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Delta Space Arena Deluxe Edition

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Posted 07 June 2018 - 10:10 AM

I would like to make an official announcement for the re-release for Delta Space Arena Deluxe edition for the Atari 8-bit. It is essentially an enhanced version of Omega Race (aka DeltaRace). I did want to showcase the ability of the Atari 8-bit computer over that of versions of Omega Race on Commodore 64, Vic-20, Atari 2600, and the Arcade version. The game is more colorful, each level has a different design for the Arena. Some additional enemies. It works on any standard unmodified Atari 8-bit. I cannot guarantee it will work with certain hardware mods. The cartridge is now available from Atari Sales (video 61) for $39.95. The game will also be available for the Atari 5200.
The Deluxe edition was made after receiving some requests for games that can make use of the Indy 500 controller. I decided to make that an option, along with the ability to use paddles, trackball. The default controller at start up is still joystick. You will need to press OPTION when the start splash screen is up to change the controller.  There were never any glitches or bugs reported with the original version of the game so this version plays essentially the same with the exception of using a different controller. Some sound effects were changed, a background drum beat can be heard every few seconds, and a short tune is played an the end of each level. The "Fuzzies" or "Static" on the right side of the screen had been reduced to one pixel for those who play Atari games on modern displays. This is done by activating the HSCROLL bit in the display list and setting the HSCROL to 1. The cartridge will have a new label similar to Atari Silver label with the rainbow color strip. 
The 8-bit version fits into a 16K cartridge and uses inflate compression instead of more expensive bank switching cartridges. It was the first in a series of smaller games that were developed with intent to be sold at a lower price. I already ported a version of Venture to also fit into a 16 cartridge. I made a video and some screen shots of the game.
I am would like to keep this in the 8-bit section to answer questions and provide wide spread support. Since this game can receive input from four different controllers, I anticipate questions. One thing I did similar to the Commodore version of Omega race was when using a paddle, you need to hold down the fire button for a second for thrust, this also applies to the driving controller. 

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