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  1. Definitely on the hype train for this little beastie!
  2. Thanks so much, and thanks for putting these events on!!
  3. Great title choice - and great podium claim, @greenween!
  4. This is a no brainer for the arcade rats!! I recall Donut Dodo feeling difficult the first couple of tries, too - even more so with this one??
  5. Looking forward to this one! Appears to have a lot of potential
  6. Got some moon patrol in over the weekend - I didn't make any substantial progress without using save states. The sheer nostalgic joy come through, though, once I heard that old familiar soundtrack playing as the buggy trudged over the moonscape. What a rewarding little title!
  7. Alright, after obsessively playing this for far too long, managed to crawl all the way up to a 5x multiplier (but that lasted all of one entire second, ha).
  8. New personal best: 193,675 I want to add a nitpick! Every so often the ball comes down a return lane and manages to sort of "hover" over the flippers, regardless of the player activating said flippers, then plops right down the drain, ha!! This score was particularly aggravating - after getting 187,000 on Ball 1, the table sank the next four balls in rapid succession. This table hates the player and is not afraid to show it 😆
  9. I feel so good about myself when I have the bumbers/center pin enabled and still manage to sink the ball anyways 😄 071775
  10. Mine is just "Smell Dawg" - don't tend to deviate very much!
  11. Quantum:R is my favorite soundtrack out of all the Recharged games so far! Really matches the mood. Looking forward to repeatedly seeing the GAME OVER screen in Caverns of Mars, ha!!
  12. Another congrats to @RickR and @Marco1019 for absolutely pounding the competition 😄
  13. Looking forward to the big update that's evidently coming to this!
  14. You and I are in the same boat, @Sabertooth! Man, seeing all these orders coming in is making me extra-impatient 😆
  15. Excited to see you playing along, @Atari 5200 Guy! If you haven't yet, try out "Zen Mode" for Quantum:R - as the name implies, it's quite a bit less stressful when figuring out how things work!
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