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  1. I won't lie, a few of my Saturn games up on the shelf are very tempting to part with given the current prices for some of them as compared to what I paid for them. I have a few prototypes that I don't think I could ever part with. Not because they are unreleased games, but because they were my finds and I'm not likely to find them again. But I can easily say that over 90% of my entire collection is more for shelf display than actual play. I have flash carts for my most played systems so I don't have to pull out the actual carts to play the games. But still I hold onto them in case such a time comes that I'm in need for the money I might get from some of them. (Looking over again at MKR for the Saturn)...
  2. I was not aware of the semi trak-ball conversion. I might have to give that a try but shame it isn't full analog and is still emulating joystick mode.
  3. I did like playing the 2600 port quite a bit back in the day. Then again as it was never released for the 7800 that would have been he only port I would have had access to. I do have the XE conversion in cartridge form for my 5200 but the controls simply kill it. I don't know about the 2600 version, but I was advised sometime ago that the XE version of the game would have to be redone to allow for the 5200 trak-ball to work with it. Sucks because I like the game and the XE conversion on the 5200 looks and sounds pretty darn close but the controls...ugh...the controls. And it doesn't matter if you use digital or the CX52 controllers. It just doesn't control well.
  4. This is absolutely a hobby and pretty much has been since day 1 when Ralph released the original Odyssey to the masses in the early 70s. I''ve been playing video games for pretty much as long as I can remember. I was born in the early 70s so I've had the pleasure to really see it grow from the novelty it was in the 70s to the industry behemoth it is today. But when I was a kid I didn't just play video games either. I rode my bike and hung out with my friends on a near daily basis. I was in plastic model making and did that as well. I also read books (at least back them...LOL). But I also played my Atari daily for an hour or so as well. As long as my homework was done, my school grades were good and my behavior was acceptable....video games weren't a problem for me or my parents. My mother was into them as much as I was back then. She would never admit it then or now, but after I went to bed I could always hear space invaders, Ms. Pac-Man, Defender or Sea Quest being played. My mother still plays games on her DS and PC to this day. People who read and collect books consider that a hobby. Video games are NO different. The medium and presentation is different. But we are engaging our minds in the same similar way. You read a book and your mind imagines the words you read into places and scenarios that play out as if you were there. Video games do the same only visually. As for video games promoting gambling...that is a funny one. I've never been interested in gambling and is one of the reasons I'm one of the few techs in my company who is gaming licensed to work in the Casinos and on their POS equipment. Because they know there is no risk of me gambling at our customer sites. I work hard for the money I make and I'm not okay with burning it into a machine. I'm okay with a one time purchase and being able to play that game as much as I want on the hardware it is designed to work on for as long as the game and hardware are able to do so.
  5. I could never get into Shadow of the Beast for any platform. I own the Genesis version and there was a version released for the PC as well back in the day. Just...never clicked with me. I think the main issue is that the combat is more about single timed punches or kicks and I've never been fond of games with cheap deaths of which, Shadow of the beast is famous for. The previous game you covered, Todd's Adventures in Slimeworld is a different story. I think that game is great! Although I do tend to play my Genesis release of it more than the Lynx version.
  6. No it wasn't broken at all. In fact I didn't even have to do any cleaning to the mainboard it is overall in excellent condition. The client sent it in to have the works done to it and that included replacing the caps so I did. Because the caps in the RF modulator are usually missed when I've seen others sent to me that have had prior recaps done on them, I wanted to focus on that part mostly. But to answer your question, no. There wasn't anything wrong with this CV. Then again, any old electronics has caps in them on a limited lifespan since they weren't designed to last more than about 20 or so years anyway. I honestly am not a fan of CV DK. The game that made me want to get a CV was the first time I played its port of Popeye and 2010 in emulation in the late 90s. I actually had test footage with Moon patrol and a few other games as once I get to playing for testing, I can easily spend an hour to two playing a few other games. But in the end I felt it was the one that most people who enjoyed the CV would have the most memory for. Another of my favorites on the CV is The Heist but again...not that iconic.
  7. ITC# 69 is now finally edited and published for the masses. It has been WAY too long since I released a real video on my channel and the truth is that I've just been busy with other projects both in my real life and in our hobby. In addition, there just hadn't been that much I've had come in to be worked on that I didn't already cover in some aspect on my channel. That finally changed with a Colecovision sent in recently that will be undergoing some services and finally gave me an excuse to create another set of videos featuring the Colecovision on my channel. This first video is a simple one regarding Capacitor replacement. While replacing capacitors isn't anything new that I've shown, there are some tricks to be had on the CV in regards to how to disassemble and teardown the CV plus the caps hiding within the RF modulator that might get missed by those unfamiliar with the Colecovision. Enjoy!
  8. As we weren't wanting to rent a car while we were there, we used the trains from the airport to the convention center and then just made sure to stay at a hotel nearby. The airfare was the largest expense for the two of us as the hotel was only about $150 a night as I recall which for the hotel we were in and the proximity to the convention center, we felt was reasonable. We would use an Uber for anywhere else we might want to venture that wasn't within a few blocks of walking distance while we were there.
  9. I forgot that I had posted about these here. I'm currently sold out at this time and have been since Sunday night. I might make up another batch in the future but I need to focus on some client systems that were sent in for services as well and gauge if there is enough interest besides just 1 or two more people wanting them. I wish I could offer them for less as I'm not looking to make money from them but the parts costs for low numbers of these does not allow that to be possible.
  10. For 13 years I organized and hosted my own small classic game convention here in the Tulsa area that was known as OVGE (Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition). But due to a lack of interest in my attendees and exhibitors in smaller cons, I stopped after the 2015 event. We have another that was started last year known as NYGE for Name Your Game Expo that is video games, card collectable games, Table RPGs and LARP that I was involved with last year. Specifically I helped to setup and maintain the retro systems and arcade cabs before, during and after the event. We had another scheduled for this year but have postponed it due to the pandemic. But there are lots of other cons that take place much close to me and therefore much less expensive around that time frame so it does make PRGE seem less attractive at that time. Honestly it cost my wife and I about $2000 to attend last years PRGE with airfare and hotel costs even booking that 3 or 4 months out. That didn't include what I spent at PRGE which, was a separate considerable amount.
  11. Link to the past is my favorite overall I think. But of the 3D Zelda games my favorite is not well regarded by most fans. That would be Skyward Sword. BOTW is....okay. I'm not jazzed about the weapons breaking on me and the crafting is not something I like having to do. I guess the fact you can kinda go anywhere you want without any actual linearity it cool, but...I simply can't really get into BOTW and I've tried to twice now.
  12. Unfortanately for me, it looks like PRGE 2019 will be my last to attend. The new timeframe makes it way way more expensive than it was prior and that time of the year is when other closer cons take place near me that I might be invovled with etc. So I was not a fan of the move to August...
  13. Awesome job! Fatal Run is one of my newer additions to my 7800 collection as well for the officially released titles anyway. Haven't played it that much but I do think that the rarity on the 7800 side of things needs to be redone. An example is that just about anytime on Ebay you can find Tank Command and WaterSki available. I've even seen them in most conventions I've attended in the past available for sale. But finding a good condition Basketbrawl is a different story. I've never even seen a Basketbrawl in the wild in the 20+ years I've been collecting. I've only seen the one loose cart I own and maybe a boxed CIB one once at PRGE but it was priced to match. Same thing with the game Planet Smashers. I've only found that game once in the wild and that is when I bought it. I guess my point is that it seems that games on the higher end of the rarity like Fatal Run, Waterski, Tank Command, come up more often on Ebay than several of the other 'lesser' rarity games do.
  14. They are now down to 33 copies of Rikki and Vikki as of today. I don't believe the rom version will likely ever be sold and even if it did. That homebrew is using a lot of custom hardware in it that a flash cart isn't likely to support. There are 2 carts in development for the 7800 for flash cart usage. There is the Concerto which Batari had stopped working on for a few years but he picked it back up recently and has made some excellent progress on the compatibility issues it was having that originally prevented him from releasing it. The other is the Dragonfly being developed by the same guy that made the cool Agacart for the Atari Lynx. His has an LCD display to show you the game you have selected and works in a very different way from most other cartridges. Basically the cartridge itself is powered on first so you select the game you want it to load up and emulate. Then the cartridge turns on the 7800 with the game image loaded up in it. So a very different type of operation but the Dragonfly from what initial testing seems to be so far 100% compatible with everything tossed at it minus Rikki & Vikki due to the custom hardware that game uses within the cartridge.
  15. I'm not sure if you have a list of must haves that you need to get on the 7800 but one game you need to think about getting for it before you can't.. Rikki & Vikki. It looks amazing...sounds amazing. It is a fun game to play if you like puzzle platformers. But you do have to beat the game on 2 player to get the correct good ending to the game from what I've been told. http://www.penguinet.net/Games/Rikki_Vikki/Purchase/index.php From there you need to get Food Fight and then start saving up for all of the excellent homebrews that have been released for the 7800. On the controllers, while I've not used the Europads myself, I can vouch highly for getting one of these: https://www.etsy.com/listing/727835548/atari-7800-2600-joystick-controller?ref=yr_purchases I've tried nearly a dozen other modded NES style controllers and never been happy with any of them as the directionals on the dpad for them just seem to work goofy. Almost like ghosted direction presses. But this controller I picked up from Retrogameboyz Etsy store has been amazing! I've been using it for all of my 7800 playing lately and basically think it is required for my speed runs of the current homebrew game being developed Knight Guy: Castle Days.
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