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  1. I can login to Atari.io again! The other good news is, working on a new section to the game! 🙂 Jinny is surfing on lava!
  2. Yes should still be fine, I will go over it with a Clorox Wipe and clean it up a bit tomorrow, and plug it into my 7800 and give it a test. PM me your address and I can get a shipping quote. I just realized I probably need that haha. ^^;
  3. Here is the stick, after I dug it out. I will see how much for shipping. :3
  4. PushChocolat.mp4 Tease tease. (Push by Matchbox Twenty used non-profit, just for funsies.)
  5. A company out of Hong Kong or Taiwan I believe that had a distribution center in California. Thanks! It is a super neat item, really cool history and the most robust and well made of the N64 backup devices.
  6. Cyber Monday Bump! Added a bunch more images.
  7. Oh awesome Lance! Congratulations guys on another great release! I have been anxiously watching for this one. My next pay day I want to snag a cart for the A8. ❤️ Thank you guys for your hard work! It looks so fun!
  8. I am glad I earmarked this topic, these are now available for sale. Putting these on eBay as well, but they are discounted here.
  9. Check this out, it may be helpful. http://khryssun.free.fr/programming_code.html#Sources_Scrollings
  10. Thanks so much! I am working as quickly as I can to get it out to you guys. :3 The list is ever dwindling. :3 Oh really neat! I would love to see what you could come up with though once you get more time. I know what you mean though. I work full time, go to university full time, and raise my family so I have only a few hours a week to work on the game bleh. At least it is nearing completion. I just have the last few levels and the final boss to complete and it is done! Plenty of updates, though yes 2 years since the last demo. I was going to release an intermediary demo, but I am within the finish line of finishing the game so I figured let me just push and try to get it out as soon as I can.
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