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  1. Received this from Sean Kelly in the mail today. This is a game that really shows off what the Vectrex is capable of. It is a shooter that has varied game elements 'inspired' by other games we know and loved back in the day. It is very tricky to film a Vectrex but I think I've finally got a method down for this. Requires having to use my camcorders 24fps cinema mode so that the Vectrex is drawing faster than the camera can pick up and that reduces the flicker I usually get when filming. The audio is captured straight from my Vectrex Audio Tap I have installed along with the wonderful Buzz Off! kit to remove that nasty buzz. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check Pack Rat Video Games to put in a pre-order for a copy for yourself if this looks interesting to you.
  2. The foil was put into place to help prevent ESD when touching the switches to operate the Atari. Since the replacement part is all plastic, I'm not sure it is as much of an issue since I could still see that you had the neoprene rubber surround on the switch which, further isolates you from the switch metal housing. Foil tape will work, but you have to cut a small tab of it out to fold down and make sure it is touching on the underside where the tape sticks down to get a good connection. Can also just solder some short jumper wires from housing to housing and then solder down one side to the ground plane on the board.
  3. I believe the plastic switch portion is different on the Reset and Select switches as they have a spring inside that attached to that plastic in some way. Also on the original H6 units those two switches were a tad wider than the others so I'm not sure if the internal portion being shown here is the same.
  4. I hadn't said anything about this yet because to be honest, I had issues getting it to work for me through my normal AV setup here at the ITC. But now that I've got a way to actually see it and test it I'm happy to talk about a new RGB board I was only made aware of back in November. I was contacted out of the blue by a lurking AA member whose name is Yannick. He is from France and was telling me about his RGB board he had designed and was looking for someone to test it on an NTSC intellivision. That someone became me. This is easily the best I've seen a stock Intelly look but there are a few things to mention: - The RGB board is kinda big and so installation or rather, where to install it could be an issue for some. As you can see from my pics, I chose to install it in the only real open spot there is on the component side of the main PCB. If you were to add to the wiring that comes in the kit, you could mount the board in the empty space to the left of the mainboard but I don't like doing that for a number of reasons. - This RGB board will NOT work through an OSSC but I've a feeling it would likely work on the Framemeister although I do NOT have one to test that. In order to get this to finally work for me, I ended up having to get one of those inexpensive SCART to HDMI converter/upscalers. This is working quite well although I'm sure there is some lag etc.. being introduced into the mix here. - I do not know for sure if the colors I'm seeing are 100% correct. They likely are and I'm just not used to it due to how clear everything looks. - There is still some bleeding that is present on some colors and especially on colors with stark contrast to each other next to each other (Blues on Reds for example or Reds on black). - The kit came with an 8-pin female din connector, but I chose to use an old 9-pin mini din donated from an old Sega 32x. I have several of these types of RGB cables on hand so it is easier for me to use connectors I've already got cabling for. I've attached some pics to show the install I did and some pics I took off my phone aimed at my flatpanel LED in the game room to give you an idea of what I see. Keep in mind as this is my personal Intellivision, the installation was done in a manner to make it work and keeping it nice and neat wasn't the plan here. For now I'm okay with this as the wiring is basically the length it needs to be at for what I'm doing. Also notice I also have an older Retrofixes composite board installed as well but like all composite kits on the Intellivision, it sometimes makes me want to use the RF still due to the off colors the composite kits provide. For those interested let me know and I will put you in touch with Yannick if you want to try it for yourself. I'm not sure if I will offer this service as I can only test it with the equipment I have and cannot be sure that my clients would have AV stuff on hand that it would work properly with. Here is also a quick video I did early captured straight from my Intellivision to give you an idea of how it all looks and sounds through the converter I'm having to use.
  5. Except for Frankenstein's Monster! That game is really quite good and exceptional when compared to the rest of the DataAge lineup. I think Journey was the first DataAge game I ever played. Borrowed it from a friend back in the day. And from what I'm reading, yes pretty much all the IPS screen replacements in the GBA cause humming in the audio. Likely the switching supply used for the backlight. There are ways to filter it out or get a replacement audio amp installed to be rid of it but I never play with the headphones and don't notice it on the external speaker. I recently did that upgrade on my OG GBA glacier. If I were to do it again or offer it, I would insist that you get a premodded case for this. I spent well over an hour total time trimming mine and trying to get it smooth etc. It isn't worth the labor time to charge someone when you can buy ready made shells for like $15.
  6. @Willie! I gotta ask you about the MV screen replacement. I also did this last week and I gotta tell you. For it being such a small thing to do, it took me well over an hour to get everything lined up right on that damn thing before it was showing all the segments. Even then half of one column is still a bit flaky and requires a little massaging around the screen to get it to come too. I can see there was some serious editing in your vid on this, so...did you have any issues getting it to all work at first? I even reached out to the guy on PM because I found out that my main issues were due to how severe the warp was in the top middle of my LCD tray for the screen. In the end what I had to do, was coat each pad on the MV mainboard with a little solder and then clean it all up with solder braid. Clean with de-ox-it and alcohol to essentially restore the pad surfaces. Then, I had to lightly hold it all together and use a spuger to push the side zebra strip close to the screen as it kept wanting to 'walk' towards the far edge. I also had to use the replacement side zebra strip as the original wasn't making good contact at all anymore. In the end I got there, but many was it ever more of a pain than it had any right to be for something so damn simple to do.
  7. Far as I know the only restriction for the newer releases we have now and coming out, is that I know they are using some bank switching and that was likely way too expensive back then. But it was possible. But you are correct in that the more recent 2600 releases are mostly using a separate processor inside them to actually do most of the grunt work and then cycle feed it to the VCS hardware to display on the screen. But then, Nintendo was doing that on NES games before it was fashionable back then.
  8. @RickR Exactly. Can you imagine if even some of what you've seen in those links above had been done back in the day?! I mean, the 5200 was nice and the CV was an arcade port beast at the time, but the Intelly would have been where it was at back in the day if they had this kind of stuff. Some of the graphics pass for early NES stuff and the sound ain't bad either!
  9. @RickR have you seen what some of the more recent home brews on the Intelly look like? Absolutely mind blowing stuff graphically. They are essentially doing what was displayed to be part of the Intellivision III but on stock 2609 model 1 units and I'm not talking about the INTV III but the actual planned successor to the Intellivision itself. These are not my vids as I've not really featured any Intelly games on my channel but yeah...check these out: A Tale of Dragons and Swords: Kai Magazine 2020 Star Mercenary: Kai Magainze - still in development as far as I know And the Pre-order page and details for Kai Magazine's newest release : The sorrow of Gadhlan' Thur can be found here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/314880-pre-order-period-for-“the-sorrow-of-gadhlan’-thur”-kai-magazine-for-intellivision-begins/
  10. I've heard mention of Mystic Castle before. Isn't that the prototype name for what would eventually be released as Thunder Castle? Or is it something different?
  11. Well, it kinda depends. On the latest Kai Magazine release "A Tale of Dragons and Swords" you only got the digital when you pre-ordered the physical. They do plan to make the rom available eventually but yeah, the caveat on this was if you wanted to play the game now, you had to own and LTO since the rom image they send you is locked to your LTO cart and you had to purchase a physical version. I was already planning to buy the physical release anyway as I have with most of Kai Magazine's other releases but still, just something to be aware of. But there are other home brew authors that I believe make the rom versions available for sale for a much cheaper price and that is a welcome addition. I certainly never thought years ago that our retro/classic game consoles might go to digital only releases LOL!
  12. It has taken longer than it should have but ITC# 73 is finally released as the first new video for the New Year! As many of you know, the 7800 is a great console that never really got its due back in the mid to late 80s. It was a console designed with expansion ability not seen in previous Atari consoles and with features that were never fully realized. Well, it has taken 35 years, but we now have not 1 but 2 flash cartridge solutions available now for the 7800. This video focuses on the current most compatible and feature rich of these two current solutions known as the Dragonfly. While the DF cart is primarily listed as being a flash cart, I argue that it is much more than that. With additional functions added to it, it expands on the hardware abilities of the 7800 in a way we haven't seen available or viable for use until now. I go over the cartridge functions, we take a peek inside it and of course, we show it off with some recent demos and projects in development. Thank you again for watching and happy new year!
  13. The LTO! is a pretty amazing cartridge and should contain MORE than enough internal flash storage for everyone's needs. I really like the LTO! and my VecFever for the simple fact that they don't require having to use an SD card to load them up. Sure it is nice to pop out a little card and load it up and put it back in. But most of these newer flash carts use microSD and it can be a right bear to insert those back into their slots properly without them sliding off inside the cart etc. I like just plugging a cart into my computer and having it basically just show up like any other USB flash device to quickly and easily transfer files to it. Having an LTO! also means you have the ability to get digital releases of newer games months ahead of when they are available in physical form such as the amazing releases from Kai Magazine.
  14. Requires the actual .bin format of the files I believe. Also some of the games especially some of the homebrews require an additional .cfg file to go with them so that the LTO knows what to load and setup to emulate the cartridge function. It has been at least 2 years now? maybe longer since I loaded up my LTO! but it gets quite a bit of use in my service work on consoles. Although my actual MTE-201 cart has largely replaced it out.
  15. My NES collection is one of my smaller ones as well. I don't actively collect for the NES so the only games I've got are those that came with systems I picked up or that I happened upon at garage sales and the like in the past. According to Gameye, my NES collection sits at just 56 unique games. Likely pretty accurate given that I haven't added an NES game to the 'Collection' in some time now. Part of that is because the last NES item I got was a PowerPak with a large CF card provided. As a result, I have all the NES games I would want to play in one spot and actually could box up the NES games completely and put them elsewhere for storage at this point. Even then, while I had access to an NES when they were new back in the day, I didn't play it as much as my 7800. My step brother owned the NES and he usually brought it over when he and his sister's visited every other weekend. So the first games I sought out when I did get an NES was those games that I remembered having the most fun with that we would rent on weekends. So some of those first games were the Mario games of course along with Batman. That might still be my favorite NES game is the original sunsoft Batman.
  16. You are looking for something like this, but I think console5 has been out of stock on them for awhile. https://console5.com/store/famicom-to-nes-cartridge-converter-adapter-60-to-72-pin.html
  17. Mine was only large enough to house the 30 or games I owned loose back then. I never kept the boxes when I was younger because...well who knew we needed to back then right?! Anyway, it wasn't anything fancy as I never took wood shop but I did know how to use my step dads router saw etc so I was able to get something that was stable and didn't look completely dumb at the time LOL!
  18. Not that this is the cheapest method, but I found out sometime back that a N64 game storage holder, will actually hold N64 games and SNES games as each slot has notches for each one. But the shoebox idea works well as I did that for several years with my loose atari 2600 carts in the early 80s before I found some scrap wood one day and built my own little cartridge game holder out of it one weekend when I was about 13 or so? Wonder what ever happened to that? I had it painted red and had found some Atari/video game related stickers that I put on the outside of it.... Hmmm?
  19. I just realized knowing what I know these days, that Curt only needed to add a diode off the +5 from the cartridge port side to prevent the battery from back feeding into the console when powered off.
  20. Nope...because mine never worked properly from day one and never has saved any of the data. You are correct about the issue regarding the battery draining. Basically the battery just drains back into the console when the system is powered off. But mine has never worked properly and from others I spoke with that own them as well, it isn't that uncommon an issue that I have with the one I own. Again, it makes a good shelf piece or passthrough cartridge for games that won't seat properly in a 7800. I also never really made a stink about it because it was gifted to me in the first place from Curt as a thank you for helping to showcase the first Flashback units at my convention back in 2004 .
  21. I know others will have more information, but I actually own #100 and as far as Curt told me, the last of the his original created HSCs from the early 2000s. However, mine like most of them, doesn't actually work properly I'm afraid. Specifically, the issue is that the early made carts have problems with not actually saving the data properly after powering off the console. They have batteries in them to maintain the data but yeah.... mine does load up and it will ask me to personalize it etc. And it will then work to play the game and even allow me to save my highscore if the game supports it. But once I power off the console to switch games, all of that is wiped. Replacing the battery did nothing and for a while, Curt was actually offering a service to change out the guts on your original HSC to that of his newer NVRAM version. But I never did send mine off to do this. I will be honest, in that given how Curt's projects tend to linger as they did, I was afraid that if I sent it off, I might not get it back. Sadly with Curt's passing, the only way to have HSC functionality now on those games and for the future, would be if someone picks up the mantle on the XM module as that included the HSC functionality within it. There is also the SaveKey device that AtariAge I think still sells and is also incorporated into the AtariVox+ module. But that is designed for saving scores and data for 2600 homebrews and not the 7800. As a result, my HSC is really nothing more than a display case relic and its only use is for saving scores for a single game for a competition (I used to use it on some games in my classic tourneys I hosted during my OVGE conventions in the past) or for use as passthru cart for 2600 games that didn't fit properly in the cartridge slot. But I've modified my cartridge slot since so yeah, my HSC sits in the display case. Also, as mine was the last production made one that Curt did back in the early 2000s, he never actually applied a label to mine. So it is housed in a old combat cartridge shell with the combat label severely torn off from it. I also had to replace out the battery holder sometime back as the original broke and wasn't making a good connection. Sadly that didn't fix the issue of it not saving the game scores and data though.
  22. Surprised that the speakers aren't goofing with the CRT beams. They much be shielded I'm assuming? I've not gone into great detail too much about the AV setup in the game room, but I use an old (10years now) Yamaha 5.1 surround receiver that has 3 HDMI passthru inputs that comes in handy for the WiiU, PS3, PS4 etc. But I actually use an Extron 7SC for all the analog stuff. It can take pretty much every type of analog video signal and converts them all into a VGA output signal at whatever resolution and refresh I might want. That VGA signal goes into my OSSC and that in turn goes into one of the HDMI inputs on the receiver and back to the TV. As the HDMI are passthroughs, the receiver isn't doing any processing on its own so there isn't any additional lag introduced in using it thankfully. For my speakers, I have a hodge podge of stuff. I have some older Klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers as my satellites for rear channel that I mounted on the walls. We were using a Klipsch 5.1 surround system in the living room but when that was upgraded the center channel and sub were moved to the game room as well. For the front speakers in the game room I use an old pair of Roland MS-30 studio monitors. They are passive so they don't require external power and can be fed directly off the receiver. I just had to set the receiver into 6ohm mode. Luckily that doesn't seem to affect the other speakers too much that were 8ohm rated. I'm sure they would get blown if I cranked things up too much but that isn't likely to happen in the smallishness of the ITC game room.
  23. Well my step-dad didn't play video games much, but he did like Galaga in the arcade and always had to play it when he saw it. Having said that, he would occasionally play space invaders with my mom and I. But it was my Mom that was the game junkie like I was. She would never admit it of course, but many a night after I was sent to bed, I would hear Ms. Pac-Man or Spider man, etc being turned on and played. More than once my mother was able to turn the scores over on several games she would play. I can remember her maxing out Sea Quest and turning the score over in Ms. Pac-man on several occasions. We didn't really know about the patches and such you could send off for back then, but I think by this time 83' 84' timeframe, I doubt that the send in offers were still valid. My mother still plays games to this day, but pretty much only Bejeweled and Mahjong games these days on her PC or 3DS XL I gave her a few years ago to play in the living room.
  24. hehe...I was first playing this over a year ago before the new 1.0 release. But yes, this is a wonderful version of the game updated to modern standards. The ship cockpit and lighting especially are great. However, the aliens show up in place of pilots a bit earlier than I recall in the original game and also seem to be MUCH more frequent compared to the original game as well. Also, I don't recall ever seeing an ACE pilot that I saved in this latest version but I could have sworn they were in the previous version of this guys release? But yes, if you enjoyed the first game at all, this really is a must play and as it is free why not?!
  25. Don't forget to purchase an AtariVox when this game does become available so you can get all the arcade speech as well! John's release of Wizard of Wor arcade for the 2600 is one of the best home ports of the game released! It is really really good and has all the speech from the arcade also provided you have an AVox for your Atari. I've not purchased all of their games as many of them either aren't favorites of mine and I don't really see me playing them on the 2600. But I do own Mappy, WOW, and Galagon. Although that last one is more of a shelf piece as I have the actual Galaga arcade cocktail game in the center of my game room to fire up and play the real deal at any time! 😉
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