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  1. I've had to instances where updating firmware on my devices ended up bricking them. One was a router I'd had for just under a year. I updated the firmware on it, and.... it would never come back up after that. No power loss or anything during the process. In fact it seemed to be successful, but never recovered on the reboot it did at the end. That was a Linksys wrt54g version 2 I think it was? 2nd time it happened, I've believe I mentioned it here before. It was the last TV I had in my game room. A Samsung 48" 1080P. Great picture. Found an updated firmware was available for it and update
  2. In regards to video card drivers, there are some things to keep in mind. Usually the first few year of drivers that get released after your vid card is released, tend to be some of the best for it. But you are correct in that once the next gen cards are made available, more optimization is made on the current gen vs older gen and there are plenty of times when a newer driver might very well cause issues or slow down the performance of your card compared to older drivers. However, you do need to use something other than the original release drivers because many games and apps don't take full ad
  3. Speedstep is disabled because the CPU will only hit the 4.9ghz mark for a few seconds when it boosts. Otherwise it would run at the default 3.6ghz most of the time. In my mind it is hard for me to live with it running at mostly 3.6ghz most of the time when the previous 2nd gen i5 it replaced was running at 3.8ghz all the time. Anyway, the speedstep has been disabled on the CPU since I first built it as I did the same on my i5 before it. This issue only started to happen about a month and half ago now? And disabling the speedstep wouldn't have any bearing on the GPU since I have the IGP d
  4. Well, I don't know for sure on this, but I 'might' have finally found what the cause is. It is the video card... Specifically, the video card changing its operating clock speed all the time. Last night it was doing the freeze up thing a bunch to the point that anytime I had a video playing or even just browsing the web, that every few seconds it would just pause for a few and then work...pause...work...pause. I happen to notice that PrecisionX1 seemed to be more active than usual via Task Manager so I pulled it up and saw that the issues seem to occur as the vid core clock speeds wo
  5. You will get the best response if you actually call Bradley instead of email. Just my .02 cents here.
  6. I'm all over this, but of course when you try and click on the Pre-order button, I just get an error that pops up on the Best-Buy website. ugh... what a cluster as usual with these releases LOL!
  7. Yes the problem did persist even during the week long wait it took for the replacement modules to arrive. I've never liked having all of my ram on one 2 two sticks so I like to fill the slots and fall back to half memory if needed just in case. Like what happened when one of the modules went totally south. I still don't know what happened to that module other than the PC wouldn't even POST or get beyond a power light indication on the mainboard when that module was installed. The CPU itself never really seems to have any spikes. In fact when it has done it and I have Task Manager open to
  8. Yes, and like I said it does it during games, and even when watching video directly on my PC outside of a browser. The Vid card shows minimal activity on it at the time while watching. Also, I own Malware bytes pro and have scanned multiple times and in safe mode. Nothing is ever found. Now, one odd thing I can tell you is that around the same time I first discovered this happening, it was a few days after it first started that my PC wouldn't boot at all. Ended up being a faulty ram module. I have all 4 slots populated in my machine. It was Corsair so it was under warranty and they replaced no
  9. Has anyone ever figured out if there is a way to tell the difference between the two rom variants of this game? And do we know if the one with the ability to turn off the star field is a newer or older release over the one that does not allow this?
  10. My main issue with my PC these days (I only just built it about a year and half ago...) is that about a month ago, I noticed sudden slowdowns that cause literally pauses in the entire system. As an example, I will be watching a YT vid, and it just freezes for a few seconds but the audio is unaffected. Then it will suddenly show the video in super fast playback until it is suddenly caught up and in sync? Happens several times in most vids I watch. It also does this on videos on FB and even videos I've made myself? It will also affect games I might be playing as suddenly everything becomes
  11. I do not know the current status but the way it would operate is exactly as you stated. It would be present for games that need it and games could be programmed so that if it isn't present, then obviously they could still work but with reduced sounds. Additionally, Batari (Fred Quimby) just posted a demo of his new HOKEY chip in action playing Commando. His chip is to be a pokey replacement for a fraction of the cost but also have the ability to include additional sound engines programmed into it so that it could emulate FM and other audio chip sources as well. Even talk of Quad Pokey wh
  12. Well it would have to be something where you didn't need immediate replies. But standard Email would be a good one for starters. Next to that might be Discord? FB and even the forums here or elsewhere would require having to click around too much to open up different topic threads and the like so yeah it would have to sites or applications with mostly static screens. Maybe bring back stuff like ICQ and programs like that?
  13. I never owned any of the board game adaptations or card games on any console growing up. My parents were actually heavy backgammon players and played a few games nearly each night when I was kid. But getting it for the 2600 was never a thought or blip on the scope of things. It was the same way with checkers. My friends and I would just use an actual checkers board an play. I own these games now but it was strictly for adding to the collection and never for actual play. But, in the early 90s I did own the first release of Hoyle's book of games that Sierra released and my mom especi
  14. Can't forget how lazy Activision was on their 5200 ports? Pitfall! II being the standout, but many of their ports didn't look or sound that different from the 2600 versions either. I wonder if Imagic, and Activision did this on purpose so as to keep the games essentially being consistent in look and play regardless of platform? But I'm sure that if both of those companies had enhanced their game ports on the 5200 and 8-bit line better, that it would have possibly helped more 5200s get sold?
  15. I'd never really seen the 8-bit version of Xenophobe before. It is basically the same as the 7800 version but with slightly more detail added to the background and a lot less color. And I'm more surprised how it still basically sounds the same as well minus the begin and end level tune. I know the colors are more limited vs the 7800, but it could have sounded far better and had more options given the larger memory and storage medium available to the 8-bit line?
  16. Although it was designed as a 7800 game, T:me Salvo's title screen music is available as a separate download to be played on the 2600 through a Harmony cart and that is pretty impressive as well! There are quite a few other examples available in the demo scene that have made stuff for the 2600 over the past few years as well.
  17. A passthrough cart is being developed by the same guy that created the Dragonfly cartridge. It will specifically be for the YM2151 but the idea is to have it essentially always remain plugged into the console and all games will plug into it. That way, it works as both the required sound expansion for games that use the yamaha chip, and as a standard passthrough for all other games. It could help with making 3rd party 2600 games be more easily played and allow things like the Supercharger to be used on the 7800 as well. Not sure the status on it, but I know the dev has began working on it.
  18. The answer is yes... There is the Dragonfly flash/expansion cartridge that includes a YM2151 module as an add on and there is at least one game programmed for the 7800 that uses it. Pac-Man Collection 40th Anniversary. Additionally the game Rikki & Vikki features a custom soundchip on that cartridge called the Bupchip. So yes, there are at least two other carts that exist now that have different sound chips other than Pokey.
  19. I had to deal with this last night when capturing footage from my Intellivision. I noticed in post edit that the audio was behind the video by several seconds?! No idea how it happened. Worse was that once I aligned it up at the beginning of the video, it would eventually drift and start to get behind again. In the end, I had to grab small bits of what I wanted to show, crop both the video and audio for it separately, line it up for the section I wanted to show and repeat the process further down the video. Next part I recorded, didn't do this and everything was in sync and remained so th
  20. After the past few months of doing quite a bit of testing, I can now offer two different RGB solutions for the Intellivision model 1 and model 2 systems. Not sure about the later model INTV III or Super Pro Systems, but if they use the same U10 color chips in them, then I don't see why these new boards couldn't be used in them as well. The two boards offer similar RGB output quality and are compatible with SCART to HDMI converters, the RetroTink2x SCART, and the OSSC! This marks first time that RGB solutions for the Intellivision have been available that would also work through the OSSC.
  21. I used to own the cab until a little over a year ago when I sold it. Kinda regret it as it was an excellent game and in really good shape as well.
  22. True, However, they are way more conductive than the original carbon coated pads ever were and it doesn't take much for the console to register the key presses. I only used aluminum as I was under the impression that mixing metals is bad. However, I'm no chemist but as the original flex traces use aluminum, I figure it is less likely to cause any issues in the future using aluminum as the replacement surface on the pads. Besides, HVAC duct repair tape is much cheaper than rolls of copper.
  23. Interesting. That is really decent quality overall you are getting then from that combo. I prefer the Intellivision's RF output as it quite nice and clear, however, none of my modern TVs will display the RF from the Intellivision without severe jumping of the image on the screen constantly. Like a constant bobbing up and down motion. Very distracting.
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