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  1. Me : I want an Incredible Hulk ! Wife : We have an Incredible Hulk at home ! Incredible Hulk at home :
  2. MONSTER MOSH PIT by CraigHolloway https://www.deviantart.com/.../MONSTER-MOSH-PIT-826286099
  3. Glad there is this EMULATION section otherwise I'd have no idea where to post this 😏 I did this earlier today and the waves of nostalgia just brought me right back to when I was younger, in many way happier and the fascination and excitement that I would feel just enjoying some C64 slideshows, music demos etc, this would continue later on a bigger level once I upgraded to a Commodore AMIGA but still, it was all just so much fun. Specifically what I did earlier was watch a slideshow demo disk playing c64 tunes in FS-UAE AMIGA EMULATOR ON MY 2011 MacBook Pro running LINUX MINT. Because hell yeah! 😀 Now, I have the C64 and Amiga Forever packages by Cloanto on my much more powerful desktop, but I had been itching to try some AMIGA emulation on the an old Macbook Pro I found months ago, I had recently decided to throw Linux Mint on it as MacOS was getting pretty dated on it and it has been GREAT. After a couple days of researching, trial and error I finally got FS-UAE installed on it, transferred some Amiga disks (.ADF files) over and as a test this was the first thing I did with it. hearing the disk loading sounds and seeing it de-crunch the programs and immediately start playing the musical slideshow was probably the most fun I've had so far with this old Macbook. Part of me was more satisfied doing it all in this way then simply loading up the far simpler AMIGA FOREVER interface on my Desktop, it amuses me that I am enjoying C64 sight's and sounds in an AMIGA emulator on a Macbook running Linux because I am just a big nerd like that. Anyone do things like this simply because they can? Go about it in maybe a less straight forward way and enjoy it more? Has emulation helped you enjoy a platform or games or operating systems that you just might not be able to enjoy otherwise today due to lack of original hardware / software or perhaps financial or space restrictions? Share any stories of emulation that bring you joy. Myself I am so thankful that the emulation of AMIGA that I laughed and scoffed at back in the day continued to grow and improve to the point I can simulate a setup I could have never dreamed of owning back in the day let alone today, I am thankful for it.
  4. 😎Windows Xp inspired Iron Giant wallpaper High resolutions links to original: https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpaper/comments/pffurx/windows_xp_inspired_iron_giant_wallpaper_3840x2160/
  5. Just a quiet late Sunday night on forums and social media 😎😉 with my dragon and gargoyle for company.

    1. RickR


      My wife and I drove to the beach just for the day yesterday.  Our goal was to relax and avoid people as much as possible, and we succeeded.  We packed a picnic lunch, found a nice picnic table by the beach and had a wonderful time.  We went to a more secluded location where we knew there wouldn't be crowds.  Interestingly, we drove by the most popular beach in Oregon and it was very crowded.  

      Today's plan is to be at home and try to stay out of any drama or trouble of any kind.  Relaxing is important!  


  6. Well, I suppose one could use the method in the first post but plug the output RCA cables to the INPUT of a trusty old VCR and output the Coaxial TO TV 😆
  7. Yearly visual field test completed. Back in a couple months for my regular eye exam.

  8. Has there ever been a CLOCKWORK ORANGE based videogame? If not WE NEED IT! Not sure what genre, RPG? SURVIVAL HORROR? How about in VR? Think of the glorious possibilities! 😆😛 OK maybe its just me that wants this....🤷‍♂️

    1. RickR


      It would kind of take the Grand Theft Auto genre to a higher level. 


  9. Life is funny, I recently posted about finding a nice BLUE KONAMI JUSTIFIER GUN FOR SUPER NINTENDO in my collection storage but disappointed to find it was only for one game Lethal Enforcers, my curiosity got me, sure I can just load the game on my Everdrive but wondered if I had an original cart. After going back and double checking I can confirm I don’t have one, I DO have this game however….yep you guessed it, I don’t have a Super Scope because of course I don’t 😂🤷‍♂️


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    2. MaximumRD


      My first thought but I doubt it as I could only find the Justifier Gun as compatible with Lethal Enforcers, plus the gun seems to plug right in the controller port where as the Super Scope has it's own sensor, I am sure it would have been mentioned somewhere in my searches if it were so simple, if that were the case no doubt most would just choose the gun! THAT ALL SAID, I WILL STILL TRY IT LIKELY AT SOME POINT BECAUSE I'M SILLY LIKE THAT.

    3. RickR


      Good point.  I forgot the super scope was a little different. 

    4. MaximumRD


      Always found the idea of the Scope odd, like, being Nintendo and obviously shooting games but was the idea Its totally not a GUN ! Nope, NO GUN, IT'S A SCOPE! A SCOPE I TELLS YA !" 😆🤷‍♂️

  10. So, going through some storage boxes I find a nice blue Konami Justifier pistol clearly for the SNES, I was pretty excited but after some research it seems the ONLY compatible game if LETHAL ENFORCERS? REALLY? Seems like such a missed opportunity! 😮🙁

    1. RickR


      Maybe it's just me, but I don't recall a lot of accessory controllers on the SNES.  Super Scope is the only one I can think of.  I wonder if your pistol works with the super scope games too.


    2. Justin


      I agree! Always thought they could've done more with the Konami Justifier, and even more so with the Super Scope Six!

  11. Here is an article you need to scroll down a bit but the details and link to the ROM can be found 😎😉 With permission from Chris Oberth’s family, we can bring you two never-before-seen games from the late developer’s career. It has been a pleasure to release this material, and we would like to thank the hard-working groups at MAME and The Video Game History Foundation for being extremely helpful during the whole project. In case you missed the downloads, Spinout can be found here, while Star Fire is here. Both links contain the entire source code as well as their respective ROMs. Enjoy! https://www.gamingalexandria.com/wp/2021/08/oberth-archives-one/
  12. His work is great, high res versions in his entire gallery on DeviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/loopydave/gallery While I am at it, two of my favorites here.
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