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  1. Cool, looks right out of a Sci-fi flick!
  2. I LOVE some good fan edits, done with love and respect of the source material, like this. Also, that narrator was epic and sounded just like I'd have expected back in the day!
  3. Back to The Future. A personal project shot at the studio using scale car models and making effects on camera. A tribute to My Childhood. Amazing work - source link for more detail and images. https://www.behance.net/gallery/54333409/Back-to-The-Future
  4. Hah my memory is totally mud these days because although I thought these were all the DEMO discs I had SEEING YOUR POST, I am reminded I have a big box of OG XBOX stuff, couple consoles, accessories and YES several Xbox demo discs just like you are showing here, ah heck I will go take a picture right now and post.... Thanks for the reminder 🧐Never ended up having an Xbox during the original run, yet I collected many magazines that I no longer have, but I still have THESE 😁 Along the top are the ONLY retail games, found GTA # and Vice City combo pack in a thrift shop and received MechAssualt with some trades years ago but all the rest are Magazine DEMO DISCS, even some with 360 demo as old Xbox was starting to get phased out. To this day, I do not own a 360 🤷‍♂️😝
  5. This is just a sampling of the discs I have for PlayStation 2 and PCs. Used to buy a lot of video game magazines back in the day and I loved getting these discs stuffed full of samples, for computers, various software and games and of course for PlayStation 2 various game demos. I definitely used to have a bunch for Dreamcast, but I don’t think I have any of those left anymore, pretty sure this is the last box that I have, a lot of the computer software would obviously be useless now being very old versions and some of it even nonexistent it’s still a fun and nostalgic look back at how we used to sample such things before broad band high speed Internet, access, high-speed, and so accessible to everyone. It was a box for a pair of boots that I had bought, so it’s a pretty large box and pretty much every disc in here is in mint condition or at least very good condition with the sleeves. Of course, sometimes it wasn’t a demo for a game it might just be a video sample of gameplay or in between cinematic. Fun times. Anyone out there still have some old demo disc lying around?
  6. Good Sunday morning, all!


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