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My Greatest Arcade Moment


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When I was 15, I moved from Florida to my Dad's in a town called Pinebluff, NC. There was nothing but a store with 3 video games. Pac Land, Satan's Hollow and a wrestling game , called Mat Mania. I played them all, but Mat Mania is what all the other kids played. None of them could get past the 3rd match, Cocoa Savage. He used a shoulder attack that you couldn't beat, I thought "maybe I should use that against him", I did and realized I couldn't be beat if I did that move! My final game, I spent over 2 hours on one quarter. I hit a million and rolled over the score. I have not played it since. 3 people witnessed it, it was my greatest arcade moment.


 "Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime."

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Two great arcade moments, both at Underground Retrocade:


1) December 2014...I and a bunch of frequent Retrocade customers pooled some money together (started really early in the year) to see if we could get the Retrocade something nice for Christmas. My first thought was maybe a ColecoVision, because the proprietor had talked about getting one (he has a bunch of vintage consoles and computers to use upon request), but one of the guys in the group said that's small potatoes, let's think big. (Besides, people weren't going to pay a $15 arcade admission fee to play a home console!) We got enough people together to donate enough that we were able to pay for not only a Donkey Kong 3 cab, but also a paint job (it was scuffed up) and a rental truck to deliver the game. It was great not only to be there to present it to him but also to see a bunch of friends at the same time that I don't get to see at the same time usually. :)

2) This Jr. Pac-Man Turbo score:



This was two weeks to the day I set my TG world record of 450k. Unfortunately, I didn't have a video recording of the game, so I couldn't submit it officially!

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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