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  1. I love this game. I have to see if I can participate! I'm not even in the US right now!
  2. Dang. Well, I'm writing another one for the next episode before I go on vacation next week. You'll have two emails from me to read!
  3. Already listened to the episode! Looks like I was too late with my feedback for this one. Another cool episode, though!
  4. They feel cheap in your hands but they do the job just fine and, for $6, I am not complaining.
  5. It's not the movie. I'm going to the actual musical play! Hmm, how about watching Hocus Pocus with your wife? It's family friendly and fun and not really scary but appropriate for Halloween! Disney just announced a sequel for it for their Disney+ service.
  6. Oh, on my last trip to Puerto Rico to visit my family I went to a new store they have that essentially clears merchandise. I got two of the AtGames controllers with multiple games there. I paid $6 for each one. I couldn't resist!
  7. I'm going to do something entirely unrelated to Halloween. I'm going to watch The Fiddler on the Roof! I have listened to the music for this show for years and I've never seen it. The only night I can go is October 31st, so that has become my plan for that evening.
  8. Oh, yes, you and many of us!
  9. until

    OK, here is my photo album from the event: PRGE 2019 And here are some sample photos:
  10. until

    Traveling back home today. I'll post my picture album once I'm back and I've had a chance to organize the pictures.
  11. Awesome! I already wrote this one some time ago knowing this was the next game for the podcast. Once I'm back home from PRGE I'll send it over.
  12. I was going to notify you on this as well. Hopefully, it can be resolved soon.
  13. Interesting. I want to read more on this.
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