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Home of the Recharged Squad Challenge! Hosted by VCS mastermind Sabertooth, Club VCS is the place to be for getting the most enjoyment out of Atari's incredible new console! Join for the latest VCS updates, news, game reviews and more! Let's make this the most active VCS community in the world 🌎🕹
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  2. Terrific score @Joe ! My best ever before the leaderboards were implemented was 13K. I don't know if I have a run like that in me but will definitely give it a go over the next two weeks.
  3. You definitely gave me the push I needed. Never thought we were going to beat underdogs spot. I'm having a blast with this. My Xbox x is collecting dust in the corner because of this
  4. That is an Amazing score man! Not sure I can beat that without many more hours of playing this game and still may not be able to. I played a bit last night and could not get more than 10k. I may try again later in the month, or maybe sooner if I feel the urge which is quite possible. Enjoy that top spot, you earned it and I am happy knowing that I pushed you to get a higher score as that was my main goal here. EDIT: I wonder what will happen when WVUnderdog9546 notices. LOL Also hoping Sabertooth and others go for it again too, plenty of time left.
  5. Booooo! I was so excited seeing Battlezone and wondered how on earth I missed it. Then scrolled down and realized it was a mistake. However Battlezone is on Antstream. Although it does feel different, there is just something about stepping up onto the box and sticking your face into the viewfinder.
  6. This one definitely needs to be recharged
  7. So many great games in the vault. Major Havoc is a lot of fun.
  8. Thank you for pointing this out! I didn't think to look there. That will make participation a lot easier.
  9. I just want to encourage ClubVCS members to check out and participate in the main forum High Score Squad too. The current challenge is Crystal Castles arcade, which is in the VCS Vault Vol 1. Be there!
  10. yeah they get me plenty of times too, not sure what kind of bugs those are
  11. There's something in the game that shoots guided missiles at me right around that 3,500 point that kills me every time. It's so sad, I never even see what fires it -- never see it coming until it's too late.
  12. I thought I was bad at it too so don't give up. If you enjoy playing it then I am sure you can increase your scores.
  13. As they say in baseball, "you went to the well too early". I'm terrible at this game. But it's fun anyway.
  14. I have a feeling that driller joe plays better when he has a bit of pressure on him and I may have already reached my peak score. I made the mistake of going for it way too early and should have waited until the last days of the month, lol.
  15. Loving this battle for the top spot between @Joe and @E. King! It will be an interesting two weeks! 🍿🤣
  16. Yes, this was the big complaint about all the Recharged titles. It's particularly true of Black Widow since its so easy to die. Single-life score attack was baked into the lead dev's design philosophy: Live. Die. Retry. Atari definitely heard the feedback though. They added a 3 lives mode to Breakout and now Gravitar. Apparently they are working on updates to do the same in Centipede, Black Widow and Asteroids. Personally, I don't mind a single-life option, but would love a 3-lives mode. In Gravitar, default is 3 lives but you can switch to single-life for a score multiplier. That will make for a cool strategic element for the Squad Challenge when we get there.
  17. This game looks very interesting. Any recent news on progress? Anyone know if it will support the classic joystick?

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