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Home of the Recharged Squad Challenge! Hosted by VCS mastermind Sabertooth, Club VCS is the place to be for getting the most enjoyment out of Atari's incredible new console! Join for the latest VCS updates, news, game reviews and more! Let's make this the most active VCS community in the world 🌎🕹
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  2. On the first volume of Atari Newsline Dev Spotlight, I peel back the layers on Jeff Minter, founder of Llamasoft & developer of many groundbreaking games throughout video game history. From Deflex to Tempest 2000 to Moose Life & beyond! I also discuss the freshly announced Akka Arrh reimagining due out soon. Jeff Minter has been an influencial force in video games for over 40 years! Come along with me as I discover this amazing game developer & his awesome creations.
  3. It's official! I woke up today to this amazing news! As reported earlier, "Caverns of Mars" Recharged" WILL BE the new Atari Recharged game! Coming on March 9 to the Atari VCS & all major platforms! I share the trailer with you and discuss over my morning coffee. Also: Megan McDuffee's 2nd Atari Soundtrack is up today on BandCamp! Links below!
  4. Me too! You may know, but Missile Command on iPad (2020) was greatly expanded for consoles this past fall. It's really an entirely different game. If you dig the iPad version, check out the 2022 version for consoles.
  5. I am super excited that Atari continues to make games under the Recharged brand. So far, I've only tried Missile Command (iPad) and Asteroids (Xbox), and they've been fantastic.
  6. Release Date: March 9, 2023 Retail: $9.99 Developer(s): Sneaky Box Publisher: Atari Official Site Synopsis: In Caverns of Mars: Recharged you descend into tunnels beneath the surface of Mars in a mad dash to destroy the reactor and furthest depths of the enemy’s base. Dodge debris, clear out obstacles, and blast enemies, all while conserving ammunition as you descend at high speed into enemy territory. Your ammo is limited and enemies are plentiful, so make every shot count. The original Caverns of Mars was a hit that came out of nowhere. In an era of side-scrollers a high school senior named Greg Christensen developed a game where players descended vertically. The few vertical scrolling games that existed were largely skiing and driving games, but Christsensen made a space game, set in the tunnels of Mars. He submitted it to APX, Atari’s mail order software catalog. The day his project arrived in Sunnyvale it was recognized for its quality, and it became the very first APX submission to be released as an Atari game, and one of only a handful to ever make that leap. Features: Fully Destructible Environments Blast your way through obstructions, but be mindful of fuel reserves - each shot also accelerates your limited time to reach the bottom Arcade Traverse the three depths of Mars in a race to reach the bottom and destroy the reactor, strategically accumulating upgrades that’ll make each run unique. Power Ups Collect weapons that will change your strategy on the fly. Carve a new path with the focused railgun shot or leverage the spread of rapid shotgun blasts. Local Co-op In a unique spin on the gameplay, split the responsibilities while one player navigates and the other shoots from a separate drone in tow. Leaderboards Compete in global leaderboards for points or speed. Pulse pounding soundtrack The multi-talented composer Megan McDuffee serves up a lush and energetic sound track.
  7. Here's a preview from Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattgardner1/2023/01/25/atari-caverns-of-mars-recharged-comes-to-pc-and-consoles-in-2023/?sh=49ee0c13388b
  8. I appreciate that Atari went with another "deep cut" for this installment of the series. Like Black Widow and Gravitar, this was not on the radar. Its great that the entire IP catalog is being mined....Well done! Global leaderboards for this will be epic!
  9. It's official! Trailer: Press release: https://atari.com/blogs/newsroom/b-it-s-a-race-to-the-center-of-mars-in-atari-s-reimagined-b-b-i-caverns-of-mars-recharged-i-b
  10. This episode, I begin my 3 part interview with Kazdan with KRAZ Productions on YouTube (you won't wanna miss this!) I also take a look at a fantastic book, "Electronic Plastic," discuss some updates in Atari Newsline, feature Podan/"I Love" from YouTube in Creator Space & feature an amazing episode from KRAZ Productions regarding the Atari VCS. I also share some of the latest info on the My Arcade & Atari devices. Join us!
  11. I don't have Atari 50 on my VCS (I own it for the Switch) but I've wanted to do this episode for awhile. Here are my top 10 (er, 13) Atari VCS games. Everything from 'Yars:Recharged' to 'Atari Mania' are here, including 'BPM Boy,' 'Aery,' 'Kombinera,' 'Missile Command: Recharged' & 'Sir Lovelot'! Plus many more. Which are your favorites? I also throw in the odd trailer or two. Grab your pajamas and lets play some VCS!
  12. Some of us were chatting about this in Discord earlier, but wouldn't it be amazing if they actually brought this one off arcade cabinet of VCTR-SCTR to market? This was brought to CAX 22 by Digital Eclipse to promote Atari 50 last July. Fantastic!
  13. ICYMI: The VCS version of Donut Dodo recieved an update last week. Here is the change log from the dev: A number of little issues and quirks have been addressed and fixed for an overall better experience: - Updated logo - Screen flashing is now also disabled in the bonus level when disabled in the settings - Extra check to stop bonus countdown sound when level ends - Fixed bonus points being incorrectly calculated on some rare occasions - Extra fix to check when Dodo can fire eggs in level 1 - Dodo's position is clamped in some instances where he could run too far
  14. I appreciate having you and your knowledge here! Thanks.
  15. @RickR - Because the VCS port was delayed, it included the patch at launch. This is why you see dip switch settings and options for analog controls and overclocking on Tempest 2000.
  16. Looks like an update is ready today...although I don't know if it applies to the VCS version. https://realotakugamer.com/atari-50-the-anniversary-celebration-update-out-now-patch-notes/87547/
  17. Check out this VCTR-SCTR tip from the DE Newsletter! Pretty neat!
  18. This week on "That Atari Show," Carl Forhan joins us! He's the head of Songbird Productions, who sell some wonderful homebrews & previously unreleased games for the Jaguar & Lynx! We talk homebrews, walk down memory lane & ask him some Atari-centric questions! Also: a new Creator Space featuring GoGameGo & KRAZ Productions., Podcast Blast! featuring Ferg's 2600 Podcast & Atari ST Show, Newsline with some tidbits on the My Arcade & Atari partnership products & more! Join us!
  19. Here are the contest entry totals for all rounds. You can see the games, players and entries awarded per round in the table below. @Davpa with 2 entries @D.joe with 4 entries @Mockduck with 6 entries @RickR with 3 entries @Sabertooth with 8 entries @stirrell with 5 entries @Stlrs95 with 1 entry @tripled with 7 entries @Yorkies TV with 3 entries The total number of entries is 39. If anyone wishes to withdraw from the giveaway, please send me a private message by Sunday, January 22, 11:59 pm PST.
  20. Looks like I'll be at the bottom of the list for this one. 45,373
  21. Getting a bit better! Learning some tactics for the Tempest part, which will help a lot as well. Finally got to wave 3. 31,251

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