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Home of the Recharged Squad Challenge! Moderated by VCS mastermind Sabertooth, Club VCS is the place to be for getting the most enjoyment out of Atari's incredible new console! Join for the latest VCS updates, news, game reviews and more! Let's make this the most active VCS community in the world 🌎🕹
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  2. Gameplay only of Planetary Defense Force from Blue Sunset Games.
  3. Thanks for the heads up @Sabertooth, I appreciate it. I am a big fan of the game (and pretty much all of OP's games on the VCS), and I really liked the prospect of having a couch co-op game to play at home. I will try to reach out to the dev via the support email (I'm not on the discord or Twitter, so that's my best option). I'll be interested to see if you are able to recreate the issue at home. Thanks again.
  4. We should have an Atari.io game session on this one.
  5. Hi @RollOut! I haven't encountered the issue - mostly single player here - but will try to recreate it this weekend and will report back. The dev is pretty receptive to bug reports. You may try reporting it to him via Discord or Twitter. There is also a support email on their website.
  6. A free game from Cymatically Muffed developer Kelsam!
  7. Release Date: September 26, 2023 Retail: FREE Developer(s): Kelsam Publisher: Kelsam Official Site Synopsis : Simple Light Cycles is a sleek, fast-paced, hyper responsive, local multiplayer action game. Get some friends together and put your skills to the test! *** SLC does NOT have a single player mode *** This game-jam game is designed to be simple and responsive, putting all the focus on the purest gameplay possible. Players control an ever-growing line in an attempt to outwit their opponents. With a variety of easily accessible gameplay options, you can craft custom game modes for each session or even per game round. Outlast, trap, and attack your opponents, or construct a strategy all your own. In Simple Light Cycles, the choice is yours. Power to the players. Simple Light Cycles supports 2-16 players.
  8. Welcome to the official topic for Simple Light Cycles
  9. Announced via the Official VCS Twitter Account! Coming Friday!
  10. Release Date: September 29, 2023 Retail: $5.99 Developer(s): Blue Sunset Games Publisher: Blue Sunset Games Official Site Synopsis : Suit up, engage all of your defenses, pick a weapon and wait for aliens to come. As part of a Planetary Defense Force (PDF), you are tasked with protecting planets in this unique mix of twin-stick shooter, tower defense and city builder game. Move between the planet and defense sphere during the assault to manage both towers on top and economics back on the planet. Defend against many types of monsters and huge bosses. Planetary Defense Force is a beautiful visual experience with a lot of bullets, colors, explosions, lasers and mayhem. Become the ultimate Defender.
  11. Welcome to the official topic for Planetary Defense Force
  12. This is the #game #trailer for #Simplelightcycles by #Kelsam (dev for #CymaticallyMuffed) for the #AtariVCS! Check out the trailer here!
  13. Dang these butterfingers! Thanks for the correction @Smell Dawg! That's what these challenges are all about! It was very cool ro see this come to the VCS first. I'm hoping that we get an XP edition. If you liked this, you'll definitely dig HERO!
  14. Nice score!! Even my all-time best isn't 38k, ha. Centipede is one of those titles where I love, love playing it but have always sucked eggs - goodbye quarters!
  15. Thanks! Slight correction: my best score was a bit lower than that (41,891). This score challenge was something else. I had purchased/downloaded this title quite a while ago, but determined it wasn't for me after the first couple of attempts. This challenge got me back to it, and once it clicked, it was fun! And now I'm on the lookout for a copy of HERO to keep the fun going 😀
  16. Congratulations @Smell Dawg, the winner of our Alien Abduction Squad Challenge! Smell Dawg saved the princess to take the top spot with an amazing score of 42,891! @D.joe played the HERO with a great second place finish at 22,553. @Mockduck rounded out the podium with an alien busting score of 14,813. I was probed and prodded with a score of 12,522. As the winner of this round @Smell Dawg will receive 3 entries in the upcoming giveaway and a set of Series 4 challenge button ! He will also get a bonus entry for posting his effort on YouTube. Everyone else will receive one entry! I'd like to encourage @Smell Dawgto post this high score on the Scoreboard so we can make sure this Challenge continues on! Congratulations to Smell Dawg on a fantastic win and to everyone else who jumped in! NOTE: Our next Recharged Squad Challenge is Centipede: Recharged! Live now!
  17. I have this on the 7800 and VCS. I hope that this is just the first of Bob's titles to make its way to the store. I know that many have IP/licensing issues, but maybe something like Crazy Brix could find its way to the platform with the Classic serving as a paddle controller.
  18. Those are great scores, @Mockduck! If you're participating in our 7800 Centipede High Score Squad Challenge you'll want to be sure to post your 7800 score there where everybody else is playing 😀
  19. My best on Centipede Recharged is 68 thousand something, but let's start getting some scores up! Centipede: Recharged 38, 080 Centipede 7800 Expert: 15704
  20. Failsafe is a terrific continuation of Countermeasure and looks like it would be right at home on the XL or XE Atari 8-Bit Computers. I'm thrilled to see Atari making this game available at a reasonable cost to VCS players. Thanks for another fantastic review @Mockduck
  21. Looking at the homebrew sequel called Failsafe for the VCS!
  22. (I would have put this in the VCS forum but it's....... weird) Funkmaster V from Atari 7800 Forever reviews the new Days of Doom for the Atari VCS!
  23. On this episode of #BCB's #JavaJunction, I discuss #muffinterm, a cool new #Macintosh #app that you can use on your #ipod, #iphone or #mac to join an #Atari #BBS! (or other #BBs'es!) Also: #Abandoned #Shoppingmalls... why I'm drawn to them. Plus: #Unboxing the #Atari #Loot Box, the #MyArcade Atari #Microplayer Pro, a rare new #rzone #game, the cheap #fivebelow #gameboy clone system & more!
  24. Cymatically Muffed is out now on the VCS for $14.99. The dev will also launch a free game called Simple Light Cycles on 9.27. We also learned from @Davpa that the dev is a VCS fan and backer! Very cool! Check out Creator Space for a First Look video and grab 16 of your friends for melee fun.
  25. Here's a look at Cymatically Muffed playing on the VCS in single-player Campaign and Survival Modes. The single-player experience is fun but my guess is that this game really opens up in multiplayer with both co-op and battle mode. I would love to see a 16-player game going!

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