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  1. It is a prototype for Thunder Castle that was tweaked a bit. Your player moves a lot faster, and that makes the game a lot more fun IMO. I can't find my copy of the ROM, although I'm sure I purchased it before. Oh well, I'll keep looking.
  2. I've been playing Intellivision all weekend, and it's really a blast to have everything available in one cart. I've found that I missed a few favorites (Sharp Shot, Mystic Castle), and I need to delete the homebrews that are just silly demos or don't work. So I'm not putting that laptop away quite yet! In the meantime, I think I'll look to see if there's any bundle of free homebrews available for download.
  3. I put the game on my Steam "Wish List", and once it goes on sale, I'll buy it. I'm glad you're still getting use out of the computer stuff. How does a fan blade break? Isn't that the weirdest thing? I guess the plastic gets brittle over time. Maybe you can steal the heatsink/fan from the broken 730 for use on the 460. It's possible that the mounting holes are identical, so it may be an easy swap. I just "downgraded" my wife's computer from a behemoth Core i7 desktop in a gigantic case to a super small Dell Core i3. It works perfectly for her, makes no noise and takes up little desk space. Check out the size difference below! Now I'm going to sell off the old system after I keep what I need. El Caminos are cool, as are most of the old American muscle cars. There's a youtube channel called "The Car Wizard", and he's doing a restore on a 67 Chevelle 4-door right now. He's sticking a Jaguar V12 in it! I think it's a fun watch.
  4. Here's my opinion on these three: London Blitz is a first person maze game with bombs you have to diffuse. It's most similar to "Tunnel Runner", but not quite as fun. It also has a second "bomb diffuse" screen, so it's a little more complex than Tunnel Runner. The graphics are good, and I like the game. Shuttle Orbiter is very much like Activision Space Shuttle. I have no idea how to really play and I have no desire to spend time on the steep learning curve. Wall Ball is the newest one for me. So far, it's fun. I thought it may be another terrible game like Apollo "Racquetball", but this one actually has decent controls. It's hard though. Thank you! I enjoy the organizing. I really do. These games have MEANING to me. That makes it fun. I've been spending time getting rid of systems and stuff that I don't like or use. That's been going ok, and I've gotten rid of many things. But I also have the complication of my children. They have old systems that I've stored for them. I feel like the caretaker for them. Indeed, I've been amazed to see them getting some of the old systems out to play during the COVID pandemic. It's a nice feeling. I guess I get stuck sometimes between my stuff and their stuff and keeping track of both. But I hope that once they get settled in their lives, I can hand all "their" stuff to them. Kind of like how most of my Atari stuff languished in my parents garage for 20 years after I grew up and moved away. I'm so glad they kept it all! Once abandoned, it ended up being pure treasure after the passage of time.
  5. A quick look at the 3 "Avalon Hill" games that I have for 2600. London Blitz, Shuttle Orbiter and Wall Ball.
  6. It seems to work fine using many different formats (.bin, .int). You should uncompress that 7z file of yours and it will load fine. Use a program called "7-zip" for that (if you don't already have it). On my old laptop, I created a "Intellivision ROMS" directory and placed all the files I could find there (and uncompressed those that were in .zip or .7z format). Then I pointed the LTO program there using the "add files" button. Then just drag from the left panel to the right. I actually had a lot of fun arranging things just so. First, I created directories on the LTO flash for the major companies (Activision, Atari, Coleco, Imagic, Mattel, Parker Bros) and one for homebrews. Under Mattel, I created "sports", "action", "arcade", etc. It took time, but I imagine I'll only have to do this once. Every ROM I had or could think of fits with no issue.
  7. That actually looks like a lot of fun to me. And certainly a lot easier on the real wallet than really restoring an old car. I'm going to check that one out. Hopefully, you'll be back to 100% health soon.
  8. My latest Atari 2600 game acquisition. Note the "Sports Illustrated " label!  It's an R7 rarity. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. socrates63


      Nice get, Rick!

      I never knew Avalon Hill made 2600 games until a few months ago. So many companies made games for the 2600 that I never heard of. It’s pretty amazing what was happening with the 2600 while I had my nose deep in Atari 8-bit. 

    3. RickR


      That's true.  The sad part is how a lot of companies put out some really great games right before or after the crash but got overlooked by all the crap that had saturated the market. 


    4. Justin


      Cool grab Rick! I've never played this one before. 

  9. And it seems to correct Intellivision 2 compatibility issues.
  10. Go here: https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm And download this one (assuming you have Windows)
  11. I'm loading up games now. Please note, I had to load the "Virtual Com Port" drivers to get my old laptop to recognize the LTO Flash cart. Next step is to get a CRT and my INTV out of the attic and try it out!
  12. Perfect timing! I got the same cart earlier this week, but haven't had time to open it yet. I will watch your video and get mine set up this weekend.
  13. 1,455,582. I rolled the score again, but I didn't do a video this time. Nerd's honor. Is that ok?
  14. Yes, and I think having a helpful kitty might help too.
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