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  1. Thank you so much Lance! I finished the box/label art yesterday, now just need to tie up some loose ends for the next demo. :3
  2. Congratulations on another great release guys! I love the packaging. :3 It has a comic book in the manual too?
  3. For a 3D printed finish I usually spray, spray filler, sand, and it is nice smooth and very nice. Sandblasted would be nice as well. We have a blaster at work, now I am curious. :3 This coming weekend I may have to take some measurements and model something up in AutoCAD for the controller door.
  4. Thanks for the synopsis. The further information helped me decide. The lack of Splatterhouse really killed it for me. 😕 Your additional info was really well, but bleh I still cannot justify this without Splatterhouse.
  5. Thank you everyone for looking. :3 I have enough to get the production run going. :3
  6. Thank you. ^^ I would really like to make the files available so anyone could print them. I could probably do a few printed by my printer as well if someone has no access to a printer. I am not greedy and looking to start a business doing so, but would like to help my fellow Atarians if I can. :3 I have a 5200 so if there are enough who need one I could take some time and model a piece or two up here or there.
  7. I hope Lance at Video61 can help, he is a great guy. If not I could take a look at my 5200 and possibly model up a replacement in Fusion360 that could be 3D printed.
  8. (Latest progress) Good news my friends!! A new Carrot Kingdom® teaser is here! I just finished implementing the music player and it turned out nicely! If you look closely you can see a few other teasy changes as well. ;3 I am feeling well, and it is progressing more smoothly than the last few months. :3 Thanks for hanging with me! ❤️
  9. Hey all! (Adding a copy of the post from another forum) Binaries: Current Binary .8a - Update 10/16/2017 - Fixed Ghosts Old .8 - Update 9/23/2017 Re-coded collision, added 2 levels and under the hood changes. OLD .07h - Update 2/19/2017 Fixes weird bug with input capacitor (MUCH THANKS DIRTY HAIRY!) fixes FBP compatibility. OLD - .07g - Update 2/14/2017 (Later Evening) Adjustment to keep from Breadcat Battle 2x. OLD - Update - 2/14/2017 (Evening) Adds ability to move and shoot and shortens pre-Bread Cat jump. OLD - Update - 2/14/2017 - A lot of polishes, fixes, coloured levels, multi-enemies, etc. OLD - Update 7/28/2016 - Fixes flamethrower sound buzzing on lives screen. OLD - 7/28/2016 - Reduces Scanline usage to 262, tweak UI, Flamethrower Bugfix. OLD - Update 7/15/2016 - Fixes Jittering. OLD - Update 6/7/2016 - Updated Physics Demo. OLD - Update 6/6/2016 - Teaser demo! :3 Lush Multicolour landscapes full of danger! Current Title Screen:
  10. Hi All! Carrot Kingdom® is nearing its final stretch so I am starting to ramp things up for the physical production run! As such I have been collecting common junk carts to recycle the shells for the physical run! Some great guys have given me a few great $0.50 per cart deals but I still need more carts! O.O Can anyone here spare some more carts with a similar deal so we can roll this along? Thank you so much! Anyone who supports the cause will get a mention in the special thanks section of the manual, you guys are great! 🧡
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