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  1. An 83 megabyte cartridge that will run on an UNEXPANDED TI-99/4A!
  2. Photo's related to my Classic Computer hobby.
  3. - Ω -

    - Ω -

    Omega's TI-99/4A Related Photos
  4. You'll even get to see RickR in the last video! Yes, the TI-99/4A has an Internet browser, online email and even interactive chess! It's amazing, but one can use a wireless keyboard on the TI now with this upgrade. Did you know the TI can generate QR codes? Even read them with the right hardware. The awards presentation had some good stuff, Atari.io member RickR did the drawing and even one an item! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw8U63cA6zU
  5. I own an Odyssey 2, sadly I only have three games for mine...
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