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  1. There's plenty of good streaming on Twitch this weekend, including the Gala Gala tournament from Australia, and Competithon which is a 100% speedrunning marathon event. Check them out & show your support!

  2. Busy weekend & lots of work = It's almost Tuesday!

    It's a good thing I had last week off from streaming lol. Nonetheless, Retro With Marco returns this Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7pm PT!

    Episode 13 will reveal the following:

    • Who set 4 new WRs in a span of 22 days
    • Who beat a long-standing WR set back in 1986
    • Which speedrunner emerged from a flurry of runs to set a new standard

    All this, plus a look at the upcoming Gala Gala tournament.


    See you then!

  3. I managed to get PlayStation running on OpenEmu and I'm going to play Wipeout XL for the 1st time in about 20 years. This should be fun lol.

  4. It's always when you least expect it / don't plan for it...


    I got in some MAME Punch-Out before I had to step out for dinner. I ended up with a new PB of 1.4MM. I reached Fight #50, something I hadn't accomplished in 3 decades. Go figure.

    1. Marco1019


      I'm up to 1.7MM, having won close to 70 fights. I'll have to improve on that average if I'm ever going to make a run at the scoring WR.

  5. I owned the XBAND modem for the Genesis and it was a lot of fun for myself & my friends. We would play each other & other gamers nationwide on Madden NFL 95. We were usually in the Top 10 for wins every week; there was one week when there were three of us on the Top 10. I start chatting with one Madden gamer who, it turned out, lived in Manhattan at the time. He figured I was into anime - my handle was Vegeta. (I'm glad I snagged it early because there were a lot of DBZ fans who wanted my handle.) We talked anime & football when he told me about an anime convention called AnimEast '95. It was held in NJ and he was planning on going to meet with a few other XBAND users. I took a NJ Transit bus to New Brunswick which turned out to be fortuitous as the bus stopped at the parking garage of the hotel where the convention was held. It made for a fun time meeting everyone in person & hanging out. We would then get together in NYC to shop for games and also play at a friend's apartment.
  6. Long work week is over and I've finally - FINALLY - installed MAME on my iMac. I played Punch-Out for the first time in about two years & had a lot of fun. It'd be nice to break 1MM. I reached 850K before I had to put gaming on the back burner for a long stretch last year.

  7. Work has ramped up since the beginning of May and my gaming/streaming has slowed. However, I'm back to playing Raid on Bungeling Bay for the C64. What do you think of the cover art?


    C64 raid-on-bungeling-bay.jpg

    1. RickR


      Great game. That box art doesn't do it justice. 

  8. Episode 12 of Retro With Marco this Wednesday at 10pm ET / 7pm PT!


    Some of last week's shoutouts included new records from @Garrett Holland , @linuxriverrat , and @fredb999 , along with a trio of GTA; San Andreas speedruns by lelreset. This week's shoutouts will include:

    • Another trio of WRs by a total of 35 seconds
    • A decade-old WR beaten by 350K
    • A Nintendo Switch WR that is a feather in the cap for one particular gamer


    See you on Wednesday night!

  9. I came across this article from Hackaday which was posted on Thursday: https://hackaday.com/2019/05/02/twenty-five-years-since-the-end-of-commodore/ The article also contains a link to a YouTube video showing the last day at a Commodore Amiga Factory in Pennsylvania.
  10. I took apart one of my Atari 2600 joysticks and discovered that the up and down buttons still "click", but the left and right ones do not. It may explain why I wasn't able to turn corners in Ms. Pac-Man. 😂🤣


  11. I will try to give this one a go on the emulator side. OpenEmu uses the Bliss core which appears to be the only emulator available for Mac OS X. I just noticed that @Atari Creep used OpenEmu so I'm leaning strongly towards submitting a score.
  12. I just learned of the sad news a short while ago. This is a gut punch. RIP.
  13. Tune in this Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7pm PT for the next episode of Retro With Marco! I'll have some of the latest high score & speedrun records, including:

    • Which gamer recently ran three new speedrun WRs by a combined seventy minutes
    • Which gamer broke a record set back in 2006

    I'll also take a look at a Kickstarter for the unofficial Atari Visual History.


    See you then!

  14. I need new controllers. I'm open to all suggestions.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Marco1019


      I'll use your rubber band idea in hopes it will get one of these controllers open. Thanks!

    3. RickR


      I learned that trick from Norm Abram on the PBS show "New Yankee Workshop"....and dad-blast-it, it actually works!


    4. Marco1019


      I had a little bit of success with that rubber band idea. I managed to open 1 of the 2 Slik Stiks I own. I may just rip apart the other one, I don't know. I also have a Wico bat handle that is a little loose but I'll try to open that one another day.

  15. I posted an update a few days ago announcing that I beat Karateka for the first time ever. I hadn't played that game in about 30 years until earlier this week. I streamed a run the other night and actually completed the game by defeating Akuma and rescuing Mariko. I was stunned.
  16. After playing yesterday & today for the 1st time in 30+ years, I beat Karateka.


    That's it. That's my update lol. I'm going to bed now.

    1. GRay Defender

      GRay Defender


  17. Tune in tomorrow night at 10pm ET / 7pm PT for Episode 10 of Retro With Marco! (We made it to double digits!)


    During the Shoutouts segment, you will learn the following:


    1. Which WR was broken three times in the same day
    2. Which gamer scored a Daily Double (NTSC & EMU)
    3. Which gamer broke a speedrun record by a grand total of four frames


    I'll also take a quick look at SMB for the C64 and the unfinished demo of Superman for the SNES.




    See you then!

  18. Re: Episode 10 - I'm just about set with the Shoutout segment; I will be adding more video highlights to the segment as I continue to tinker with the segment & show as a whole.


    The challenge I face currently is scheduling guest interviews. It's not the lack of guests, but rather the timing.


    I may end up with a last-minute guest this Wednesday at 10pm ET / 7pm PT:




  19. I lean more towards "almost every day" though I fall back to "a few times a week" when real life gets in the way.
  20. 2:27 video courtesy of Vintage Is The New Old:
  21. I just learned that Settle It On The Screen will likely not air on May 1, so I will be going weekly through that date at minimum. I streamed this past Wednesday at 9:30pm ET in case Settle was going to air at 10pm ET; I learned that travel issues prevented that from happening.


    So my upcoming show schedule is as follows:

    April 24

    May 1

    May 8

    The show times for those three weeks will be 10pm ET / 7pm PT.


    It'll add to my learning experience & it'll be a good litmus test to see whether I can handle a weekly show with my other non-gaming responsibilities.

  22. Super Mario World ported to C64:




    Dan Salvato wondered if the "Minus World" glitch was possible. Check out the result:





    1. Justin


      The more SMB ports I see to other 8-Bit systems the more I believe the collapse of the video game industry and the success of the NES have less to do with tech and more to do with creativity and the philosophy of "what can video games be?". The way the first few waves of NES games reset the way we think about and play video games speaks volumes to what Atari and others should have seen. It was far more in line with being a toy company with games like SMB becoming franchises, than what Atari was doing with a focus on computers and being the next IBM.

    2. Marco1019


      To your point (somewhat, I think): I've had discussions with other gaming friends about the C64 & some ports that were rushed & turned out awful. By the time the C64's capabilities were truly explored and pushed to some of its limits, it was too late. (There were other factors to Commodore's demise, but I digress).

  23. Retro With Marco will air TONIGHT at 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT:


    High Score & Speedrun Shoutouts

    A look at Retrothon 2019

    Final Fantasy VII Concert




    See you then!


    (I know it cuts into the weekly chat here, but hopefully you will stop by for a bit.)

    Special Episode Tonight 930ET.png

  24. I'm leaning towards a Special Episode of Retro With Marco tonight. Michael Sroka of Settle It On The Screen just returned from a business trip and I don't know whether he will stream tonight. So I'll have an update in a few hours regarding Episode 9 which will feature:


    High score & speedrun shoutouts

    A look at Retrothon 2019

    Final Fantasy VII - A Symphonic Reunion

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