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  1. Congratulations RickR! Congratulations @RickR! What a fantastic score! I hope this was a fun challenge, we don't often get to play homebrew games in Squad Challenge, I think that's something we can do move of in the future. Shark! Shark! was always one of my favorite games on Intellivision and it was interesting to see a Shark! Shark! inspired homebrew hit the Atari 2600. A simple but fun concept. Thanks everyone for turning out to play a homebrew Squad Challenge. How do you think Go Fish! compares to other homebrew games on the Atari 2600? Does it live up to the fun of Shark! Shark! on the Intellivision? @RickR posted an impressive score of 2,649 points! The legendary @TrekMD ranked 2nd on the leaderboard with 1,717 points, and @RadioPoultry was right behind him with 1,488 points. @chas10e rounds things out with a solid showing of 831 points. Congrats to RickR for his top ranking and to everyone who jumped in this squad challenge and shared a score! I'd like to encourage RickR to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be a special challenge celebrating National Pac-Man Day. Be there!
  2. 🤣 Spin Doctors jokes will always be funny 

    1. RickR


      You're gonna have to provide an example. 


    2. kamakazi20012
  3. WINNER: Justin Food Fight Atari 7800 March 30, 2020 ROUND 1: @Justin ROUND 2: @Atari Creep ROUND 3: @Justin Atari Creep and I played Food Fight on the 7800 over the weekend. We completed the first two rounds, and then Atari Creep went live on his Instagram to finish the 3rd round. My recollection is his best score for the 3rd round beat me by a few thousand points. He wasn't able to save the stream though so we didn't have the record of the final round that we thought we would. Chris insists he didn't top my score and that I won the 3rd round so I'll take the Win only begrudgingly. We're gonna go for a rematch again pretty soon.
  4. Final day to get your scores in for this Squad Challenge! Good luck everybody! 🙌
  5. Better Call Saul is on AMC again tonight. Anyone else watching this show? It's the continuation/prequel to the Breaking Bad universe.
  6. WINNER: Justin Xevious Atari 7800 March 30, 2020 ROUND 1: @RadioPoultry ROUND 2: @Justin ROUND 3: @Justin RadioPoultry is a SERIOUS contender and this was a great game to play! He's a gentleman and a great guy to play against. The Atari 7800 really shines with Xevious as @kamakazi20012 was just saying, it feels like legit arcade action with a ton of stuff moving around the screen and zero slowdown. This match was particularly fun because Radio and I both got farther in Xevious than either of us ever had. Radio always posts incredible scores, when I sat down to play this morning I thought I was done for. I barely squeaked by, and RadioPoultry and I had a very close game. Hope to play again!
  7. Funny you post this now @kamakazi20012 I've been thinking about NES Metroid all week! I think Samus may just need her own Atari I/O animated emoji.
  8. I had a lot of fun playing against you today. Looking forward to playing Xevious!
  9. 🎧 Currently listening to The Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat 


  10. Terrific to see leadership with programming here! Love this idea and what you're doing. Keep up the great work 🏆
  11. Justin

    7800 Avenue

    GREAT to see new episodes of 7800 Avenue! It's been a while. Best 7800 show out there bud!
  12. How often do you play Board Game? I love Board Games and feel like they were a big part of our lives growing up and were around on the same Saturday evenings as Atari 2600 was. The Coronavirus quarantine is going on right now (note to friends reading this in the future) and this feels like a great week for doing family fun stuff in the house. That got me thinking about Board Games, and then @Atari Creep did a Board Game livestream playing Battleship with his family. That got me thinking that I'd love to do a Board Game Squad Challenge in the forums! It would be fun to try sometime. For example, we'd play Battleship either using our own boards at home, or using printable PDF printouts of Battleship boards that I could post in the Squad Challenge and we could print them out, cut out the little ships, and play them like Bingo cards. We'd play "long distance" in the same spirit that people used to play Chess by mail, sending each other moves in the mail and maybe only making a move or two a week. We could play a game of Battleship in the forums as a 15-day Squad Challenge. I've also begun collecting Board Games, particularly vintage games that I find, or the new "Retro" series Board Games that they have at Target. Here's a few Board Games from what I've collected so far: So how often do you play Board Games? Do you have some original games that you've always had growing up or have you bought new ones? What do you enjoy most? Do you play more often with family or friends?
  13. Nothing to apologize for Rick. It happens. You were playing honestly and you had integrity when it mattered. That makes you numero uno in my book 🏆
  14. I had a lot of fun playing you today! We will definitely do this again soon!
  15. It's the same file as the one that would be downloaded on AA from the Go Fish! page.
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