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  1. That's a lot of games! Who would have thought this console would still be getting new games so many years after it was released.
  2. Wow, quite the restoration! Looks great!
  3. until

    I will be there!
  4. I've always like this game. They did do a great job with it. I've even played the ColecoVision version and this one still captures the gameplay very well. My only complaint is that they should have used the fire button for the jumps.
  5. Cool. I managed to get the cart for this when it was released in AA but it is cool to have the binary.
  6. Downloaded and ready to listen!
  7. Very well stated, kamakazi. I think a game like Rikki & Vikki demonstrates what the 7800 is capable of if the effort is made to use the system's full capabilities and through expansion with more RAM and hardware in the cartridges. Here is a video of the game...
  8. Oh, it is. It's a very unique game for the system. It is unfortuante that the programmer is not likely to develop more games for the console.
  9. Very nice find! I can't believe the seller of the XEGS refunded you just so they could sell it for more. Wow.
  10. I agree with kamakazi. You can certainly challenge the insurance company.
  11. My uncle owns one and they are a headache to maintain. He's spent quite a bit of money fixing it up. He does take it to car shows and people love seeing them. He's even added some mods to make it look like Doc Brown's DeLorean.
  12. If you don't agree with their assessment, you can get a private appraiser to review the insurance claim.
  13. Look into what NSG recommends. If you have pictures of the collection, that is evidence and you should be able to file a claim with the insurance. That may let you start getting at least some of what you lost back.
  14. OMG! That is terrible. I'm so sorry. It's good you and your family are safe, though. Life cannot be replaced.
  15. LOL That's funny. I wonder why you had those issues with the carts? Mine worked fine and still do.
  16. Very cool. Thanks for posting!
  17. I would have assumed AA had it but, nope, they don't. I ran a search and was not able to find it either.
  18. This is a year of celebrations with the Dreamcast turning 20, Lynx turning 30 and the Intellivision turning 40!
  19. Development has continued and I think this will be available at PRGE.
  20. Congratulations on reaching 100! I've stared listening to the episode. I'm on the wonderful game of Trivial Pursuit with the broken cards. LOL
  21. OK, I'm going to get us started with this low-ball score... 😁
  22. Already downloaded!
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