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  1. Give me a thumbs up if you approve of this as the intro for the future video...
  2. I'm going to locate a suitable box next week and try to mail it by Friday. It's been a mad house the past couple of days with hospital trips and doctor visits for my mom.
  3. Some good advice there. I'm taking notes. BTW - Did you get my email?
  4. I'm planning on making an Atari 5200 video to post on YouTube, and am requesting your input for "side topics" to include that might draw in new people. Also, I'm planning to include a few screenshots of games for the 5200 that can "grab someone's attention". Of course I'll include one or two standard games, but I'm curious about what third-party or homebrew games you would recommend being showcased. After thinking about it so far, the main topic will be the UAV modification and associated information, with honorable mentions going to the Atarimax cartridge and Atari.io... but is there anything else you would include? The 5200 can give one an awesome "bang for the buck" with a limited investment (compared to other systems), so why not tell the world?
  5. Thanks, but I figured I'd take the before images right before I disconnect the unit, then again on the same screen once it comes back. I have a lot of video and camera equipment, but have not had much of a chance to use it all lately, I'm kinda chomping at the bit to make a cool 5200 video.
  6. You know, this might actually be a decent topic for my first Atari 5200 video. Sure, the UAV has been out there for a while, but not everyone has one even knows about it. Heck, some of my TI videos shook a few TI users out of the bushes over the years. If a few YouTube watchers stumble over the video in the coming years, who knows, they may have one in the basement all ready to be put back in service. So, I'll also include a plug for Atari.io too! So I guess I'll have to film a before and after.
  7. @CrossBow I think the UAV would probably be adequate for my taste. It may not be "VGA sharp", but it's still better than the blurry fuzzy RF. Do you accept PayPal? Please PM me with a quote and details for a two port unit, it just might be time to upgrade my 5200! I'll can wrap it with tons of bubble wrap!
  8. 9th Flight Information and Views
  9. Now THIS is "entertaining"...
  10. Leave @Airshack a message. I got my 3D printed one from him, he might be able to hook you up with his source.
  11. Thanks! The Atarimax is what I use most of the time, but the Tempest cartridge has to be used because the version I have for the Atarimax does not quite act properly. My next goal is to get the UAV mod done. I originally waited because I thought someone would make a VGA mod, but it's never happened. I'm a little reticent to send off my 5200 in the mail as I'm afraid it could get destroyed and I've heard horror stories of people keeping units for months. I also know it'll be an expensive upgrade with shipping both ways and the cost of labor and the unit itself. Someone left me a message years ago saying they could do it, but sadly I don't remember who it was. I am starting to get a little itchy on the 5200 though since I've not been spent much time with the TI lately. Maybe someone know a ballpark figure of what I can expect to pay?
  12. Since getting back into the 5200, @Airshack has been my lifeline on the 5200. If it were not for him, I would have chucked the 5200 in the landfill because of those Cr&**% A## joysticks. Now, with a proper joystick, the 5200 is actually enjoyable. So, in my humble opinion, don't give up on the console just because the joysticks suck, go third party sticks!
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