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  1. Oh, but the player has the most powerful punch in the game!!!
  2. After several heated debates, here is the final list we came up with. I would love to hear people's opinions on the matter. Which Atari 7800 Game IS the Toughest to Beat? http://www.atari7800forever.com/badd.html
  3. I did a review, a re-review, and added a friend's review to the site. Also, my personal Atari bio was added to the page. ENJOY Funk www.Atari7800Forever.com
  4. Dudes... when this game comes out, beg borrow or steal.... it's great. http://www.atari7800forever.com/dragonsdescentr.html
  5. Three Dragon games are coming our way as 7800 fans. Save your gold! The Upcoming Dragon Trilogy http://www.atari7800forever.com/dragontrilogy.html Recent Articles A look at the 32 in 1 Cart http://www.atari7800forever.com/32in1.html What is the Atarivox? http://www.atari7800forever.com/autovox.html The Prosystem Posse/ The 7800's Nine Exclusive Quirky Cousins http://www.atari7800forever.com/pposse.html Midnight Mutants Re-Reviewed http://www.atari7800forever.com/mmr.html
  6. Bunch of updates to the ole site in the last week, including taking a closer look at the interesting 32 in 1 cartridge... 32 unreal 7800 games you have never played before... or... maybe not. http://www.atari7800forever.com/32in1.html Other updates: at www.Atari7800Forever.com The 32 in 1 Cartridge Reviewed What is the AtariVox+ Speech Synthesizer The Prosystem Posse The 7800's Nine Exclusive Quirky Cousins Midnight Mutants Re-Reviewed Difficulty Switch Information Fatal Run Re-Reviewed The Atari 7800's Top 10 Homeliest Heroes 124 Different Atari 7800 Games From Funkmaster V's Collection
  7. I reviewed one of my childhood favorites tonight. This year has sucked, but at least I broke the world record on this game in 2020: Like God and Devil, its known by many names, but tonight I'm calling it: Tower Toppler. http://www.atari7800forever.com/ttr.html
  8. Did 3 reviews and an article this weekend. Desert Falcon http://www.atari7800forever.com/dfr.html Realsports Baseball http://www.atari7800forever.com/rsbbr.html Summer Games http://www.atari7800forever.com/summergamesr.html and I run down the Top 10 Ugliest Protagonists in the 7800 library here: http://www.atari7800forever.com/uglyasses.html As per a request, gonna review Astro Fighter next! Thanks for the love!
  9. Its weird that came in an Othello cart.......... Have you ever horsed around with that?
  10. From www.Atari700Forever.com There were 57 official NTSC Atari 7800 releases, and if you the add 2 PAL-only games, the number of official releases for the Prosystem worldwide hit an unimpressive 59 during a six year run. Thanks to homebrews, hacks, prototype discoveries, and other oddities, the number of playable Atari 7800 games has grown by leaps and bounds. Funkmaster V currently owns 124 different titles (and that's after a house fire took down several rare games and boxes he hasn't replaced) and he wants to spend this cold snowy day showing you his collection from the Mothership. #atari7800 #atari #retrogaming
  11. Tower Toppler is one of the best games on the system. Give it another whirl
  12. In the 7800 community, most of us are very fond of Ninja Golf. But in other retro game communities, people dog it sometimes for the reasons I provided. Impossible Mission is great. I beat it on the Wii, in fact. And beating Possible Mission on the 7800 is one of the best gaming moments of my life. LOL. That was cathartic. "Plane" Smashers could be vastly improved with a small graphical hack and fixed audio. The audio is atrocious... and a plane in space is stupid. Atari dorked up their protagonists in almost every single game: Adventure, Centipede, Midnight Mutants, Motorpsycho, Fatal Run, Mean 18, Super Skateboardin', Scrapyard Dog, Planet Smashers, etc etc etc.
  13. In Defense of 9 Oft-Berated Atari 7800 Games... Like every other subject, people's opinions widely vary on video games. But in terms of the 7800 library, there's a semblance of solidarity. The enthusiasts normally agree on what's the cream of the crop titles and what's the worst of the worst. But there exists a handful of games that sometimes see uncanny vitriol... so pointed, so bombastic... that it borders on shameful mendacity. I feel like these nine games get an unfair bad rap. Some of them are terrific, and some are just OK, but all are worth a second look. www.atari7800forever.com/aa.html Tell me what you thank, ya'll? Are these 9 worthy of love?
  14. I always use back buttons, but you are right. I'll add a link to get back to the root page.
  15. Over on Atari 7800 Forever... we had ourselves a time kicking it with this homebrew and making fun of its terrible name. 1 ) T:ME Salvo Review: www.atari7800forever.com/tsr.html What did we think of Mike Saarna's time traveling baby boy? 2) T:ME Salvo Cheats: Gameplay tips and how to play as Santa Clause!: www.atari7800forever.com/tsc.html 3) T:ME Salvo List of Rankings: www.atari7800forever.com/tsc2.html Find out how many points you need to score to be called a McFly, a Time Lord, or a Major Titor... or some obscene name... I forget
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