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New Pac-Man screen shot t-shirt on crowdfunding....

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Ooooo I like that shirt. That actually looks like Pac-Man. How could they not sell 80 of these? I think I could wear one to work for Atari day! :invader:

Someone on FB said that this exact shirt was sold in Walmart 7 years ago for $7.50 each.....LOL! And they want $19-37 each!


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I think having the playfield of the game on the shirt makes it look too "busy." I think having the Pac-Man marquee on a t-shirt would l00k better but that's just my opinion.




for you VG: http://www.redbubble.com/people/vidyagames/works/8663081-pac-man-marquee?p=t-shirt&style=mens&body_color=white&print_location=front

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