this unexpected mechanical monster? I suggest you gather your loved ones together, dim those lights…yes…even that one you left on in the bathroom and learn the answer as we view Killdozer.


TRIVIA: After Conan O'Brien mentioned the movie on The Tonight Show, the movie attained cult classic status with over three million hits on YouTube within a week of its mention. The name was appropriated by the media for Marvin Heemeyer's 2004 rampage in an armored bulldozer through the town of Granby, Colorado.

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