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  1. My file does not have a virus. McAffee is misleading you. I ran Bitdefender on the file and it is clean. The original file is on WordPerfect format and I just converted it to PDF today to attach here.
  2. I saw this on FB. The Intelli-phone!
  3. That's lots of cool stuff! I don't have a newsletter I can share but I have articles I wrote. I'm attaching one here. 🙂 Bridge II.pdf
  4. Ah, welcome to the world of Atari's big cat!
  5. That is cool. I used to contribute to several of these years ago. Mostly treknology ones but for some I did novel reviews. 🙂
  6. That's how I feel and this one was was cheap enough. 🙂 I waited longer for mine as I never received it when I originally ordered it. He sent me a replacement that I got last week.
  7. OK, played a bit and improved on my score...
  8. OK, I just played a quick game. Here is my score...
  9. No, it was considered a "feature." After all, isn't it called Impossible Misson! 😁
  10. The unfortunate aspect of Impossible Mission on the 7800 is that it TRULY is impossible! At least, the NTSC version. The bug is not present on the PAL version.
  11. Nice set of games @socrates63! Here is the stuff I received this week...
  12. Downloaded and listening!
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