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Fury 2024 Official Release


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Hi Guys 🙂

This is the horizontal space shooter I've been working on.

It's in a playable state, with three end of level bosses.

I'm not so sure if I've done so well estimating difficulty.


edit... replaced file ... This is the Phoenix Edition with Bug AI!


















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Replaced file 5th July 20204
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I have heard form people trying to find it that it's removed.

It only says unavailable if you haven't joined here.

I see the same thing if not logged in.


My next game in progress is a Tetris clone probably called called Tate-Tris, although it will support dual orientation.

As much as I hate the game, it's my 4th time writing it, it will surely be the fastest and most feature rich version for Lynx.

I'm not interested in showing shape statistics on screen, but am interested in drop preview, hard and soft drop, etc.

Fury is final, and I have deleted it's source code in order to force myself to move on from it.


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Posted (edited)

Updated to Fury (Phoenix Edition) 06/06/24.

Thankyou to the tester credited in the pause screen for encouraging source recovery.
After learning about some more Suzy optimisations, it became tempting to try!

Optimised sprite data and linked some sprites for Suzy chip,
Various performance and memory optimisations,
Improved collision detection accuracy,
Implemented Bug AI for all regular aliens appearing from wave four and after.

Edited by VK4JJY
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