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  1. Party Mix is a really cool collection of games to play with friends (hence the name). It needs the SuperCharger or you can get the ROM and play it using a Harmony cart.
  2. I use unmodded consoles to play and all of my legacy system (2600, 5200, 7800, INTV) have a good signal. I do use them on a CRT TV, so that may have something to do with it as the consoles were designed to work on those type of TVs.
  3. That is a good question. I'm not sure but I guess it was just a matter of a redesign that was one at some point.
  4. Oh yes! Super Breakout, Fireball (SuperCharger game), Kaboom, Warlords, Medieval Mayhem (homebrew version of Warlods), and Night Driver are games that immediately come to mind.
  5. TrekMD

    Mega Cartridge?

    That's a very nice collection. The carts looks pristine.
  6. TrekMD

    Mega Cartridge?

    I suppose you could always try selling them.
  7. I enjoyed it. It wasn't what I was expecting (in a good way) and I do recommend it.
  8. TrekMD

    Mega Cartridge?

    I love the AtariMax cart. I got that first after I bought my 5200. Now I have more carts but they are mostly homebrews. 🙂
  9. Apparently Discovery has been approved for 7 seasons already, so it is here to stay. I thought the show improved on Season 3. I hope season 4 keeps that going.
  10. I miss watching movies on a huge screen. Now that I"m vaccinated, I definitely want to go back. 🙂
  11. I got my 7800 when I was in college. It had been launched and I got it so I could play my 2600 games as well. So, I did get it when it officially first launched.
  12. Something to be said about consistency... 😉
  13. OK, I played a quick game and here is my score... 19,000
  14. It's not my video, so I'm not sure. I made my own video that doesn't have the issue video issue but has audio issues.
  15. Poor thumb! So, you and I will be competing for lowest score?! LOL
  16. I really like Joust but I'm so BAD at it! LOL
  17. You know, that looks really awesome. I'm with RickR, though. If it is just plug-and-play, I'm in.
  18. That's a nice bunch of folks. Congrats Sabertooth!
  19. Downloaded! I'll be listening to this on my way to/from work tomorrow. 🙂
  20. Good scores! Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen this homebrew version of Q*Bert that is currently being worked on? It add several of the elements missing from the Parker version and it fixes the pyramid asymmetry.
  21. What I do is that I touch the cartridge as I would normally do. What I don't do is touch my face without first washing my hands. I will use hand sanitizer if I'm touching multiple items and I don't even wait for the sanitizer to dry entirely, so what I touch gets some of the sanitizer on itself as well. At times, if it is something I'm not in a hurry to get, I just let the box sit for a day or two as the virus won't survive for more than that on the cardboard. In general, the more porous the surface, the faster the virus dies. When I open the box, I still don't touch my face until I have washed my hands and I still use sanitizer as I described above.
  22. I don't often sell on ebay but I got MULTIPLE emails asking me to set up payments. I stopped when they asked for the bank account and the SSN but had to do it afterwards. They want report to Uncle Sam for tax purposes.
  23. That looks interesting. I've never played this game before.
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