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Cool actual Hardware Infintium Labs Phantom Console


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Just seen a member post over on Assembler, he bought an Infintium Labs Phantom Console, I was not aware anything beyond a case / shell was ever produced. Looks like it pretty much would have been like the original Xbox but with a modified Windows XP operative system. Sounds like a Windows version of the upcoming Steam Consoles. Here is the thread on Assembler 




Here are the images : 













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The Phantom console was a game system developed by Infinium labs in 2002 but it was canceled for financial problems. This console was able to run games without using cartidges, DVDs or CDs: instead, the games would have been downloaded from internet by a pay-per-play service. The phantom console was designed to be very easy to set up and all the accessories were wireless, so you did not had to worry about any cables. The console did have an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPU, an internal 40 GB Hard drive, 256 MB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce FX 5700 Ultra video card and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio sound card. About the kernel, the Phantom had a modified [/size]Windows XP operative system. The phantom also had his own keyboard (the Phantom Lapboard) that now is selling at the site of Phantom Entertainment (once time Infinium Labs) and is compatible with PC or Mac. The console first appeared at E3 2004 as a working prototype (there were only a few games available, one of which was Unreal Tournament 2003). Infinium labs said that the console would have been avabile in January 2005. The date was missed and people that pre-ordered the console were angry.. but Infinium Labs said that the Phantom would have been avabile later, in autumn 2005, the same relase date of the XBOX 360. That date was also missed and then Phantom Entertainment (the company Infinium Labs changed his name into) decided to stop the project for the console.[/size]

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This is a standard PC packaged in a slim style case. 100% off-the-shelf bog standard PC parts. It's a standard BIOSTAR M7NBA motherboard too. The OS was a customized version of XP. Probably the embedded version - which is in reality XP professional. The reseller or OEM (infinitum labs) could then strip away everything except what is needed to run games and download from their service.


For owners of this box, you've got a PC in an interesting case.

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What I could never wrap my head around was that 1. it was basically an Xbox ripoff and 2. the single USB controller port perplexed me.


The lapboard did materialize from what I remember but I never purchased one. I remember they were kind of a laughing stock for this console and there was a much different, more aggressive looking concept version or at least from what I remember in magazines than what is had here. Looks like it could've been made in a modified proctor housing of sorts but maybe it's truly custom.

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