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  1. My file does not have a virus. McAffee is misleading you. I ran Bitdefender on the file and it is clean. The original file is on WordPerfect format and I just converted it to PDF today to attach here.
  2. I saw this on FB. The Intelli-phone!
  3. That's lots of cool stuff! I don't have a newsletter I can share but I have articles I wrote. I'm attaching one here. 🙂 Bridge II.pdf
  4. Ah, welcome to the world of Atari's big cat!
  5. That is cool. I used to contribute to several of these years ago. Mostly treknology ones but for some I did novel reviews. 🙂
  6. That's how I feel and this one was was cheap enough. 🙂 I waited longer for mine as I never received it when I originally ordered it. He sent me a replacement that I got last week.
  7. OK, played a bit and improved on my score...
  8. OK, I just played a quick game. Here is my score...
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