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  1. Cool. Looking forward to more.
  2. Cool pictures and some weird stuff in that museum!
  3. Cool. I meant to send feedback but I've been so freaking busy. I'll just add Theme Park to my next email. I already wrote part of the feedback for Supercross 3D. I think you're going to enjoy reading it, Shinto. I did something different with it.
  4. That looks cool. I'll have to try it out. Thanks!
  5. Love the colors. I'm torn between the one with the classic colors and the black one! I have to wonder if the metallic pearl is a take on the colors of the Inty II.
  6. The guys from ChampGames are currently working on an amazing home port of Galaga for the Atari 2600. I know NSG posted about it but this deserves its own thread. Head to the thread in AA to get the demo binary: Champ Games - Galaga 2600
  7. It wasn't working for me until I realized I didn't have the latest version of Stella. It really is an amazing port of the game.
  8. Cool. I just saw the 7800 joypad controllers he makes.
  9. Hot damn! That is just awesome! Will he be selling these?
  10. I was on the fence but, NO MORE! LOL
  11. I got the email as well. Really cool that they are showing this at E3! I'm planning to get one of these systems too.
  12. I' not very good at this one but I should be able to participate!
  13. LOL I suppose they could have indeed being worse! I do remember being disappointed with the grayscale labels when I first saw them. I was quite surprised when games started to come with colored labels!
  14. Congratulations to Darren! This has been funded!
  15. John Hancock has released a nice video on how to keep the console working as an emulation machine and lists some free games that will continue to work on the system even after the shutdown.
  16. I got mine as well. The packaging is indeed very nice. I have not been able to test it as it arrived the day I was leaving on vacation.
  17. The 7800 gets underestimated because of the sound. The console was originally designed for expansion of its capabilities. It is unfortruante that the Tramiels didn't see the console as such and delayed the launch and never pursued any of the expansion capabilities of the system.
  18. We have several of their stores in Miami and I do like going there. That's unfortunate to see the one close to you closing, kamakazi. Seems to be how things are doing, though.
  19. I have that video saved to watch. I'm quite curious.
  20. It's better for them to delay it to make it better!
  21. It will very likely be a CIB release. That's how they've released their games.
  22. Not entirely unexpected. It was a neat idea but it just didn't work out. I suppose they will now be dust collecting collectibles.
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