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  1. RIP - Peter Mark Richman, Actor in ‘Beverly Hills 90210,’ ‘Three’s Company,’ Dies at 93.

    http:// https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/peter-mark-richman-dead-beverly-hills-90210-1234885944/

    Glad he had a good long life and a long marriage of 67 years! RIP. I enjoyed him even before that great Star Trek role in original Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes. 









    1. socrates63


      I didn't know the name, but that's definitely a familiar face from the various shows I watched. RIP

    2. GRay Defender

      GRay Defender

      I remember him, his look was so distinctive, great actor.. RIP

  2. 😎Airlock? I posted THIS video in 2010. Promotional tie in for DataAge - MINDSCAPE
  3. This fellow instructs you on some cool things new AtariVCS users can consider doing. 😎😀
  4. It has been shown the AtariOS can be booted on hardware, images and videos have been shown it booting on laptops and desktops with various degrees of success, meaning issues with networking, sound etc, sound is sometimes fixed plugging in a USB audio device etc. 😜😎more surprises, while the AtariOS USB stick I created worked on my desktop and a up laptop to various degrees it didn’t work on my old bedroom desktop, due to no no uefi boot options. I also imaged this Sata drive, plugged into 2011 MacBook Pro and held down option key when booting, displayed a drive called efi and it booted, Bluetooth even seems to be working though I have no Bluetooth controller, no network though I am sure it would be fine if I plugged in Ethernet. Figured would not hurt to try 😆Nice use for the old recycle bin find MacBook! I had yet to see this done on Apple hardware so thought I would share.
  5. Latest video from the fellow booting Atari OS on other machines. Note his comical description 😀 😎Love his description - "Just a video showing you how to restore the Atari VCS operating system. Here is the link to the document provided by Atari: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17TeJMIZcLIsGMJEHlQAxOb_YdIuX4GoL4bvBExAudWU/edit As mentioned in the video, this is ONLY to be booted on an Atari VCS console and definitely SHOULD NOT be booted on ANY other machine.
  6. I can only hope for a better 2021 for everyone! 😎😛

    No photo description available.


    No photo description available.

    1. socrates63


      Happy New Year, my neighbor to the North! Hopefully, we'll get a chance to run into each other at a convention in 2021.

  7. Is the ball in these typically that yellowish color when new? After seeing images in some recent topics I decided to dig mine out of storage, forgot what great condition mine was in and about the only thing I have that also still has the clear plastic on the aluminum strip (MUST RESIST REMOVING 😛) I really need to try this accessory more as it seems to be in excellent shape however, I noticed like many pictured the ball seems discolored yellowish, looking up images online it seems it WAS originally white? If it should be white might look into brightening or SHOULD I BOTHER? Is it more trouble than it is worth? I only lightly tested it upon receiving the 5200 / games etc in a lot years ago. I should do more testing and also maybe give it some maintenance if required. ANY GOOD TUTORIALS or videos on that? Also, I may have posted similar at one time but my memory is not getting any better 😛 Still, thanks in advance for any / all replies....
  8. In case I am busy I'll say it now...MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HOPING ALL A BETTER 2021! 🤶🎄🎅


  9. It would seem now even another sign the AtariVCS was rushed out the door so quickly to meet the open arms of backers 😂that yet another shortcut was taken in that the AtariOS was not even encrypted! Hmmm I a not sure WHERE this bit of info belongs amongst all things AtariVCS but I do find it interesting, I do not know much about more technical things so FYI if anyone feels the need you wont be correct ME as I am just relaying this video and info as I found it just now. At the very least seems interesting. Does this mean one does not even particularly need the specific console to enjoy all the great and magical things Atari OS offers 🤨🤔😀? Might anyone enjoy it using these methods on ANY low end Linux box or perhaps single board computer? Does this make the actual AtariVCS console even more irrelevant? Or was this whole thing faked by some horrible TROLL HATER? 😛 THE MIND BOGGLES !!!!
  10. RIP - the ORIGINAL BOBA FETT ! Actor Jeremy Bulloch 🙁


    And just recently he posed with 2 more generations of his Fett character, he still loved it all 🙁


  11. 😛😎 Holy crap Cyberpunk 2077 is 🔥🔥🔥

    No photo description available.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MaximumRD


      Just having a laugh (see picture) 

    3. socrates63


      hahaha I've never played Shenmue but that's a scene in Shenmue, right?

    4. MaximumRD
    1. DegasElite


      I was just watching him as Klang on Star Trek: Enterprise yesterday. Too bad. He passed away young. :O(

    1. DegasElite


      I thought he had Parkinson's Disease. Too bad. RIP.

    2. socrates63


      Another 🕯️ of popular culture has left us a little earlier than we'd have hoped. He truly brought Squiggy to life. Loved Laverne & Shirley.

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