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    I'll collect almost anything old, video game related, or electronic.

    Favorite systems: Atari 8-bit computers, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Nintendo NES, Vectrex, GBA, Commodore (anything Commodore but especially VIC-20), TI 99/4A, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, Sega GameGear.

    I also LOVE old handheld games. Mattel Football, Basketball, etc.
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    Star Trek
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  1. That poster is awesome, and I like your list atarifan95. One of my favorites that's not really a Christmas movie -- Dumb and Dumber. Why? It's set in winter mostly. And for me, it really lightens the mood since it's so dang funny. I also will get hooked by almost every version of "A Christmas Carol". I just love the comeuppance of it. Patrick Stewart, Alistair Simm, Bill Murray, heck even Mickey Mouse. Any version.
  2. Bummer on the exhaust, dude. But there is no need to be sorry....there is still plenty of time on the clock to get packages out. Your secret santa should have got you some duct tape for that exhaust maybe 😋
  3. You are most welcome, my friend. As I mentioned in the note, my kids helped me pick a PS4 game because I know nothing about it. I really felt like getting you a game for your new console was critical. Enjoy and happy holidays!!!! I tried to carefully study your pictures and find boxed Atari games you did not have. It was a tough job, but happy to do it.
  4. Forget the cursing...you should apologize for the music! I"M KIDDING! Ha ha ha. That video was awesome, and nice job Santa NSG! Love it!
  5. RickR

    Star Trek Continues

    We've made through 3 episodes of "The Expanse", and it's good so far. Picking up steam. I just want to mention the obvious....we (my wife and I) are terrible at "binge-watching". It's just so hard to find time. So season one of The Expanse will probably take us a month to get through.
  6. Here is my typical path....
  7. Same deal here. The tracking for my package says "Out for Delivery", so check those mailboxes!
  8. RickR

    The No Swear Gamer

    That's a really good idea. There are so many versions, it would be nice to know which one is the best.
  9. RickR

    Star Trek Continues

    Well, I have some catching up to do. Thanks for all the links and updates. I'm currently watching the "continues" episodes. And we just started watching "The Expanse" (not Star Trek, but sci-fi). Those should keep me busy for a while.
  10. Really nice stuff. Who was your secret santa?
  11. Sounds good. I shall try it. Thanks.
  12. Who has tips for making it through the minefield section? That's where things always go wrong for me.
  13. 2' 19" 55 Getting a little better each time.
  14. "The Oregon Trail" handheld game by Basic Fun -- sold at Target. I got one on Black Friday and finally had a chance to play it this week. My overall impression: It's a lot of fun for those who remember the game. My high school had a lab full of Apple II computers that had this game, so I have fond memories. Maybe that's why I like it so much. The screen is very nice, and I like the solid/substantial buttons. My first attempt -- I lost two of five party members, but made it to Oregon. On the down side: It only plays one game. It's too bad they didn't add a few other classic MS-DOS or Apple II games. And the $25 price is way too high for what it is. I got it on BF for $16, and that feels like a much better price point. Here's and LGR review on Youtube too: Anyone else have one of these, and what did YOU think?
  15. Looks like mine will make out today too! Happy holidays to you all!!