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  1. Luchs Soft is re-releasing a game for the Atari Lynx called Quadromania. It will come on a curved lip cart with a manual, poster and pin in April this year. As if that weren't enogh, it will come packaged in a standard Atari Lynx game box so it matches other games in your collection. The game was made by Alex Thissen, with official permission by RPM Software. It can be preordered at Luchs Soft's web page (link below). Order Here
  2. TrekMD

    Star Trek

    Oh, that was the best of the TNG movies. Without question. I still can't like the E-E.
  3. TrekMD

    Star Trek

    I was listening to a Star Trek podcast recently and it seems the Enterprise D was designed as it was to better fit the TV screen. The Enterprise E was designed long because of the widescreens in the cinema. This was stated by the guy who designed the ship.
  4. TrekMD

    Beamrider: Atari 2600 vs Intellivision

    I own both versions and I enjoy them both. The Inty version looks and sounds better but the gameplay is good in both versions.
  5. TrekMD

    Star Trek

    The design of the Enterprise D grew on me over the years and the overall aesthetic for the ship was followed on several of the new designs. Voyager may look quite different when it comes to its overall shape, but you can tell it followed the same aesthetic. When the Enterprise E first showed up, I was like WTF?! I've never liked the design. I don't like the look of the warp nacelles, I don't like the underside of the saucer, and I absolutely hate how the secondary and primary hulls connect. That looks hideous, as far as I'm concerned. This fan-made design (USS Legacy) is far more elegant and can be seen as an evolution of the Starfleet aesthetic and would have been a much better Enterprise E design:
  6. TrekMD

    Star Trek

    I can't wait to see that space battle scene in the What We Left Behind documentary. They have taken that scene and a number of others and upgraded them to HD resolution. I just finished watching the first episode of season 2 of Discovery. Definitely going in a different direction now that the war is behind. I liked it.
  7. TrekMD

    "New" Atari 2600 Homebrew - Avalanche

    It is fun. I've never played the arcade but this port is nicely done.
  8. Avalanche was an Atari arcade game released in 1978 that was never ported to any home systems back in the day. It did, however, inspire games like Kaboom! for the Atari 2600. Here is an image of the arcade game: In 2007, Champ Games created a home version of the game that we all forgot about (even I did and I posted in the thread!) and now, 12 years later, it is being brought to the light again as it will be seeing a cart release! You can check the Atari Age thread here: Avalanche. A binary can be found there for download. Champ is looking to make some improvements to the game before release. Check out an image of the game as it stands now.
  9. This game looks really cool. Looks like I'd be able to play it on my XEGS.
  10. BTW, I learned of some new games I had not seen before with the book. That was cool.
  11. TrekMD

    NEW YEARS EVE PARTY in the Chatroom!

    Cool but I do have a question. Is that 9 PM EST? CST?
  12. I have tried to improve my time but I've not been able to. I may give it a go a few more times.