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  1. I honestly think that one game gets overlooked and is more rare than it is given credit for. That game is Basketbrawl. I only have it loose and got it way back in the early 2000s. But I've yet to see that game loose or otherwise in the wild (Except conventions) in the past 20 years. They also rarely come up on ebay as compared to other games thought to be more rare.
  2. I finally managed to pick up my loose Mean 18 at a GameXchange in Missouri about 10 years ago and got it as part of a pack of 6 7800 games bundled together for about $30. Even back then Mean 18 was worth more than the $30 asking by itself. Yes it came home with me that day and the rest of the carts were given away as part of a 7800 bundle that was given away during one of my hourly prize drawings when I used to host my own convention locally.
  3. I have very few pics of me in general and even less so from back then. But here is one that I know was sometime in the mid 80s. This was at my step-dad's mom's house (Step Grandma?). Anyway, we would go over there quite a bit. This was taken in her kitchen. No idea what that robot is now, I'm guessing it was a GoBot that used multiple GoBots to form the larger one standing here. Anyway, that is a much younger me...
  4. Not quite to that extreme no. What I did do back in the day, was to create my own book of spells for King's Quest III when I "Creatively acquisition" a copy to play for myself back in the day. I used First Publisher for the graphics and everything in it. I have NO idea whatever happened to it. I also remember recreating the logo for Sorcerian in First Publisher and it took me a week to pixel by pixel it in. Was quite pleased with the results when I was done with it. No idea where that file is anymore either these days.
  5. I think the Uno carts from The Brewing Academy comes with an SD card of like 4gb or something. Still WAY more than enough space!
  6. Ah see I bought mine from TBA sometime back and figured that was how they all looked? I do like these cases more but again the TBA UNOcarts use a standard SD card instead of micro and it feeds in on the top like on the Harmony.
  7. Well it still isn't like any UNOcart for the 2600 I've seen. I own one and it uses a standard size SD card that plugs in on the top not the side. So that has to be something different. Harmony carts don't plug in from the side either. I know that Andrew Davies on the AA forums added an SD reader to his Plus cart so that he could use the WiFi or the SDcard but that wasn't a normal thing on the pluscart although I believe it had been discussed to add one to it. That is why I was asking because I'm not aware of a 2600 flashcart that uses a side loaded SDcard?
  8. Actually I've thought about that and this makes sense. To listen to the record or wipe off the nameplate is technically an analog function here. And a race of advance machines would be all digital with no analog. So they likely didn't know to wipe off the nameplate because they wouldn't have known it wasn't that way to begin with. And it likely was that way to begin with given the rest of the immaculate condition of the rest of the massive ship, you can be certain that they left V'GER the way it was found. But I'm also certain that if they could communicate with it enough to know what its
  9. What about the fact that at the end of the moive V'GER is able to merge with the creator and downloads all of his data. So...uh...were we listening and grabbing that data when it happened? Did we glean anything useful from that massive dump V'GER took? I want to know the rest of the story here because we can assume that the data was somehow received and studied right?
  10. Oh no doubt! And after one of them finally falls into the 'black hole', we can look forward to the triumphant return of V'GER!
  11. I saw something the other day stating that the half live of the Voyager's reactors has nearly been reached and as such, neither will likely have enough power to do anything within the next 5 or so years? That is kinda sad...
  12. I honestly do not know how to answer this. I've always hoped and assumed my boys would want to part out and keep parts of my collection for themselves. But I've also realized more over the last few years, that they aren't the same kind of gamer I am. They mainly play games on their PCs and always have. One of my boys was really into his 360, XBone, and XBone X but I've found out he hasn't even turned on the system for the past several months. But I did kinda go through this situation when my first wife and I separate and later divorced. At that time my collection was tiny compared to what
  13. This must be the newer plus version. Does this have WiFi that you can attach to and download games via the web from? Also it is nice to have the SD slot on the side now. My uno is an older one that uses a standard SD cart on the top label edge of the cart. Been meaning to see about swapping out the original SD reader on it with a spring loaded one.
  14. Ever wanted better video output from your Intellivision console? Maybe? There are few options for video upgrades on the Intellivision with pretty much only composite solutions openly available to the masses. However, all of the various composite kits have their plus and minus. Some over saturate some of the colors and they look wrong, others aren't totally compatible with all TVs etc. There was an RGB output solution a few years back but it too had some compatibility issues with different scalers and converters and isn't commonly available. Today's video, ITC#75 takes a look at more recent opt
  15. What I noticed the most in that video, is how spongelike all the rocks appearance is? Obvious signs of lots and lots of wind erosion over millions of years. Most of the rocks even still have that fresh sand blasted look to them. They aren't as smooth polished as I would have expected from water erosion, although they do have the banding behind the rocks that you sometimes see from water flows in old river beds. Incredible detail!
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