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  1. PXL_20210920_030512694.MP~2.jpg

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    2. RickR


      My dad was an auto mechanic for British cars for over 40 years.  I have a whole slew of patches like those that I've been meaning to put into frames.  Jaguar (specifically, the XKE) was always my favorite car.  While I may never own one of the cars, I now DO own the Atari system.  That makes me happy.


      1965 Jaguar XKE | Classic Driver Market

    3. socrates63


      Beautiful ❤️ I love the design aesthetics of older cars.

      I went through a phase 20 years ago when I really wanted a small roadster and was thinking about the Triumph from the 60s/70s to use as a commuter. I had an hour drive to work so wanted to make it enjoyable 🙂I then shifted thought to the Miata. Neither happened. The closest I got was a Impreza WRX a few years later.

    4. RickR


      I know I've said this recently, but my dad always drove a Toyota and would tell anyone who would listen why.  "They never break". 

      I bought an 72 MG Midget when I was in college and my dad was so disappointed!  The car was always broken.  But boy was it fun to drive when it worked.  And I learned a lot from fixing that car.  All the DIY projects you know me for all started with that old broken car and poor me trying to fix it.  

      Funny story:  The car had dual carbs that perplexed me to no end.  To get the car to run right, you had to get them perfectly synchronized settings-wise.  My brother and I spent several hours tinkering and couldn't get it right.  My dad finally had enough, came outside, and got them just right in literally 30 seconds.  He was a master on those cars. 

      I sold that car when I moved out of my parents home and didn't have a place to store it.  Do I miss it?  Nope.  It was a total pile of junk.  But it sure did attract a lot of attention!

      You dodged a bullet with the Triumph!  A Miata would be great choice though.  Fun and reliable. 

      When I retire, getting a "project" car or truck is probably going to be a good thing for my mind and health.  But I just don't have time now. 

  2. Marketing samples sounds right. Perhaps pre-release copies provided to magazines for review. It's a shame we can't read more of those labels. Really cool thing to see, and I'll bet they are super rare.
  3. A sound card! My son said "What is it, 1999?" when I showed him this. Ha ha. I bought it because I listen to music on my garage Frankenstein desktop PC. The onboard sound works fine, but the speaker jacks have always been wonky. If the computer gets nudged, they stop working. So I decided to go high end and get a Sound Blaster Titanium.
  4. Thank you. That was on my list of things to consider. I may have to save up for one of those, but it sure looks like it's worth it.
  5. I started with the #1 table, which has a circus theme. The game is fun, but the circus visuals and sounds are a little too creepy to me. I'll go with the Stones n Bones one next. Thanks!
  6. OMG, this sounds like a Twilight Zone story.
  7. That dental machine is pretty wild. Someone on the engineering team must have been a video game fan.
  8. FINALLY! I've wanted one of these for a loooooong time. Check it out! It came with the Pinball Fantasies game and two controllers (I already had Cybermorph). Isn't she a beaut? If anyone has carts to sale or trade, please let me know!
  9. I got a PS3!  


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    2. RickR


      Thank you guys for the tips.  I am clueless.  I appreciate it very much. 

      After formatting the system and wiping out all old data, I went ahead and created a new account "Dad", but didn't create a PSN account.  I'm not sure what benefit that would bring.  I don't plan on doing on-line gaming yet.  Is that all it's good for?

      I also loaded/installed all the games I have and boy, it takes a while for some of them to install updates and such.  Black Flag took the longest.  Probably an hour or so!

      And the game I'm focusing on at the moment is GTA 4.  It got a 10/10 from various review sites.  I'm enjoying it immensely so far. 

      I'm going to see son #1 in Dec and he has the Uncharted series.  I'll borrow them from him.  I will also call it "Unsharted" and the protagonist Dr. Drake Remoray.  Dad jokes must be made. 

    3. socrates63


      PSN account is free and needed if you want to buy stuff from the store. PS Plus is what you need for online gaming, and that's a paid subscription.

      GTA is a highly regarded series. I haven't played any of the GTA games.

    4. RickR


      I initially thought GTA 4 would be too violent for my taste...but the story kind of sucks you in.  It feels like our hero is "reluctantly" violent.  That gives it depth that I wasn't expecting. 

  10. A PS3 that I got for free. It's beat up, but seems to work fine.
  11. Nice job everyone! Especially @Marco1019, @AtariSphinx, and @Justin. Donkey Kong on NES is fantastic. But I wonder why they skipped that pie factory level?
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