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  1. Happy Friday!


    I will be offline for a few weeks taking care of non-gaming stuff. I will be online sporadically.


    I plan on returning in early August after which I will prepare for the 'Season 3' Premiere of my show. So mark down August 10 at 9pm ET for the return of Retro With Marco!


    In the meantime, please check out the return of Settle It On The Screen this coming Wednesday, July 21 at 10:30pm ET. That show will also stream on Tuesday, August 3 at 10:30pm ET:




    Stay real, stay retro and, above all else, please stay safe!

    Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 12.39.07 PM.png

  2. Lvl Up is still fairly new - barely six months old - and there are tracks which are still be added by request. (There is also continual cleanup due to track duplication, misspellings, etc.) Super Cycle for ST would be added by the ST admin, GTi. Please feel free to contact him and he will gladly add Super Cycle to the site! Then we can watch you tear up the track!
  3. Thank you, @Justin, for your kind words and for bringing back the High Score Challenge. The Suzuka track is very challenging and was often frustrating lol. I was fortunate to win the 2021 Grand Prix.

    1. Justin


      You are very welcome @Marco1019 ☺️ Glad you are a member of this forum!

  4. I've managed to secure the pole position or 2nd place. Then I've managed to crash a lot hahaha
  5. This looks like a good read. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I managed to clear two laps, albeit just barely. 44100
  7. I managed to complete a lap as the timer hit zero! 40280
  8. I'll get this started, knowing this score will be surpassed lol. I did manage to complete a lap; you really need to be error-free on this track. 30960. This was played on OpenEmu which uses the ProSystem core.
  9. until

    Here's a preview of tonight's episode:
  10. until
    Join me on Twitch for the Episode 59 REPLAY of Retro With Marco! This will stream at 8pm UTC for those across the pond. I'll be in the chat providing commentary on the show. Stop on by! https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  11. until
    We're closing on the unofficial start of summer here in the States & closing in on Episode 59 of Retro With Marco! Tune in TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9PM ET when you will see: - Scoring & speedrun shoutouts, including another new Tetris mark - Homebrews, including early looks at Galaxian for the 7800 & Turbo for the 2600! - A look at Yolympics 2021 It'll be a fun show and it'll get you geared for gaming over the holiday weekend! https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  12. until
    The replay will stream for those across the pond, along with those stateside who need a break from their weekday. I will be in the chat providing additional commentary and any relevant updates. https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
  13. until
    We are winding down towards the end of April and towards Episode 57 of Retro With Marco! This episode will feature: - Scoring & speedrun shoutouts, including a 10-year record that was broken recently - Highlights from the Finals of Tundra Bowl VIII - New homebrews, including Re-Enduro -- a fan remake of the Activision classic! Here's a promo video... https//twitch.tv/retrowithmarco See you then!
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