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  1. An 83 megabyte cartridge that will run on an UNEXPANDED TI-99/4A!
  2. Photo's related to my Classic Computer hobby.
  3. - Ω -

    - Ω -

    Omega's TI-99/4A Related Photos
  4. You'll even get to see RickR in the last video! Yes, the TI-99/4A has an Internet browser, online email and even interactive chess! It's amazing, but one can use a wireless keyboard on the TI now with this upgrade. Did you know the TI can generate QR codes? Even read them with the right hardware. The awards presentation had some good stuff, Atari.io member RickR did the drawing and even one an item! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw8U63cA6zU
  5. A new homebrew/port came out recently that a few people are burning into cartridges. It's "Cortex BASIC" for the TI-99/4A... but it's in 80 columns! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iYZ4bP5qgY
  6. Oh yeah, I sold a bunch of CoCo's back in the day. Long ago, back when Radio Shack was still respected and had their own computer division, I was a Computer Marketing Manager for the best store in my district. Gawd the corporate heads would have sh!* bricks if they knew I was a TI guy!
  7. If anyone is interested in what one of the new "homebrew" cartridge board look like...
  8. I own an Odyssey 2, sadly I only have three games for mine...
  9. Oh yeah! I'd like to see the schematics and or designs for some of these projects.
  10. I wasn't exactly sure where to post this one, so here it goes.... Has anyone started hacking 'Flashback' units yet? I've heard these units come with some pretty lame games on-board, or are missing some of the best titles. I've also wondered if it might be possible to 'hack' some of these units. It would be kind of cool if we could attach a ZIF socket to a unit so we could download, burn, then install the game(s) we want, when we want them. I figure there's probably some major hurdles that might make it impossible, like proprietary programming no one knows anything about, or emulation interfacing, or even dealing with the small component size of the boards. Let's be real here....SMT can really suck for the average guy who likes to play with hardware. So, has anyone heard of anything?
  11. consoles i own: Atari 2600 Vader & Jr. (short rainbow) w/box, GCE Vectrex, Radio Shack CoCo2 (64k) w/box, Intellivision, NES, SNES, N64 (x2), Xbox (Halo Ed.), PS1 (x3), PS2 slim, Wii, Mattel HyperScan (x2) handhelds i own:Microvision w/box, Electronic Football (by Sears) w/box, Tomytronic Pac-Man w/ box, Entex PacMan2, Coleco Donkey Kong tabletop w/box (w/ Coleco "Perma-Power" Adapter), & all MGA Classic Arcade's and Jakk's Pacific/TV Games Plug-n-Play. What? No TI! You don't know what your missing... especially with one of THESE installed!
  12. Here is one to get things started... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvZ4yVR3vWI&feature=youtu.be
  13. Oh yeah... if you don't already have a cartridge, you can buy them << HERE >> when they are in stock. The attached image in the message above is a ROM only, so all you need is a AT49F040, you do NOT need to purchase the Atmega 1248P (the long 40 pin one.)
  14. The format is NON-INVERTED and the image works on either the RED or BLUE cartridges. Rasmus-8in1-cart-8.bin
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