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  1. Did this episode come out and my podcast app miss it?
  2. That is unusual for Portland. During PRGE usually it is raining and cold already but I remember it was dry and fairly warm the year before.
  3. Oh, it's really good in Miami right now. 70's during the day, 60's at night.
  4. Mike, from Gamer Logic, found a folder full of Press Release materials for the Atari Jaguar from the years 1992 and 1994 at a store that was closing. Check out the video below...
  5. And the problem is only with Chrome. I use Firefox most of the time (except when I'm my Chromebook) and I don't get any warning with Firefox. There has to be a way to deal with the issue.
  6. Hey, the condensed view for the forum is not working. Albert apparently fixed the issue in Atari Age by addressing some problem with the code that expired today. He uses the same software.
  7. Maybe next year we should do a Christmas game on the 2600 for December? There are ROM files available for several games that we could try that month: Mean Santa, Bad Elf, Santa's Workshop and Toyshop Trouble come to mind.
  8. Funny. I was able to get to the site without the warning using Chrome....that's until I hit the link to this thread! LOL
  9. I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I need to!
  10. This is a fallacy that keeps on getting repeated. The crash came for a multitude of reasons and ET certainly was not the worst games ever. There are plenty other really horrid titles on the 2600 from companies that tried to get easy money from video games. ET wasn't perfect but it could be played and it was rather involved for a 2600 game. You just needed to read the manual. A bit more polish could have made the game better and, in fact, someone has done this and fixed the issues with the game to make it more fun to play.
  11. I just purchased the digital version. If a color print version is released, I'll get it as well.
  12. I have the other two and I will be getting this one. Will there be a deluxe color version of this volume?
  13. They do seem to change them daily. The have one called Ape Out now. Thanks. I'll keep on checking.
  14. Oh, Towerfall is fun. I played it on my OUYA. Edit: Hmm, I just checked and the game that is showing up is SuperHot. I don't see Towerfall anywhere as a free game. The only version I find is $20.
  15. I still get the warning on Chrome. I don't get any kind of warning with Firefox.
  16. Glad to see you have settled into a new home and that you have a new game shelf!
  17. Ah, cool. I will have a watch. I have not yet decided how to get these: printed or digital.
  18. This does suck about modern games. They are dependent on servers to work. So, now this is happening with a mainstream system like the Xbox. It happened with OUYA and we'll have to see who is next. There will be no "retro" gaming for future generations with this model.
  19. I'm not surprised by that. Given how the last season ended, I'd expect the show to be totally different. Pandora's box has been opened!
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