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  1. Well guys, since you enjoyed those, I'll post the last pics of his Star Trek collection. I might "liberate" one of them for my home as a way to remember him. Any way, here are the pictures... Almost every red blooded Terran male Star Trek fan would like this... ... and what home would be complete without an Enterprise D commissioning plaque... ... and a limited edition framed and numbered lithograph is good too. And every 21st century fan needs a little home protection with a TOS phaser. ... and lastly a few signed photos.
  2. Woo Hoo! Thanks to @CrossBow I'll be getting a UAV installed in my Atari 5200, and then I'll be able to complete the video. Man, just contemplating having a clear and crisp image during game play gets me excited!
  3. You like that eh? Check out PART of my late brothers Franklin Mint Star Trek collection...
  4. Are you a Star Trek Fan? Here's something you don't see every day... a 28 year old newsletter from an independent fan club. SWWISTFC - v2n3 1993.pdf
  5. Since Halloween is coming, and some of you guys are Star Trek fans and this is the Television and Movies section...
  6. My brother who recently died of the second Moderna shot left a lot for me to go through, but I found he kept some of his TI-99/4A stuff in a box after all those years. I wonder if he knew he even had them? I remember those disks I made for him, I'm amazed the labels are still attached. Anyway is was a bright spot to remember the TI times I spent with my brother.
  7. I remember an fairly good Extended BASIC version, and thought it would be even better compiled, but for the life of me I cannot remember it's name.
  8. Yes, that was Halt & Catch Fire. Yes, I really think they were talking about the TI-99/4A. Coffee cup warmer, 256 byte register, 4 cycle wait, and Texas Instruments DID get out of the PC market. Too many coinkydinks for it to NOT be the TI.
  9. I was cruising through the Atari 2600 forum today and saw mention of their Asteroids version(s), which made me ponder, what in your opinion is the best Asteroids imitator on the ol' TI?
  10. I'll admit Commode was part of the problem, especially with their pricing, because as profit margins dropped, so did quality on those machines to cut costs and retain some profit for the shareholders. Surprisingly quality, in my opinion was not largest factor, as many machines were semi-out-date after only 18 months, and people wanted to buy the latest, greatest and most powerful. Now days PC owners have more powerful computers than they can really exploit to their maximum potential, so they keep them for years. Heck,some people only have a smartphone!
  11. I detested hyperspace! (In the arcade version) It's was like rolling the dice, you never know where you were coming out... usually right before a giant rock smashes you to bits. I like predictability in my video games thank you very much. But in both versions, shields!
  12. This short clip, in a nutshell distills down the very reason(s) the TI-99/4A Home Computer was kicked to the curb and abandoned by Texas Instruments. ... even so, while it's a quirky box, it can be a fun one to have and own.
  13. About this.. be wary of the Moderna mRNA so-called 'vaccine'. This happened 30 days after his second shot. They listed his cause of death as a heart attack, like so many others I've come to learn.
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