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  1. When did you get your copy? Only asking as there have been like 3 updates to this game since I bought it with each update correcting game breaking glitches. So I've not played it too much more since I made that video. I think my cart came in a clear case and not blue colored.
  2. Not on the 5200 but a game inspired by Parsec will eventually be available on the 7800 with a new BIOS upgrade. That upgrades BIOS includes a new built in game called Kiloparsec on it.
  3. Far as I know the Wife and I have the same plan as always. Turn off all the outside lights and interior lights and hide in the back bedroom to watch movies.
  4. Something I just remembered and didn't mention in this pic is two things: It is a rare pic that shows when my ear was pierced. That tells me I was about 9 in this pic as that is when I got my ear pierced. The second thing I know about this picture, is that you can see there is what looks to be a mirror behind my right shoulder. That is actually where a window used to be as that house had a large Den added to the back of it and that was now an opening between the kitching and the Den. In that den just in the corner of where that opening is on the other side of the wall, is where my Grandma's Ti-99 computer setup sat.
  5. I'm not 100% on this, but when you see the Asterisk at the beginning along with those stamped numbers, I'm pretty sure that means the VCS fix was done during the production of the console by Atari. If it had been modified with the 'fix' after production, then the Asterisk is usually stamped at the end of the SN by itself as it was then done by an authorized Atari service center. So yeah, I would say that is a later made 4 port where Atari applied the VCS fix themselves before putting it out on the shelf to be sold. Very cool! You have VCS adapter or plan to actually use one?
  6. I was very late to the 5200 party myself. I didn't get my first 5200 until the early to mid 2000s. I only knew one kid growing up that had a 5200 and he was several years older than the rest of us and honestly a real jerk. So yeah, didn't know him well and didn't care to. So my first experience with the 5200 and 8-bit systems in general wasn't until emulation when I found out just how awesome Star Raiders and Rescue on Fractalus were. I can't recall the emulator at the time but it was likely Atari800win or something along those lines. Anyway, found a 5200 at the local flea market one weekend for like $20 that had 2 controllers, PSU, and the switchbox. The switchbox didn't work and I was able to repair it when I found a blown transistor inside it. (Likely caused from plugging it in while already powered or using the wrong PSU on the box). Then of course I had to fix the controllers and that is when I came up with using some left over bits of a sticker sheet my kids had. It was foil stickers and I checked and found the foil was conductive and... here we are today. I believe I'm still using both of those controllers to this day although I did have to replace out the 5200 about 5 or 6 years later when that original one just up and died for no reason. That original board has since gone on to provide parts to keep other Atari and retro systems alive. The 5200 is my second favorite Atari console next to the 7800.
  7. I replied in your AA thread on this as well. That appears to be a later made 4-port that hovers just between the Atari Inc and Atari Corp timeframe. Many of the Atari Corp made 4-port units I've seen have a newer revision of the 4-port board that has a standard power port on it and works just like the 2-port does without the need for the special switchbox. My guess is that you have one that was made at the tail end of the Atari Inc era or right at the beginning of the Atari Corp era when they putting together whatever they had on hand. Also interesting to see the plastic on your silver strip on the console is clear? I have a mint 5200 4-port in the box that has the piano finish plastic on it and the plastic protection over the strip is pink like it is on your controller. It being a later made 4-port would also explain why it has the VCS adapter fix built into it. I assume it has an " * " on the serial number label on the bottom? BTW the power supply with the shrink wrap I would likely trust more than the non shrinked one. Why? Because that cord obviously frayed and had to be repaired. The shrink if done properly, would isolate the repair properly to prevent shorts and would provide additional strength to that end of the plug to prevent fraying in the future. BTW the 5200 PSUs have a slow blow fuse in them so in most cases, a short in the system or the power in general will cause the fuse to go and it can be replaced out. Not always easily though as some of the newer PSUs were sonically welded while earlier 5200 PSUs (Those that came with 4 port units) have screws to open them up.
  8. I wonder if that is something we will start to see no longer? Shielded speakers? Today's modern LCD and OLED based display tech isn't affected by this. Similar to how I see people not using magnets within their computer cases to attach their RGB light strips and controller boxes because HDD are mostly flash based SSDs these days? That would present a whole new issue in the future when you have an old CRT display and want to use it but the only speakers you can find are non-shielded? In fact it is one of the reasons I don't have a CRT in my game room now is because my Roland passives I use for my front channel speakers, are from the 90s and not magnetically shielded. Guess everyone needs to start stocking up on mag shielded speakers?! I also own a degaussing coil for use with my arcade cabs because just how they are sitting and aligned can cause natural magnetic distortion on their screens. Cocktail cabinet versions are some of the worst about this.
  9. Yeah that is about another 20 for me as well I think. Or at least I hope so!
  10. That is what I replaced mine out with. Although they don't put the SD logo on there anymore or at least mine didn't come with that decal on it. I chose the same button colors also. I also picked up a replacement case for my 8-bit Uno cart from there at the same time.
  11. I do have one Intellivision controller with a stickler on it that replaces the original disc and it is nice to use. I actually added ball tops to my CV controllers and that has made them much better to use. The side buttons haven't really bothered me too much but I could see how people wouldn't care for that.
  12. Well it would be possible to simply bypass the flip flop IC and just have the console be in an always powered on state. But would have to replace the current switch in the console with an actual actuated on/off switch and not the momentary type it uses now. I'm sure it would be possible.
  13. I will have to see if I can watch this all the way through at a later time. But just 2 min in, there is a certainly level of brilliance about this you gotta say?!
  14. Sometime back I remember that the AMax cart PCB had a spot for a reset switch on it? But I think I was drinking my bathwater. I think the issue is that there ins't a way to reset the console in a manner to cold boot it that is needed to reload back to a menu on the AMax from within the console. Many of my flash carts for my 130xe still require me to power cycle the 130xe as well to get back to my menus. Although now that I know about the "bye" command from the basic prompt, it has helped with a little less stress on the power switch. But you know now that I think about it, all of my flash carts require me to get up and push something or hit reset to get back to a main menu so I guess it is just how it is? We had to do the same with original carts after all?
  15. They are very nice looking. I have one of his 7800 NES style controllers and it is a very nice controller! My only issue with these 5200 controllers are that they are a bit on the too large size for me and I do wonder why he doesn't use carriage bolts like arcade cabs did back in the day to provide a smooth rounded surface around the screw bolts? But it again it looks to be built like a tank!
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