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  1. I agree! The shipping shouldn't be too bad either since it is a fairly small item.
  2. The design is really cool. I like that the micro SD card goes into the side. He lists the price in the thread I linked to but I guess once a thread is started in Atari Age we may get better details. The price he lists is 220 PLN, which is about $57 US for the cart itself.
  3. Rafał Jankowski has announced he will be releasing a new multicart for the Atari Lynx called the AgaCart. The AgaCart will use an SD cart for storing ROM files. You choose the games using buttons on the back of the cartridge. The Cart supports 256k and 512k games in .lyx format, 128k files need to be converted to 256k. The maximum number of files is 199. Rafał Jankowski has released already a 48-in-1 Lynx multicart in the past, so he has experience with this type of project and this is essentially an updated version of his previous multicart. For those interested, the AgaCart can already be ordered by contacting Rafał at the Polish Atari Forums. He plans to start a thread for taking orders on Atari Age as well. If you're curious about the technical details, check out the thread at the Polish Atari Forum.
  4. That's a hard question to answer! I think it was something Atari related. I decided to see what I could find by typing the work Atari and lo and behold, all this stuff showed up!
  5. You can get it from the Atari Age store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=262
  6. I know! That was fascinating that they were released so close to each other and the two films are SO different!
  7. The 5200 has a homebrew version of Warlords called Castle Crisis..
  8. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Google Stadia as it does represent a shift and it can still be played on a TV like one does with a console. I wonder if this will pick up or it will flounder. I suppose, as with consoles, the titles on it will have a lot to do with it.
  9. Very cool. For me, this will always be Captain Marvel!
  10. Congratulations, Radio Poultry! You're quite the tax avoiding investor!
  11. Kylo Ren is redeemed? He does have Skywalker blood.
  12. This is what I could score on a quick game. I had never played this game before!
  13. LOL I'm one of those avoiders today! Had to file an extension!
  14. I didn't realize the paddle portion would only work on the Sears System II. I've always liked these controllers because of the dual function.
  15. Congratulations Marco! That is one awesome score!
  16. I very much like that hack. It is still Atari's Pac-Man but with enough elements of the arcade added. Even that would have received a better reception if that was what released in the 80's. This one has the siren, the right colors, the fruit/prizes, an eye-less Pac=Man that looks in the direction he is going, the flashing when the level ends...
  17. Awesome! Then the shape doesn't matter so much!
  18. This is a good teaser. It does pique my curiosity about the movie.
  19. It sure did! Already listened to it.
  20. Just downloaded the episode to listen to it!
  21. It is indeed. I have plenty more here: Starships Album , including plenty of images of this Ambassador-class model.
  22. A few more but Trek enemies this time...
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