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  1. BTW as we were talking about this before. BennVenn has his Jpn assembled LCD kits in stock for the LynxII again. The price went up but that is because the kits include the 3D printed bracket now instead of that being a separate purchase. Looks like Benn took my advise on that since I really think the bracket should have been included to begin with. Anyway, I've installed a few of the BennVenn kits now and they really are comparable to the McWill with really the only feature missing being that the BV kit isn't able to do VGA out. Anyway, I've got two on order and wanted to pass along the info in case anyone else was looking to get one for their Lynx II systems.
  2. What part of No longer with us do you mean exactly? I have both a 2 port that worked when I last checked it but the case is in base shape overall and a 4 port unit that is just the mainboard only but works 100%.
  3. Well..no go on the old video card my co-worker was using. He ended up putting it into his media server in his living room. Too bad and overkill because that card is a GTX970 and it would have been quite a boost for you. Sorry if it might have gotten your hopes up.
  4. I still only get the warning when I access the forums the first time. Once I click to go for it without a condom, it is fine from there on including this thread. I haven't tried to access the main site in sometime so maybe I should give that a try and see if anything is different on my end?
  5. Buddy of mine at work just upgraded to a whole new PC setup for his Xmas present beginning of this month. Part of that was getting himself a new RTX2080 Super. The card he had before was a GTX900 series card that would have been a bottle neck for the his new system. I wonder what he did with that old card? It actually used to be my old video card and I sold it to him for cheap about 2 years ago when I got my GTX1070. Point being that old 900 series card should be able to handle the games you want to play at medium to high setting at 1080p in many cases. Let me see what he did with it and how much to get it off his hands...
  6. I still only get the Chrome warning when I first type in Forums.atari.io and browse. Once in, it doesn't come back up so that at least has cleared up because just trying to access this thread was triggering it for a while.
  7. Pretty sure this is the case. I rebuild and added the missing components I took from my old PC to offload it to a new home and ran the benchmark again after a clean OS load and only the minimal drivers needed. It scored lower than it did in my first post with scores and yet, I actually have faster all SSDs in that build now and was able to get the aging i5 up to an always constant 3.8-3.9ghz clock speed shutting off the C states on the CPU. Point being is that it should have scored the same if not higher than it did in my first scores results post but yet had dropped. Additionally my new build I posted the scores for has also dropped. So yes, I would say they scale this thing as more and more higher end systems get tested and added to the DB for comparisons. Basically over the past year, more and more people are building up PCs like I did and similar or better and that causes the rest of the scores to scale down accordingly.
  8. I've beaten a few games this year...here is what I can remember right off the top of my head: - ION Fury This past weekend - The Outer Worlds (PS4) this past weekend - Odin Sphere (PS4) - Borderlands 1 & 2 GOTY (PC) for the 2nd time now - Song of the Deep (PS4) - Grim Fandango (PS4) - ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove (PS4) - Uncharted 4 (PS4) - Doom 2016 (PS4) - Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) That is all I can recall off the top of my head for this year. While it does appear that the PS4 gets all the attention based on this list, it still doesn't get played as much as my Genesis and Atari systems do. But most of those games do not have actual endings...LOL.
  9. In ITC#64 I talk about a common issue that plagues many Sega Saturn gamers today. That issue is none other than the gave save juggling required between external game save carts and the Saturn when the internal coin cell battery goes dead. Sure you can change the battery, but aside from Dreamcast VMUs, the Saturn has to be one of the most hungry 2032 battery eaters that exists. In this video I show you that this can be remedied by removing the old battery backed sram memory chip that the games save are stored onto, with the use of a non-volatile ferroelectric or FRAM memory chip instead. This mod doesn't take long to do, but as the chip is semi small and an SMD device, this isn't something I'd advise for beginners. Still an inexpensive and very worthy/needed upgrade to the Sega Saturn. Enjoy and thank you in advance for watching!
  10. Just accessing this topic in the forums will cause google to throw the malware indication screen now. So simply with your guys posting stuff about this it causing a problem now LOL!! Most other parts of the forums are fine and yes the main page does still trigger only now I can't get past it because DNS.org comes up flagging it as blocked now. So even if I tell google to go ahead and access the unsafe site, DNS.org jumps in and says 'Oh Hell no!!!' and yeah...
  11. There is also the BennVenn LCD upgrade. It is only available for the model 2 version of the Lynx, but it is also half the cost of the McWill kit and in some respects, I like the way it looks over the McWill kit along with being much easier to install. But the BennVenn kits sell out pretty quickly too so it can be a challenge to snag one.
  12. The reality is that we never really 'own' our games in this day and age. We are only allowed to use and play the game with our purchase but never own it. We only own a license to use it. This is what is stated in all the agreements that one has to sometimes scroll through when first starting a game or installing something on your computer etc. This is why when games like the new Ion Fury came out, I was totally on board to get it but only wanted the physical DRM free version of the game directly from 3D Realms themselves. This will become a common trend going forward and is pretty much 100% with anything that will be using cloud gaming since the main core of the game itself only exists in the offline server you are accessing the content from with your game system being nothing more than a terminal to interact with the game.
  13. I don't get it on the main page, but once I click on a topic I still get the red warning page on Chrome. Also...don't feel bad, it appears another of my haunts Vogons.org has been hit and I'm not able to access that site at all because my Malwarebytes software in my PC will flat out not let me due to a trojan detection on their end. When I try and bypass this, I just get an error page that the site isn't responding properly or something to that effect. So..yeah...not just atari.io
  14. I would like to have a Supercharger cart...not really for collecting, but for use as part of my suite of games and items I use for compatibility testing when working on 7800s. I saw one at PRGE for about $35 but passed on it and I likely shouldn't have. The Harmony does have versions of the starpath games that have been combined to work on that cart. But then you can do the same with the Unocart as well and I think the Uno is still a tad cheaper overall. It can't play any of the advance homebrews that are using additional hardware, but it can certainly play all of the released titles and protos that are out there.
  15. My wife and I aren't really into Halloween too much holiday wise. As a result, we shut off all he outside lights we can and order pizza so we can stay in bedroom to watch TV and 'hide'.
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