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  1. TrekMD

    WANTED: Feedback for Rikki & Vikki

    Welcome back from hibernations! Time to get get started on writing feedback!
  2. TrekMD

    Battlestar Galactica

    Oh, the reboot is definitely worth watching. I'm curious about yet another reboot as a movie franchise now. I hope they do it well.
  3. TrekMD

    Battlestar Galactica

    Oh I loved Galactica, both original and new. The original has a special magic to it, though. Apparently Galactica is getting another reboot as a movie. Battlestar Galactica Movie Reboot Taps Jay Basu As Writer I just ordered a model of the original Galactica from Eaglemoss that is being released: Galactica (TOS)
  4. TrekMD

    Midwest Gaming Classic 2019

    Cool! I plan to attend PRGE this year. I should consider MGC some time!
  5. TrekMD

    Crazy Idea or Realistic??

    I think one of the best ways to watch "TV" is to get SlingTV. All you need is internet access and then you pay to have the channels that you want. So, instead of paying for 100's of useless TV channels, you can select the ones you want for a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite. Unless those services start learning, they will lose to these streaming providers. I find myself watching less and less regular TV and more and more streamed content.
  6. I don't have this game. It should be able to find a used cart, though. I'll see about getting it.
  7. TrekMD

    Autobiography of a Schnook

    Cool, will be having a listen.
  8. TrekMD

    Suprise in my Bowling box

    That is cool, indeed! I never kept scores in the boxes.
  9. That is quite the list!
  10. TrekMD

    Squad Challenge - Centipede (Atari 5200)

    I didn't even have a chance to play the game to participate! Work has been crazy!
  11. TrekMD

    Pie Factory Podcast

    Wait, what? I haven't even finished writing feedback for the previous episode! LOL
  12. Yep, that's normally what I do as well!
  13. That is very nicely done. I do have to wonder how long will it stay online, though, given how Nintendo aggressively protects their IP.
  14. I've seen their videos before. I thought this was really cool and I thought they did a really good job adapting the Transformers into those suits!