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  1. If you're working from home and need a break around 3pm ET today, then stop on by my Twitch channel for the Episode 42 REPLAY of Retro With Marco! I gave some shoutouts to several new scoring and speedrun world records, and I took a look at Super Mario 64 for the Sega Dreamcast. I'll be in the chat following along.


    In addition, I took a quick look at Robbie Lakeman's new Donkey Kong world record....which he just so happened to beat again while I was streaming! (I learned of it after the show; you can click here for the stats on his new WR.)




    See you then!

  2. I'm in Santa Monica. The skies have finally started to clear up. The Greater LA area had a lot of smoke with poor air quality. I know there were fires in Pasadena but most of the fires were further north. The Santa Ana winds made matters worse last week as they kicked up a lot of dirt & also blew the smoke & ash inland. The sun was either orange or pink for several days. The sky itself was disorienting; I found myself wearing polarized shades indoors while working. I also got a headache from the air quality.
  3. 20 years? That's fantastic! Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this site & community! I'm fortunate to have discovered this site. Here's to 20 more years!
  4. Is the Calendar open to all members? If so, then may I place my show on the calendar?

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    2. Justin


      @Marco1019 All members are welcome to post retro-related events to the calendar, and you're a member so that means you ☺️ We want to support your show in any way possible. Also, Rick is being humble he's a Constable and can throw people in chat-jail.

    3. Marco1019


      I noticed that, which is why I still waited LOL 😉

    4. Marco1019


      @Justin Also, is the time zone set to a particular zone or does it reflect where I'm based?

  5. For those who enjoy friendly high score challenges like the ones held here at atari.io, EverythingC64 also holds a monthly challenge for fun! A different game is selected from a poll and gamers then take their best shot at the high score for the month.


    This month's game is Jumpman by Epyx. The deadline is midnight GMT (I think; the site owner lives overseas) on August 31.


    September's game will be announced very soon.


    EverythingC64 is also on Discord so you can chat with other gamers and C64 enthusiasts.

  6. Intellivision Master started Astrosmash record run yesterday morning at 8am ET. After 13 hours of gameplay, he not only beat the scoring record, he finished with a Peak Score of just over 5 million!



    Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 6.25.24 PM.png

  7. A recent WR slipped through the news cycle with nary a mention:


    Back on May 23, Danielle Robbins scored 24,119,640 on Flicky at Galloping Ghost Arcade. The record run was streamed and recorded on the arcade's Twitch channel. Danielle's score is believed to be the highest score for both Arcade and MAME. (The MAME record is 13 million.)


    You can check out the record run here:


  8. Since this thread is heavy on Knight Rider - and rightfully so - here's a cover from cellist Samara Ginsberg:
  9. After a few non-gaming days & a bit of clean-up, I have completed my feature video on Greg Sakundiak and his perfect Pac-Man arcade run. This video posed some unique challenges for me as I usually edit highlight/shoutout videos for my show. Nonetheless, this was a lot of fun to create. Enjoy!



  10. Being from NYC, I've visited the cities along the Northeast Corridor: Boston (though only once for a school field trip), Philadelphia, Baltimore & DC several times. I've also visited Miami, (my girlfriend & I were on vacation there a year ago this week) Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, & Seattle. In Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. I visited Costa Rica back in 2013 for my friend's bachelor party. We vacationed in Cabo San Lucas two years ago.
  11. Here's a show update, of sorts...


    Starting this Tuesday night at 9:30pm ET, I will be joining Michael Sroka of Settle It On The Screen! The show will be part recap of the latest episode of Retro With Marco (which will precede the new show) and part discussion about various retrogaming topics. It will be unscripted and a departure from my own show format.


    Michael and I have talked about collaborating and we're looking forward to our new venture.


    So we hope you will tune in this Tuesday night at 9pm ET for Episode 34 of Retro With Marco...




    Followed by a new episode of Settle It On The Screen at 9:30pm ET...




    See you then!

  12. It's been a very busy stretch for me at work so I'm late with this bit of breaking news:


    Greg Sakundiak joins exclusive list of gamers to play a Perfect Pac-Man as he scored 3,333,360 on the game's 40th anniversary!



  13. Episode 33 of Retro With Marco is live at 9pm ET! I’ll have new WR shoutouts, Robotron 2084 for the Atari 2600, plus a look at MAME Chronicles - a unique MAME collaboration. Stop on by in the chat!



  14. Here’s my latest Shoutouts video ahead of Episode 33 of my show. This video features some new WRs including two records set within a few hours of each other, a record which broke a decade-old mark, and another new record which netted a $100 bounty! The video runs about 4:20 which is perfect for your coffee break. Enjoy!



  15. Here's a 4 minute Breaking News segment back on May 5 for my show. It features Nondrowsy breaking his Pole Position II record for the Seaside track.



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