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  1. Thanks so much! I am working as quickly as I can to get it out to you guys. :3 The list is ever dwindling. :3 Oh really neat! I would love to see what you could come up with though once you get more time. I know what you mean though. I work full time, go to university full time, and raise my family so I have only a few hours a week to work on the game bleh. At least it is nearing completion. I just have the last few levels and the final boss to complete and it is done! Plenty of updates, though yes 2 years since the last demo. I was going to release an intermediary demo, but I am within the finish line of finishing the game so I figured let me just push and try to get it out as soon as I can.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Between the new school semester and work, I did not see it, but I will check it out now.
  3. Oh rad! I am glad that you have that book. It will be great fun to work through. If you have any trouble when you learning assembly, do not hesitate to e-mail or message me if you have any questions. I would be happy to offer some pointers if I can. I appreciate the sentiment too, I am getting closer to finishing the game as well, my list of things to do/fix is getting smaller. :3 Some of the turbo BASIC things on the A8 would be good fun as well if that suites you well. My friend Darryl1970 has done some great BASIC games, but they were in old BASIC and would be so much nicer if in a compiled BASIC. I need to help him with that someday, like his game Goblin.
  4. Oh rad, I did not know this, it must be why I love the Genesis so much back in the day, and now. On the flip side I have/had not much love for the Super Nintendo. x3 I love Star Fox that is about it. ;3 I am glad I chose Sonic back in 1991. ^o^ I am glad the VCS can access an extra button because that lends a good option for Carrot Kingdom® for people who have a problem with down to fire. However, now the jump can be controllable with how long you hold down the button (like Mega Man), so that does not work with up for jumping. So that kept the decision for down to fire. Nothing wrong with getting started. It is an exciting road learning assembly. Especially 6502, still probably my favorite flavour of ASM. I really like 68000 as well, a nice set of opcodes. To answer your question, Carrot Kingdom® is 100% assembly. I started with a 4K bank of the proof of concept for the scrolling engine, then worked my way up from there. The initial game was tested on my Supercharger as I did not have a Harmony Cart yet. Learning BASIC first can help, if you do not have programming experience, though some of the assembly tutorials are nice, or Steven Hugg's book on coding games on the VCS may be another good option. I think with the book or some of the tutorials you could just jump right into 6502 ASM. The 6502 has a limited enough instruction set and the logic is straightforward enough that I think you would not have too much of a problem. I bought the Steven Hugg book for my friend that was curious about coding for the VCS after my showing them Carrot Kingdom®, and they have really enjoyed it so far. https://www.amazon.com/Making-Games-Atari-2600-Steven/dp/1541021304
  5. Rad! I am glad you are enjoying it despite its challenge. I feel you there, it is tough until you get the hang of it, the last segment of the game will be the toughest, however, the easy mode will mitigate the hardest bits from the game. It will support 2 buttons on the Sega Genesis controller as well so that should be able to help as well.
  6. Yes, it can be nice from what I hear for buying and trading, but still I have been put off too much. x3
  7. I thought I had commented here, but apparently not! I any case you guys are doing amazingly with Novawolf! I am really excited for this one. I love the 2 player mode, and cannot wait to be able to play it with my son. The graphical style is great, and really hearkens back to the rad arcade games we all grew up with. Shades of Tron, Robotron, Pac-Man, Berzerk, love it! Awesome work guys. Good luck with the Facebook moderation. I gave up Facebook in 2008, or I would offer to assist.
  8. I guess everyone else does need an update eh Lance? Now that it is Friday and I can start catching up on e-mails and messages why not!? Updated the title screen UI a bit, and added two difficulty modes after seeings some players struggle with the base game. My homework for the week is nearly finished so looking forward to using this weekend to make some more progress. We are winding down towards the end of development. Good question BlackCatz40! It actually does not use anything special at all. It does not use any additional RAM, no DPC+, just 32K of ROM. So standard 32K cartridge will be it. Thank you as well I am glad you like the look of it, I have been working so hard on making it an attractive game.
  9. Thank you so much Lance! I finished the box/label art yesterday, now just need to tie up some loose ends for the next demo. :3
  10. Congratulations on another great release guys! I love the packaging. :3 It has a comic book in the manual too?
  11. For a 3D printed finish I usually spray, spray filler, sand, and it is nice smooth and very nice. Sandblasted would be nice as well. We have a blaster at work, now I am curious. :3 This coming weekend I may have to take some measurements and model something up in AutoCAD for the controller door.
  12. Thanks for the synopsis. The further information helped me decide. The lack of Splatterhouse really killed it for me. 😕 Your additional info was really well, but bleh I still cannot justify this without Splatterhouse.
  13. Thank you everyone for looking. :3 I have enough to get the production run going. :3
  14. Thank you. ^^ I would really like to make the files available so anyone could print them. I could probably do a few printed by my printer as well if someone has no access to a printer. I am not greedy and looking to start a business doing so, but would like to help my fellow Atarians if I can. :3 I have a 5200 so if there are enough who need one I could take some time and model a piece or two up here or there.
  15. I hope Lance at Video61 can help, he is a great guy. If not I could take a look at my 5200 and possibly model up a replacement in Fusion360 that could be 3D printed.
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