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  1. Couple images gave me a chuckle 😆


  2. RIP - Fred "Curly" Neal. We seen the current Globe Trotters here in Kelowna a few years back, lot's of fun! Rest in Peace big guy! 😎😢


  3. 😢Dammit! RIP - Stuart Gordon, Cult Classic Horror Director, Dies at 72, Loved his work ! https://variety.com/2020/film/obituaries-people-news/stuart-gordon-dead-dies-1203544356/



  4. 😎Doing lot's of backup, optimizations and updates on all my computers being at home so much, ok I do that stuff regularly anyways but now even more so!💻🖥⌨🖱

    1. kamakazi20012


      Can computers get the COVID-19 virus???  LOL  Wait...COVID...CO-VID...COmputer VIDeo card virus.  Now it ALL makes sense!!  Every 19th video card I seen for cheap at AliExpress must have been infected.

  5. Not something I thought I'd ever say but WOO HOO! Found a place selling family packs of toilet paper today! We are good for sometime now. 😌😅

    1. Justin


      MAN CANNOT LIVE BY TOILET PAPER ALONE. 2021 will be the year of the Japanese bidet.

    2. BlackCatz40


      I wish that the bidet would have caught on more here in the US. Less TP! XD

    3. Justin


      Also Bottom-Half Showers  🛁 

  6. 🙁Bleh, well we wont be going on two tours / trips that were planned this year. May was "Four themed Towns" and December was THANKSGIVING ON THE OREGON COAST, both with Wells Gray Tours. Regardless of what happens at this point even IF the Dec trip would have been a possibility it is more sensible for us to just call 2020 a NO TRAVEL year. We are not young and healthy, we have diabetes (compromised immunity) as well as mild Asthma so taking the chance on any travel in 2020 is a gamble we are not willing to take.

    We work hard to try and maintain the health we have so a week of fun is not worth the risk. The time frame for a vaccine to be created, tested and the rest of the outbreak to be contained / controlled means 2020 is a write off travel wise. Ah well, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program. 

    1. RickR


      I'm sorry, man.  My wife and I had similar plans.  A summer trip to NYC or Florida, and then a fall cruise Vancouver BC to Los Angeles (visiting grandma, and both sons).  It totally sucks.  But we will try to make the best of a bad situation.  Trying to stay home as much as possible.  Hoping we don't get laid off (and lose our health insurance during a pandemic).  Editorial:  Canada, many of us Americans envy your health care system. 

      Here's to hoping for a brisk end to this madness, and maybe the world will make some changes for the better once it's done.  That we should all work together no matter where a dangerous virus begins.  That we can keep the environment clean.  That we can all understand health care should be a given for all and not just those with jobs that happen to offer it. 


    2. Justin


      It can still be a terrific year Rob, hang in there!

  7.  RIP - Kenny Rogers. My mother and step father were country fans so often heard country music on radio growing up (I was more into Motown and Sha Na Na going through my 50's phase) but I liked Kenny, his appearance on THE MUPPETS doing one of his classics made sure of that.


    1. Justin


      You know it's funny, people who know me wouldnt really think of me as a "Country Fan" and I guess I didn't really think of Kenny Rogers as a "Country Star" although I guess you could say he was. Maybe he was one of the first "crossovers"? I'll miss him, I'm sad he's gone.

    2. RickR


      Sad.  One look at 2020 and he knew "when to fold em" 

      I'll miss his music.  I also remember his "Roasters" chicken restaurants that had great food. 


  8. As for your Torrent query. Heh, this is a whole new area but honestly gives you a access to a vast archive of files. I don't care what others do anymore than they should care what I do BUT I would only suggest, and I know that is not your intent, avoid Torrenting big entertainment that music / movie / game companies might not be to happy about. I DON'T want this turning into the big debate of discussion on torrent laws, morals etc, in fact I WILL remove any further comments if anyone goes off on their view of using a torrent client so let's just stay on topic after this 😉 but I would feel irresponsible of me to at least touch on the OBVIOUS and say stay away from movies / TV shows / Music and those are the things the big companies get the most protective over. That all said, 30 year old videogames, roms, manuals, books, text AND OF COURSE anything that falls under OPEN SOURCE or is clearly created originally for the source of sharing or being FREE knock yourself out. Lots of Linux distro for example offer torrents of their work. You will i need need a torrent "client" to make sense of a torrent file regardless of what it contains. My personal favorite go to is qBittorrent after trying many over the years. That is just my opinion. Short story, download and install client, most things are configured automatically (you don't want to mess with defaults until you know exactly what you are doing but I have never really found reason to do so anyways) once installed it should automate the handling of the torrent file, sometimes just clicking the file will open the client, sometimes the actually torrent file will download (it's tiny) and you will have to click on it afterwards to engage the client, always just carefully read and follow instruction the first time you click on a torrent file, your browser my just pop up the option asking you if you want the client to open it and "remember" that choice. Other than THAT, and I am not being cheeky here but I simply give you link to THIS article, a fairly recent Beginners guide to torrenting by Lifehacker: https://lifehacker.com/a-beginners-guide-to-bittorrent-285489 They include the info and links to clients, welcome to the club.
  9. My wife messaged me, went to one store  NO TOILET PAPER, going to another now., there was nothing said by health officials to hoard toilet paper, people are retarded and the stores, shame on them for not limiting per person! You would think it is the %!#$&ing apocalypse. I live in the Okanagan Valley here in B.C. Canada and checking stats for confirmed cases here in B.C. : British Columbia - 46 confirmed cases including: Four individuals who have recovered, as indicated by the resolution of symptoms, followed by two successive negative test results 24 hours apart. One individual who has died. 2,008 individuals and 2,803 samples tested as of March 6, 2020. That is for our entire province, I do not think anymore than 1 case confirmed here in the Okanagan Valley where we reside.


    Me right now. 


    1. kamakazi20012


      We have two confirmed cases here in Missouri...one in St Louis and the other in Springfield.  Neither life threatening at the moment.  Our area?  Nothing but there is not a single store here that has toilet paper, paper towels, or tissues.  No diaper wipes either.  It would make more sense to me if stores ran out of food...not paper products. 

  10. Excited? Naw, pretty case and that is about it, has been a shitshow from the start with the people behind it dodging questions, talking around things instead of direct, deleting posts and comments not in their favor (by their favor I mean ass kissing and just buying everything they say without question) as well the capabilities and what would be included as promised from the start has been reduced etc. It literally offers nothing besides pretty case, the Atari "VAULT" which has been available for ages on other platforms and lately it seems no unique games or titles at launch instead pushing the narrative "YOU are the developer!" 😜. Even if backers receive one it likely will be nothing more than something for die hard Atari collectors to say "Look what I got! Official ATARI console, look it has a logo and everything!" and then it will sit on the shelf collecting dust. Anyone who has been following this AtariVCS campaign form the start seems to fall into two camps: 1. WTH? This is getting worse all the time ! or 2. OMG! ATARI! GIMMIE GIMMIE! Atari is coming back to change gaming you all! Wait and see! Wait and see!!!!!!! Now, being a 52 year old who recalls the history of videogaming from pretty much the start and seen many promises and campaigns and launches that fail or turn out to be vaporware you can guess which side of the fence I am on 😆 As I said , it has a pretty case but even for what it offers, if they DO actually deliver it into backers hands, there is nothing special here other than maybe a logo (for whatever you think an official Atari logo means to you these days, here's a hint, NOT MUCH) it is just another under powered little box that will barely run it's OS, it will be just enough to run what it needs to effectively, nothing groundbreaking. If that is worth it to someone for the money well have at it.
  11. This big orange shopping bag was sitting in the Electronics Recycling Bin. I brought it upstairs and it sat in our laundry room for the night. I am going to open it and shuffle through the contents. If you've nothing better to do join me wont you?
  12. From the dialogue I was getting that the guy owned some kind of electronics shop, this was the back where they did repairs I think, he refereed to it as his shop as he was leaving her in charge while he was gone. Here is another grab I did.
  13. RIP - A LONG LIFE! Max von Sydow, Star of ‘Seventh Seal’ and ‘Exorcist,’ Dies at 90 https://nyti.ms/2wDeyzNhttps://nyti.ms/2wDeyzN

  14. So I was watching a cheesy horror flick Monster Shark (1984), hey it's the Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffed version so that's my excuse 😉 when about 10 minutes in I spot a character playing, or pretending to play an Atari 2600 game. Pretty sure it's Activision SeaQuest. Anyways, just thought that was cool, I know there were obvious and well known examples of 2600 games appearing in shows/movies but this one caught me off guard and I thought might be more obscure. 🕹🎬🎥🎞
  15. Happy Birthday to ATARI CREEP ! Hey bud, All the best to ya ! 😎🎂🥳🍻🎁🎈🕹


    1. RickR


      🤡🍰 Happy Birthday!


    2. greenween


      Happy Birthday.

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