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What's Your Favorite Arcade Game(s)?

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This was inspired by StormSurge's thread about favorite Atari arcade games.


So what is your favorite arcade game (any company)?


For me, it's gotta be the original TMNT 4 player arcade game.

So many memories and still fun to this day.



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I didn't grow up in an arcade hotbed. There were only a handful & they never seemed to last long. So my experiences came from pizza places and bowling alleys.


That said, some of my favorites:

  • Galaxian
  • Pac Man
  • Star Wars
  • Run & Gun (basketball, early 90s)
  • 1943
  • Super Off Road
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Mine is T-Mek. It's a nice arcade game running on Atari GT System hardware and published by Time Warner Interactive in 1994. Atari and Warner were still working together then.










Looks like Battlezone




Cyborg Predator?




Looks like Hoth. Where's Dash Rendar?

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