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  1. Mail call: Last Strike on the Atari Jaguar! A great homage to Scramble from reBoot and AtariAge! 


  2. You got it @DegasElite! Ultra Vortek is probably the best original fighter on the Jaguar and a console exclusive. I wonder if the Lynx version (Ultravore) will ever be completed and released?
  3. Saturday project: transforming an old teal Ikea Kallax into an Atari game center. 


  4. So, coming up on three years ago I had an eerily similar scenario play out due to divorce. I found myself losing my house and "man cave" garage space and living in a studio apartment. While I definitely had to downsize, the experience forced me to prioritize my collection and cut out the unnecessary nice-to-haves. It was easy enough to hide six systems in a modern entertainment console and I was actually happier with less.
  5. Any Antstream users? It's a great retro streaming service with fun Tournaments, Challenges and a bunch of great games from across platforms. 

    Find me for a challenge. Username: SabertoothRetro

  6. I spent the last hour or so cleaning and testing a box of loose carts that have been in a garage for years. So far all of them work in a stock Jr.  The third party carts were a little finicky in a 7800 and Retro 77. Atari carts all loaded with no issue. 

    I did have one mystery cart in the bunch. Any guesses? 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. RickR


      Thanks for mentioning that it's a Sega.  I was wracking my brain trying to remember who made carts with those ridges.

      I'm going to guess "Tac-Scan". 


    3. Sabertooth


      It's not Tac-Scan @RickR. The variety of cart styles is one of my favorite aspects of the 2600! 

    4. Sabertooth


      And the mystery cart is: 

      Buck Rogers


  7. Thoughts on the newly announced Evercade Vs? It's a consolized version of the handheld and is largely compatible* with the existing library. Up to 4 players for multiplayer games. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/23/22396247/evercade-vs-retro-console-cartridges-price-features-release-date *Apparently the Namco collections are locked due to licensing.
  8. I played this on N64 at release. It was fun and I recently considered picking up the DC version. A remaster sounds interesting. Also, the Legacy of Kain is a great series but the original is a 2D game, while the rest are 3D in the vein of the original Tomb Raider. Soul Reaver is the high water mark in that series.
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