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  1. until
    The replay will stream for those across the pond, along with those stateside who need a break from their weekday. I will be in the chat providing additional commentary and any relevant updates. https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  2. until
    We are winding down towards the end of April and towards Episode 57 of Retro With Marco! This episode will feature: - Scoring & speedrun shoutouts, including a 10-year record that was broken recently - Highlights from the Finals of Tundra Bowl VIII - New homebrews, including Re-Enduro -- a fan remake of the Activision classic! Here's a promo video... https//twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  3. I mentioned this challenge on tonight's show. I hope you get a few last-minute entries as the deadline is tomorrow.
  4. until
    If you cannot tune in live, then join me for the Replay! I'll be on Twitch at 3pm ET providing additional commentary (all while poking a litlle fun at myself). This replay will start at 7pm GMT for those across the pond. https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  5. until
    Join me TONIGHT AT 9PM ET for Episode 56 of Retro With Marco! Tonight's show will feature the following: - Scoring & speedrun shoutouts, including a game which saw two new records over the same weekend - A look at a video which explains that Atari 2600 Adventure did NOT contain the first Easter Egg - News & Notes featuring a new ZX Spectrum homebrew & a recap from the Classic Tetris Monthly Masters https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  6. I announced this Squad Challenge in the Lvl Up Score Discord as this was announced a few days after my most recent show. The good news is that Lvl Up Score is celebrating #AtariApril as gamers are focusing on all Atari systems throughout the month. So I hope there's some crossover between the sites. Good luck to all of the participants!
  7. until

    Here's a teaser video ahead of tonight's show...
  8. until
    We're winding down the month of March and winding down towards Episode 55 of Retro With Marco! Tune in TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9PM EDT and check out the following: - Scoring and speedrun shoutouts, including an 11-year-old record which was broken recently - A new shmup for the MSX - A quick look at Brick Rick: Graveyard Shift for the ZX Spectrum - News & notes from around retrogaming https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  9. Good luck to all of the participants! This will be mentioned during my show tomorrow night. I hope you get a few gamers who like to hit the links.
  10. until
    Slotted between the Ides of March and St. Patrick's Day, it's Episode 54 of Retro With Marco! Join me on Twitch as I showcase new scoring and speedrun records! I'll also take a look at the Saturn Virtua Racing review/documentary and a quick look at Audacity Games! Here's a promo ahead of the show:
  11. PandaMonium uploaded a review/documentary on Virtua Racing for the Sega Saturn and this one is definitely worth watching. The video includes interview clips with Chuck Tolman (who helped develop Virtua Racing for Time Warner Interactive) who recalls some of the struggles and obstacles he and his team encountered. In addiiton, PandaMonium compares the Saturn version to the other versions (both home and arcade). The video provides much greater context for a home version of Virtua Racing which has received a lot of criticism since its initial release.
  12. Attack of the Timelord! Magnavox Odyssey 2 Difficulty: 1 High Score: 1,213 February 19, 2021
  13. Good luck to all of the participants! I'm skipping this one as I never owned & never played TG-16. I did mention this challenge on the show this past Tuesday so I hope you get some new gamers here.
  14. I never owned a TG-16 so you can take my spot for this one lol.
  15. Thanks for the kind words, @Justin! I understand why this particular game can be so addictive. I'll get that run posted on the Odyssey scoreboard this week. I just posted a new Ms. Pac-Man record over on the Commodore 64 scoreboard.
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