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    Star Trek Continues

    The Expanse is awesome!
  2. TrekMD

    Star Trek Continues

    This video explains what happened and some of what is going on now...
  3. TrekMD

    Pie Factory Podcast

    Awesome! On my app ready to listen to this.
  4. That's something I've never seen before.
  5. TrekMD

    Was the Atari 2600 Video Touch Pad a mistake?

    I don't think the controller was the mistake. Not using it for more games was! As you point out, they made other controllers that, while looking different, were pretty much the same thing. It would have made more sense to make overlays for the one controller appropriate for the games that came for those other controllers. Of course, I do have one homebrew game that uses the controller, though. A perfect example of how the controller could have been used...
  6. TrekMD

    Arcade USA

    That looks pretty good!
  7. TrekMD

    Star Trek Continues

    Prelude to Axanar is excellent and it shows the quality of the material being developed. It also included actors and other people behind the scenes who had worked on Star Trek before, which was another reason CBS got pissed. We are still going to see two 15 minute vignettes from them but they won't be the same as what had been planned. Here is an update video of the current production:
  8. TrekMD

    Video Game Art / images, admire or post your own.

    And this one just because it's the season...
  9. TrekMD

    Star Trek Continues

    No, it was not because of Discovery. Or, at least, that's not the reason we have been given to understand. Apparently the problem was Axanar as the team behind it were a bit "loud" about how they were making a professional production and got CBS pissed. So, the set rules for fan productions with many restrictions. ST Continues was non-profit so they were allowed to, well, continue, but Vic decided to finish the production 2 episodes early.
  10. TrekMD

    Star Trek Continues

    This page may be of interest: https://www.startrekcontinues.com/downloads.html
  11. I've never played this game. Maybe it's time to give it a spin. I'll have to try it on my Harmony cart.
  12. Congrats Kid A! You certainly got an A with this one!
  13. I played a bit more today...
  14. Oh, the game is fun without a doubt.
  15. I think I need to play quite a bit more to if I can even really compete! LOL
  16. Some people need to get a life.
  17. OK, got a better score to post...
  18. Here is my first entry...
  19. Nice game choice!
  20. Cool! It's Crystal Castles month!