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  1. It will work, but you will need a Flashcard for that one. I forget what the one is called that goes in Slot 1. But if you got one, it should be just as compatible (if not more so as you can use DLDI drivers on flash cards) as mine is. I used a DSi, which has a built-in SD slot. That way I wouldn’t have to spend any money on it. I will have to see what the card is called. I will get back to you on that. But the short answer is yes, it’s good for hacking, though you’ll need to spend a bit more money on it than if you hacked a Wii or DSi or the like. You need more than just an SD, but not much. You will have fun with it and I can help you out.
  2. Oh, I’m actually a big fan of beat-up games. I sometimes purposely go out of my way to get the ugly ones, even if there’s no price reduction. You should take a look at my copies of Moon Patrol or Defender. You should make a wanted list yourself, @socrates63. Who knows, maybe I’ll find one of the items in my travels and could send it your way. About the below quote (can’t delete and reposition it on my phone): My dad got a kick out of some of those old trading cards. His quote of the day is as follows: ”[Daryl Strawberry] was almost as good at baseball as he was at doing cocaine.”
  3. WOW!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH @socrates63!!! You really didn’t have to do this. Thank you so much! This is AMAZING! Young here has really helped my collection grow! These are all excellent titles! I am especially excited for Adventure (the one with the missing label), which I could never find for a reasonable price at my local store, and Flag Capture, which isn’t terribly expensive but I could never find it at the store. I am also really excited to play Super Pac-Man! My first 7800 Homebrew. I really enjoy Super Pac-Man, and I am looking forward to seeing what they did with this version. And the handheld is very nice too! From watching @nosweargamer’s video a while back it doesn’t look too fun, but I’m glad to have it as a bit of a “movie prop”. The NSG card pack will be interesting to open, and the Creep pin is also really cool. It’s awesome to have these things from YouTubers that I watch regularly. Pink Gorilla! As a watcher of Metal Jesus, this is also kind of trippy for me to actually have! I’ve heard they’re a pretty good store. Good enough to make hats at least. This is good timing as I can’t seem to find my winter hat anywhere... I didn’t know there was a Prince of Persia movie! This ornament will be proudly hung on my mini-tree in my room. And lastly... the item that was in the mystery box! This thing has sat there for a month now, just begging to be opened. Turns out it was CIB Gravitar! Another game I wanted to get. This is my first red-labeled game. Honestly, Young, I can’t thank you enough! Next year I will have to fully participate in the box now that I have a job. Thanks!
  4. I decided to go with none of my options and play the game on my jailbroken DSi on that Atari collection. 60,811 is the best I did so far. I feel I could get much higher with a bit more practice.
  5. Oh, have I not introduced my pet yet? Well, here he is. This is Fluff, our betta fish. See, Fluff works as a name as he’s not fluffy at all. Bettas are interesting fish. You can actually train them to do things. They’re very unique. Fluff can’t do anything too terribly fancy (so far), but we love him just the same. He will come up to greet you from the bottom of his bowl and look you in the face with his weird (but cute) fish eyes.
  6. Stupid Apple! This app seems amazing, and I wish I could get it! Oh well. Thanks for sharing with us! If I ever try it out, I will certainly let you know.
  7. Guys, I did it. I GOT A JOB!!!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. HDN


      Yeah. Honestly, if I get a more conventional job someday (like in retail or fast food or something) I would probably still hang out with the guy and help him out if he needed it. But for now, I kind of need the money! 
      I hope to save the vast majority of my earnings for future things like college and stuff. However, I would like to celebrate the occasion and maybe pick up a game sometime soon. I was thinking maybe Missile Command. After that, who knows! I might slowly save up for a ColecoVision or Genesis.

      This also means I can finally fund my giveaway myself! I know I have been talking about doing this for a while, but I have been trying. Hopefully nobody is too upset with all of the delays.

      Also, @socrates63, he is actually from your area! 

    3. socrates63


      What do you mean he is from my area? The man you're working for is Korean?

    4. HDN


      No. I meant the Seattle area. Sorry for the confusion.

  8. That seems to be @chas10e’s trademark. I got one of his nice typewritten letters a while back from him. A very nice touch!
  9. Sad to see this. Astrology is so fascinating to me; we know so little in the grand scheme of things. I’m placing my bets on @CrossBow!
  10. I briefly touched upon this topic in a thread I created a few days ago. Let me fill those of you who didn't read it in: I got my light blue Nintendo DSi at the tail-end of its lifespan, on my eighth birthday in January 2013. I didn't realize this until the other day when I was researching the system, but I had actually gotten mine after they were discontinued. So this puppy one of the last-ever DSi systems. "Why did I get a DSi?" you might be asking. That's a fair question; the 3DS had been out for almost two years at that point. The reason I got a DSi instead was because I chose it over its successor. The 3DS, from what I had seen at that point, had a gross-looking circle pad and a dinky little D-Pad. That's why. Not terribly smart, but I really don't regret getting a DSi at all. Never did, even back then. If you know me, you'll know I'm not one for analog sticks. I'll oftentimes take the D-Pad route unless it's a 3D game or something. Younger me hated them even more. I eventually did get a 3DS XL a few years later in 2015, and later a New 3DS XL. I never did stop using my DSi, however, be it for animating with Flipnote Studio or listening to music. All three of said DS's have seen better days. The OG 3DS XL hasn't worked in years. That one's legitimately broken. The New 3DS XL, which has probably gotten the most use of the three, has the "X" and "B" buttons broken. They'll work if you'd press down hard enough. As for the DSi, both the "L" and "R" triggers are dysfunctional. "L" probably works once every 50 presses while "R" is more like once every 200. I would like to fix them, but I'm too scared to take my systems apart and accidentally break something. Furthermore, many of you knew that I grew up with a hacked Nintendo Wii in the household. I wasted many an hour playing emulated versions of NES and 2600 games in particular. Ever since I got my DSi, I've wanted to find a way to take those games on the go with me. I recently started softmodding some of my Nintendo systems like my Wii U and adding more content to the original Wii, so I thought I would finally make this old dream a reality. So why did I choose to mod the DSi over the 3DS? I chose to do this for multiple reasons. For one, the DSi was indeed the system I used to fantasize being able to do this on, and I kind of wanted some closure, however silly that sounds. The 3DS also had Virtual Console (which blew me away back in the day), and unless you could the Game and Watch games, DSi didn't. The biggest reason, however, is that the DSi had an easily accessible SD card slot. My New 3DS's microSD lies behind the back plate, which is so beat up I'm afraid it won't go back on if I unscrew it. I highly recommend trying this softmod out. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I plan to make later posts in this thread as tutorials for anyone wanting to do this.
  11. Young, don't apologize! This is a very nice thing you're doing here. I don't mind the wait and never really did. I was only kidding when I said this unopened box here was torture! Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
  12. Oh, no, everyone! MAME Wii doesn't like this one! It's not emulation issues. It's that it doesn't like the game at all. Like, it won't even show up on the menu. I've tried moving everything into a separate folder so it's the only game in the MAME directory, but it still won't show up. I don't understand why. It's not the file type; all of the rest of the MAME files are .zips. I can't miss out on this challenge. I just love the game so much. So, from what I've seen, I have three options: I can try to download a different ROM for the game off of another site. I'm using the one Justin posted. I can play the game on the Atari Anthology disc on my XBOX. I'm assuming it's the original ROM as all of the others (besides Pong) appear to be the same as their arcade counterparts. I can set up some emulation on my new Raspberry Pi. I'm very frustrated with the thing at the present as it doesn't seem to do anything I want it to. My godfather was correct with his description when he sent it: it's my heaven and hell at the same time. Right now, my main problem is getting composite out on the thing and trying to access the NOOBS menu again. Anyways, I'm getting off track. Don't worry: though I'm going to be a bit late, I'm going to join! I love this game! Thanks again @Justin for picking this! This game and Elevator Action are very similar in my eyes. They were both some of my favorites from childhood that I played on XBOX. I've always just used the XBOX for retro compilations, mostly. Nothing else on the platform really sticks. I can enjoy some games, but they aren't really my cup of tea and I don't go back to them often.
  13. Congrats, @socrates63! I was watching you play this and was really surprised. Here I was with 6 or 7 thousand points while you over there were just killing it! How did you do it?
  14. HDN

    Two new cool things!

    Yeah, I'm quickly finding out that this isn't as simple as the Wii or DSi. The thing was designed to teach programming and computer skills, so that makes sense. I'm pretty sure the emulation on this thing is going to be great. It's a very popular device for that. I hope to find an O2 emulator that supports two controllers!
  15. Is Qubes really that rare? According to the AA rarity guide, my rarest VCS game is Private Eye. However, I don't agree with that. I've seen a lot more Private Eyes in the wild than Tunnel Runners or Planet Patrols. Not that those are particularly rare, either. Perhaps my frequency at which I see Private Eye is just luck? It's not common, but I'd give it a four at most. That rarity guide could use a good update.
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