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  1. Yeah why not? I'll add Ubuntu Budgie alongside Win 10 on this old repurposed Sony Vaio Laptop 😜. At least it looks really nice and should be at least a little smoother on this Core2Duo / 4gb machine. 😎


  2. If I am honest I really don't BUT THAT SAID I will always have a warm spot for the format as I managed a Video Store back in the day, well that puts it lightly, as a young adult I literally LIVED IN a small family owned video store because I slept on a cot in the back room through the week 😆this assured I was there first thing in the morning to open as well as work all day and close but the added advantage was the moment the door locked for the night I would peruse the shelves to pick my viewing for the night. Let's just say these were my FULL MOON VIDEO years lol. I watched just about every straight to video scifi and horror flick, good times. This was also the time I would use composite video output of my Amiga and make simple animated titles for my home VHS movies. There will always be a fond memory of analogue video editing for me that was lost when everything went digital. When we moved here over 15 years ago I sold the last of my remaining VHS movie collection, I let it go insanely cheap to a small privately owned local video store that was just starting up and was still in business to this day so it made me feel good that people were renting those and still enjoying the many treasures I collected over the years. 😍We live in a small 1 bedroom condo so space which is always at a premium was always abused by me and my collections and hobbies so sacrifices had to be made. I literally have only a couple original VHS movies, all my home movies have been converted by me to DVD's. I still have a couple decks though, over the years I pulled a couple nice ones out f recycling and I even have some blank tapes left, even an unopened pack that again I found, a resident had left downstairs for disposal (we have an area not official but people just leave stuff there so other residents can take them before they get tossed) so I kept these things even if I will likely never use them just out of nostalgia. For some reason I could not give up my Hellraiser II Special VHS edition.
  3. 😀 Yes, it is a great emulator for PC to run and play PS2 games, works very well, starts up with the PS2 logo and everything, even emulates memory cards and behaves just like the system. As for the game, you can run in different ways, from the emulator Wiki: Insert your PS2 game CD/DVD in your DVD rom. You can either run it directly from the disc or create an ISO image of your disc with a program like IMGburn for faster reads. In this case as always I downloaded an ISO image of the game and the emulator can boot from those. I have Silent Hill 2 for PS2 but it was the original version so in order to play this scenario I needed a copy of a later release "Extended" version of the game. As I said it is nice having the option to run these games at higher resolutions then what is native to the PS2. The emulator also has options as one pleases for cheats, widescreen patches etc. Here is a couple screen grabs for reference. Emulator info https://pcsx2.net/
  4. 😎😍Well that is just awesome, a while ago I read in a Silent Hill Facebook Group post someone asked about replaying Silent Hill 2, I have only played it originally on the PS2, someone mentioned to be sure to play the version that has the Maria sub scenario “Born From a Wish” and amazingly I never have! 😮 I loaded it up from the extended PS2 edition in PCSX2 emulator, looks and plays great, never thought I would be playing and experiencing anything Silent Hill 2 related that was new to me. LOVING THIS! The best part is in emulation I can far higher resolutions than the PS2 could ever run natively, works perfectly with my wireless Xbox 360 gamepad (like movement, drawing firing weapon, run, look etc were instantly configured!) and unlike some older PC ports of some PS2 games there is no issues with compatibility or requirements with newer versions of Windows.
  5. 😎😛Was just heading to bed when I looked over on my shelf and noticed my Dreamcast with the weird custom lid and modem cover looks even weirder in the dim blue light emanating from the Christmas star decoration hanging in our living room.


  6. FINALLY after like a year, cut my hair....I didn't go anywhere, got nice Remington hair clippers, didn't even use an attachment, did it all myself with the bare clippers right down, all even, took like maybe 10 minutes? 🙂 OMG FEELS SOOOO MUCH BETTER! ALL THAT HAIR fit in a single little sandwich baggy, funny how hair compresses like that. Now that I have the clippers though I do not plan to EVER let it get that long again! My wife loves my hair like this.....she says Hi....
    1. RickR


      Looks good! 


    2. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Aliens stole your hair!!!  Lol.  Looks good, man.  And that picture of you and your wife is just priceless.  But seriously you've been playing too much Space Invaders man.  Those little aliens stole all you hair.  Just Messina with ya man.

  7. It is funny how often I forget to fire up MAME to compare the arcade version of home ports, soooo many great arcade classics at our disposal in MAME. It is always interesting to see how different the original arcade version is since those were typically designed to challenge you to keep trying while consuming your coins and so home versions though maybe not always comparable graphically sometimes made up for it with additional features. I will definitely check out the link you mentioned. All these arcade games at my disposal, literally thousands so no matter how many times I fire it up even after all these years there is always something new to check out or great classics to re-experience. Puzzle, side scrolling shooters, racing, fighting, obscure Japanese and even clone and knock off games, though I COULD do without all the Mahjong titles I don't need. 😎
    No photo description available.
    1. RickR


      I love MAME and all that it offers.  Yet I've always had a few favorites that I just can't get to work correctly (especially controls).  Examples:  Asteroids, PunchOut!, Defender.


    2. MaximumRD


      yeah works great with my xbox 360 controller but I have not been good configuring stuff like race games that require a wheel or paddle games etc. 


  8. Firstly, a huge and long time ATARI fan here like many of you and still owner of several original Atari consoles and computer and accessories 😉 I lived and love the history of Atari OBVIOUSLY and it saddens me that Atari will never be even a fraction of what it once was even in the different stages (Atari / Warner / Tramiel) back in the day. But at the same time many people seem blindly loyal to that name and logo to the point the will even today, grab up anything officially labeled "ATARI" even though most of it is overpriced junk conning Atari fan consumers and gambling on their nostalgia. This is why even though Atari managed to market and complete a fund raising goal for the new upcoming AtariVCS, early on called the AtariBox but fans and backers keep defending them even though the console they were promised has changed, has been delayed several times with promised shipping dates over and over being pushed back, any engagement has been very controlled and curated with comments often getting removed or people being banned in forums or groups where they represented themselves whenever challenged or backed into a corner where they could not provide a "real" answer, hype marketing talk or skirting around the questions or giving non-answer answers seems to be their specialty. And yet the funny (sad? pathetic?) thing is backers or fans that STILL insist on defending them for really NO OTHER REASON than that blind nostalgia for a long dead company that keeps making promises but actually delivering on very little. Oh and to be clear, I AM NOT SAYING NOR DO I BELIEVE that the backers will never receive what they paid for, in fact at least at this point I still believe they will all receive something....eventually....maybe? 😜 but even that will be far from anything worth what they paid outside of collector purposes or that "official" Atari name and logo being worth a LOT (and admittedly it clearly is to some) I truly believe even the most hard core defender of the AtariVCS and the people behind it would have a totally different view and opinion of what's on offer and for the amount it cost as well as the project developers behaviors to date if it were all being handled by some small unknown start up that were not incorporating the ATARI brand name. And once again, because I know some get triggered by such heresy defaulting to the usual claim I am a "Hater / NO FUN / troll / pessimist etc" this is not the case at all, I WOULD HAVE LOVED Atari to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and again I am a long time Atari collector who has played and enjoyed Atari through history during all the ups and downs, I even loved and completed Raider of the Lost Ark and E.T. for 2600 backing the day 😎 But with I grow tired seeing the beloved Atari name whored out constantly on garbage product merely to capitalize on the once great brand. Some of you may not even be aware of what I am babbling on about but even if you DO you might not be up to snuff about it all. This video by REREZ sums it all up quite well imho. Honestly, did not expect much but this video actually contains some good points and well stated views regarding "ATARI" today as well as the AtariVCS etc. Sure it is just regurgitating what many of us already know but before you dismiss it have a watch, some people could use this wake up call about modern ATARI especially the blind faithful who think anything modern day ATARI still has something worthwhile to offer.
  9. https://variety.com/2020/film/actors/sean-connery-dies-oscar-winner-and-james-bond-star-dead-at-90-1234820498/ Typically just do a status post for celebrity death but this one seemed worthy of a thread 🙁 Sean Connery dead at 90 RIP ! 😮 An epic career, 007, Highlander etc. A good old age for a man who will live on in his roles.
  10. New video! Please check out in my thread. 😎 Driving through our first major snowfall in Kelowna, B.C. 2020 


  11. NOTE: I do NOT typically wear a mask in our car, and we wear masks only wear requested / required such as medical appointments or where masses of people gather etc. I wore it in car this time as we were on our way to an eye exam but also to show the viewers the mask my wife made from an old Slimware utilities T-shirt that never fit me. 😆😎 Just sharing for fun. Woke up to a major snowfall last week, it was very unseasonal for us this time of the year, a week later it's all but gone so it was either a freak thing OR who knows? Might be the way the weather is heading with changing climates. Please know that though I DO live in Canada unlike what many Americans and those outside Canada may think, my particular city located in the Okanagan is unlike surrounding B.C. cities like the very cold Winnipeg (often referred loving as WINTERPEG with good reason!) so this early huge snowfall came as we also experienced record low temps. What is the weather like in Okanagan? Average high temperature (summer): 28 C/84 F. Average low temperature (winter): -8 C/16 F. Average Hours of Sunshine: over 2000 per year. Average Rainfall: Approximately 300 mm/11in yearly.
  12. Forced to live in a digital world but I will always be analogue at heart. 😎🤘


  13. Love DREAMCAST, still have 3 original consoles. Back in the day of course I followed development, news, articles but that only conveys so much right? How this system was next level power etc, ok sounds great. Then one day as I was on the second floor of our local mall I approached the gaming shop and I SWEAR THIS IS 100% true, from a distance my immediate reaction was "Oh what the hell? Is the manager a huge Football fan? YOU ARE DISPLAYING A FOOTBALL GAME INSTEAD OF VIDEOGAMES? (keep in mind I am not much a sports fan and definitely not a football fan) seriously is there and important game on what........HOLY SHIT...NO WAY....(as I approached and got closer it began to sink in)...THAT NOT A TELEVISED FOOTBALL GAME....THAT IS AN GOOD DAMNED DREAMCAST GAME!!!!!" - as I say, I was so impressed by a football game visuals I knew that this was definitely the next level of gaming consoles and I HAD to have it. Such a shame the whole DREAMCAST generation lived for such a short time, there was still so much more potential for great games, they introduced concepts and tech way ahead for consoles. Still, in it's short life, at least it still introduced many cool arcade ports as well as interesting and unusual titles in typical SEGA fashion. EVEN some unreleased games became obtainable online since the prototypes were dumped (Half Life, Propeller Arena) great accessories like the Fishing Rod for those great SEGA BASS FISHING games. So much potential.
  14. I AM SO LUCKY ! Best thing that ever happened to me. 😎




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      Happy anniversary, MaximumRD. I wish you the best.

    3. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Happy Anniversary!  The years fly by so enjoy every minute of it.

    4. Justin


      Congratulations Rob & Melissa ☺️

  15. The mix of manufacturer parts, reminds me back in the day, before the clear winner was obvious I admit I preferred and was in the BETA camp of the format wars. I had and loved my sleek looking ZENITH branded Beta machine. Opened it up one day, might have been to clean the heads manually or just my usual curiosity / tinkering, anyway several parts inside were branded as SONY. So I guess SONY was the actual manufacturer of ZENITH BETA machines? If I recall before SONY started their own line of VHS decks they pretty much had a stranglehold on the BETA format which I guess explains them actually being the manufacturer with I guess ZENITH and I am guessing other brands just licensing SONY tech to put in their machines.
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