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  1. I know I’ve had a few in the past. Mostly 2600 games I played on my Wii emulators that had abbreviated names as their ROM files and I never knew the full title of them. Eventually I forgot the ROM name too and couldn’t ID the game at all. I can’t remember any right now.
  2. HDN

    Arcade USA

    Sorry I wasn’t able to check out the stream, @Willie!, but I will try to watch this video later. Glad you’re heading back to YouTube. I’ll be able to catch your streams more there. And you’ll need only the finest members for “Willie’s Ultimate Troll Patrol”! Trolls are super annoying. I’m glad you are able to fix the problem and start streaming again in your “natural habitat”. You do great work, Willie! Stay strong and don’t let those silly trolls get under your skin.
  3. HDN

    Dumpster Dive

    Thanks Rick. I was just typing out a similar reply when you stole it from me! But yeah, @Atari 5200 Guy. What Rick said.
  4. It seems like a Saturday. We are all home quarantining after my mom’s coworker got sick.

    1. RickR


      COVID-19 has been a truly horrible thing. 


  5. This dude has really good taste!
  6. Congrats, @RickR! And wait, there’s more! All of you new folks get the special @HDN and @socrates63 consolation prize— an Atari.io account! Hope you enjoy your time here and stick around!
  7. HDN

    Arcade USA

    I freaking LOVE Ataricade 2600! I have been working on collecting arcade ports for the system for a few months, so I’m happy you have a series dedicated to it, @Willie!.
  8. YEESSS! That’s a great episode. One of the best. And pretty freaky for a TZ episode if I remember correctly.
  9. Did you ever see the episode with the talking doll? Talking Tina I believe was her name. That episode was a bit of a miss, but it sticks out in my head. The one with the old man in the cave was really good though, and I think of it often as well. @nosweargamer does Voice return in your Patreon mini-podcasts?
  10. Or use two Power Stiks; one in each hand.
  11. I feel this might be a topic worthy of its own thread! There are many unique ways to tackle this issue. I mean, we weren't even trying and we came up with four different ways of doing this. I bet there's a lot more. Of course, there's also the dual stick Edladdin controller, though that's WAAAY out of my price range.
  12. Holding the joystick down a bit with your hands is what I was going for. I'm okay with holding them down a little bit as long as they're somewhat stabilized. I considered using zip ties as well, but I don't have any and it would be much harder to take the joysticks out when I'm done playing. My design was somewhat inspired by one I saw in a John Hancock video, though on a budget! Not like his was crazy expensive to make, but I'd need two joysticks to permanently devote to Robotron 2084 and zip tie them down on a piece of wood. For him, it makes sense. I mean, he says in his videos that 7800 Robotron is his favorite game of all time. I'm not too big of a fan and I don't really want to semi-permanently fasten my sticks to a board. This way, I can take them out easier when I want to, and all the stuff was already around the house.
  13. Very interesting! I should have thought about that. If this doesn't work out, it's certainly an option. I assume it would be much sturdier as well.
  14. Yesterday, I played a few games of Robotron. At first, I thought I could just use one joystick in each hand, but that ended up just causing the controllers to keep slipping out of the proper game-playing position. So I thought I’d try it with just a single stick, but that ended up making the game almost unplayable. After those didn’t work out, I decided I would make my own joystick holder out of a cardboard box and some rubber bands. I haven’t used it yet, but the sticks stay in place and I’m pretty sure it will work at least a little better than a single stick! Here it is:
  15. I don’t know. It was a pretty small space, but she had her own office and such. Still, she’s staying home nonetheless. Arrrgghh. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining here, but this is going to be a really rough few weeks. I am mostly going to be restricted to my room. I won’t have the luxury of going downstairs and grabbing a snack or something. When she was home in Spring, the whole downstairs area was basically off-limits. We couldn’t talk at meals either. She always takes a long time at work and stays until about 9 or so. She works the same hours here. At her office at night, there are no distractions. Here, there are lots. So we basically stay upstairs in silence the whole day. It doesn’t work out great and this is just the way it is around here. If I get my 7800 back in a more permanent form I think I’ll replace my 2600 in my room with it until my mom goes back to work. Unlike last Spring, I have something that will help keep me sane: this site. I can actually talk to people! It will help distract me from... that. So thanks for being here. Whoo. Sorry if I vented a bit there. I’m just a little uncertain of what’s to come, I suppose.
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