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Scoreboard - How To Post Your Score (Please Read Before Posting!)

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The Atari I/O World Championships Scoreboard is a whole new galaxy of high scores! Post your high score videos and pictures. See if other members can beat your score! Please take a moment to look at other high scores for an example of how to post, and read directions below BEFORE POSTING:



Posting Your New High Score:

  • Post ONLY if you have the new High Score for the thread
  • Scores get added to the Scoreboard when they beat the previous score
  • Include one photo or YouTube video of your high score (Screen captures are not allowed as they are easily Photoshopped)
  • In the format shown below, provide the following information:
    • Game Title
    • Console
    • Difficulty
    • High Score
    • Date Achieved
  • Scores will be approved by a Moderator before they appear
  • Remember: This is a Database for High Scores, NOT a discussion about the game 




Wondering why your Scoreboard post hasn't shown up?
All Scores are moderated & approved for formatting
before going live in the Forums. ⏱️






Your post must be in the following format, posted in a BOLD, 20 PT SIZE TEXT:


[Include a Photo or Video of High Score Here]

Game Title
Game Console
Difficulty Setting
High Score
Date Achieved


When you've finished posting, it should look just like this:



Out Run
Sega Master System
Difficulty: None
High Score: 49,601,060
November 20, 2015



Posting Your New Topic Title:

Topic Title should be the game title and game system, separated by a hyphen. For example, "Out Run - Sega Master System". It should look just like this:






What Is The Scoreboard And How Does It Work?

The Scoreboard is a Database of high scores achieved by Members in our community. Scores only get added to the Scoreboard when someone beats the previous score. Think of the Scoreboard like a High Score screen at the end of an arcade game. You want to leave your mark! Some arcades have big chalkboards when you first walk in, with handwritten high scores for each game in the arcade. Pretty soon word gets around and everybody knows your initials! The Scoreboard is a place in the forums to come to share your personal high scores. Just like the screen where you enter your initials, posts are in a minimalist bare-bones format. We do it that way so it's easy to find the scores you're looking for. And because a new score is only added if it's the new high score for the page, you know the further you scroll down the higher the scores will be. 


Why Is It Important To Post In This Format?

We need your help to keep the Scoreboard easy to read and quickly look up scores! For the same reason a High Score screen on an arcade game keeps things clean and simple, we have to keep our Scoreboard in a simple, organized format too. High Scores submitted without being property formatted are subject to editing or removal.


Search For Your Game On The Scoreboard Before You Post

Avoid creating duplicate threads for the same game title and system. Before posting, search to see if a thread has already been started for this game title. Games are listed alphabetically and by system to make them easy to find. You can also use the search bar at the top right of the page search the forum for the system you're posting your score for to see if a thread has already been started for this game. If it has, you should post your new high score in the existing thread. If not, you'll be the first to post a new High Score!


Only Post If You Have The New High Score For The Thread

Post your score only if it's the highest score so far on the page! Think of the Scoreboard like a High Score screen at the end of an arcade game. It's easy to follow. We do it that way so it's easy to scroll down and easily find scores. You know the further you scroll down the page, the higher the scores will be. Please only post if you have achieved a new high score for the thread.


Why Do My Scoreboard Posts Not Appear Right Away?

Did you post your score in the Scoreboard, but it didn't immediately appear? That's okay! We've received your score and will review it first before it goes live. Posts to the Scoreboard require approval by a Moderator prior to appearing in the Forums. This is done as a moderation measure to fix improper formatting, filter out superfluous posts and maintain the integrity of the Scoreboard.






The Credibility Of Your Score

The scoreboard is for “Nerd Cred” only. Games are meant to be fun and we don’t have officials on hand to verify scores. The credibility of your score is going to be upon you to make it believable. Posting a YouTube video of your game goes a long way to substantiating credibility. A photo of your score is all that's required, but a video of your performance is even better! Especially if you're the type of gamer to have ridiculous skills and can roll the score over. Using your cell phone to take a photo or video of your score is a good way to go.

Photos can be uploaded and attached to your post to substantiate your score! A YouTube link can be included in your post to show a video of your performance. To include a YouTube video in your post, copy your video's YouTube link and paste into your post where you want the video to appear. Your video will appear in your post where you pasted the link.


Screen captures are not allowed as they are easily Photoshopped





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