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Old-school Halloween costumes

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I never watched the show but I loved the action figure, so I had to dress as one for Halloween too. (No pics of me unfortunately)




I know I was Vader one year, probably a Pac Man themed costume another but the only costume I truly remember wearing was a hooded Cobra Commander one that I made myself.

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Oh man, the groovy plastic, sweaty memories of those masked Halloween celebrations.

Also had a Vader string mask and black tablecloth-like cape at some point (I betcha '78).


All very cool outfits on here. And, although it's Ataritastic, that Asteroids one just seems like it shouldn't be a thing.

So many cheaply-tacked but great plastic faces.

Of all things retro that stick in my mind, those character choices seem the most evasive to recall - besides the memory of the cool air hitting the drenched face as the chosen plastic mask was lifted for a brief moment.


I dabbled in the Dick Smith makeup kit in my teen and adult years, making scar appliances from theose precious molds.

Still have 'em, still use 'em (using supermarket jelly powder).

That's why I remember this one.


Also, greenween's pic helped me remember another memory that flitters out of my belfry because of a found photo.


The highpoint of those early years was obtaining one of those full-head monster masks, like the ones you saw advertised in the back of Famous Monsters magazine.

Mine was a Frankenstein.

With some brown boots, a handy furry vest accessory and a greyish sweater, I became The Monster that was legend and somehow depicted in every issue of FM.

Did not need to speak or act much beyond The Walk and raised-arms approach to terrifying my victims.

Good times.

Good candy.


Here is the snapshot taken before the villagers burst in with the torches:



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