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  1. Good scores! Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen this homebrew version of Q*Bert that is currently being worked on? It add several of the elements missing from the Parker version and it fixes the pyramid asymmetry.
  2. What I do is that I touch the cartridge as I would normally do. What I don't do is touch my face without first washing my hands. I will use hand sanitizer if I'm touching multiple items and I don't even wait for the sanitizer to dry entirely, so what I touch gets some of the sanitizer on itself as well. At times, if it is something I'm not in a hurry to get, I just let the box sit for a day or two as the virus won't survive for more than that on the cardboard. In general, the more porous the surface, the faster the virus dies. When I open the box, I still don't touch my face until I have washed my hands and I still use sanitizer as I described above.
  3. I don't often sell on ebay but I got MULTIPLE emails asking me to set up payments. I stopped when they asked for the bank account and the SSN but had to do it afterwards. They want report to Uncle Sam for tax purposes.
  4. That looks interesting. I've never played this game before.
  5. Cool. The cart looks nice. Can you mention what some of the differences are?
  6. OK, I played this last night and here's my score!
  7. Sure. You know which one it is, right?
  8. I've made two "banners" of box art for my real name and my forum name. Most of my boxes are in storage, so looking for them would have been a PITA. 😁 E - Enduro - Atari 2600 U - Up’N Down - Atari 5200 G - Gravitar - Atari 2600 E - Evolution Dino Dudes - Atari Jaguar N - Ninja Golf - Atari 7800 I - Ikari Warriors - Atari 7800 O - Omega Race - Atari 2600 T - Tempest 2000 - Atari Jaguar R - River Raid - Atari 5200 E - Escape from the Mindmaster - Atari 2600 K - Kangaroo -Atari 5200 M - Ms Pac-Man - Atari 7800 D - Decathlon - Atari 5200
  9. Oh yes, this is an awesome port for the 2600 and light years better than the original Defender. I use a pedal controller to do the 2nd controller stuff when I play. I haven't tried my Robotron controller yet. That may work just fine.
  10. When are you guys recording? I want to get my feedback in on time. 😉
  11. I now have a lot of systems I did not have back in the day. The last console I bought was the Atari 7800 and the last handheld was the Lynx. Then came medical school and I essentially paused my getting new games. I did not get a PSP until 2004. It wasn't until 2007 that I got the Jaguar and 2008 until I got an Intellivision (because I wanted D2K Arcade). I did not get any other consoles until I bought a bundle in 2013 and got an NES 101, Genesis, Dreamcast, and an original Xbox. A year later I was gifted a GameCube. So, in less than a decade, I have discovered first hand how gaming changed since I had last purchased a console in the late 80's!
  12. Thanks for posting about this. I was aware of the previous version. Downloaded 1.0!
  13. I ordered the paperback version. Waiting for it to arrive. 🙂
  14. That's what I do over Christmas. I have a bunch of Christmas movies that I watch. Here is one that I have been watching for years...
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