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  1. When Atari created Space Invaders for the 2600, they created something unique so they chose to do something similar with the 5200 version. They created their own version of the game, which I think is cool. Atari 5200 Guy explained it in detail so I'm not going to repeat what he said. This is a case where different is cool. 🙂
  2. I voted Missile Command but Crystal Castles is a good choice as well.
  3. I purchased something on Ebay and the item just showed as "post office is waiting for package" for over 2 weeks. When I contacted the seller, it turns out their entire home and everything they owned was lost in the fires. I felt horrible for the person.
  4. I'd love to get the XEGS version of Crystal Castles. I don't know if it has true trak-ball control, though. That'd be nice.
  5. I think many of us are not fans of PRGE in August. I'd rather go in October but I think the issue for the move was due to the convention center schedule, not the organizers of the event. I've only seen one 7800 on sale at a retro event. It was the original model with the expansion port. I was tempted!
  6. We so need Crystal Castles on the 7800! With POKEY sound...though the 2600 did pretty well with the sound and music for the game.
  7. Interesting take on the Klax game formula! Looks cool!
  8. Glad you enjoyed it on a retry. I play it with a trak-ball controller, even if it is in joystick mode. Unfortunately, this is not a game that fan be simply hacked to get a true trak-ball mode. Apparently the entire game would need to rewritten to accomplish that.
  9. They cut corners when making the manual. The game itself is fine and pretty impressive on the system. The manual is bland with essentially just one color outside of black. I so missed those fantastic color manuals we used to get!
  10. Someone has already made a version of Frenzy for the 2600. It's called Frantic and it has both Berzerk and Frenzy. Here's a video of it... Donkey Kong 3 has also been attempted using bAtari Basic... I'm attaching binaries for both so you can try them. I do agree that DK 3 would be great to have on the 7800. Another arcade game I'd love to see on the 7800 is Phoenix! The only home version that exists is the 2600 version. As for another arcade port for the 2600, I think Nibbler would be a cool one for the system (and the 7800). It has a symmetrical maze so it should be doable on the 2600. If you don't know the game, here's a video of it. Donkey Kong 3.bin Frantic.bin
  11. I played tons of this game when I was in college! They had this machine in the student lounge and it was great!
  12. I have a complete 7800 collection that is CIB as most of the games I bought originally I kept the box for. Any titles I missed, I also got CIB and was able to find them sealed too!
  13. I love BurgerTime! I'm eagerly waiting for a homebrew port that's coming for the Jaguar!
  14. That is a pretty cool idea for controller for Warlords. It'll work with Medieval Mayhem too! I don't make controllers but I have several custom controllers in my collection.
  15. Oh man, Karateka on the 7800 is awful! It really needs to be hacked to improve the control system on it. One on One is a cool game, though. 🙂
  16. Congrats @Justin for the top score! That's awesome that you got a record score! This was fun!
  17. Glad you liked it! Yes, I have plenty of homebrews. 🙂
  18. I have lots of 2600 hombrews (and 5200 and 7800 and ...you get the idea). Those you list are all excellent games.
  19. This is indeed cool but the fact that it will be a limited release sucks.
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