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  1. I won last year @Atari Creepso please remove me so someone else can win one. Thanks & congrats on another great year of fundraising!
  2. Great question @Gianna! I'm always feeling nostalgic. My mind spends so much time in the past. There's not one thing that makes me feel nostalgic, it's everything. My issue is that I used to just feel nostalgia from things from my childhood (late 70s & 80s) but now that I'm older, it's stuff from the 90's & early Aughts (sp?). It's the obvious things like music, classic video games, movies, TV shows, etc. It's revisiting my baseball card collection and touching cards that I haven't handled in 30+ years. It's watching a King of Queens rerun & realizing that the episode is now 20+ years old. It's watching a freaking episode of The Office & realizing that episode is 15 years old! And while realizing the ages of those shows, thinking back to what I was doing when they originally aired. Having all of those things trigger some sense of nostalgia for me is wonderful. I love being able to watch The Empire Strikes Back whenever I want. I love being able to play Yars Revenge. I find myself enjoying all of those things in an attempt to recapture the glorious feelings that I had when I experienced them for the first time. I can't describe it exactly, but it's the feeling I had on a random Saturday afternoon as a child, coming home from a visit to our local department store, sitting on the shag carpet floor of the living room, having the fuzzy TV tuned to a random NBA/NFL/MLB game, rain falling outside & opening my newly acquired Matchbox car or Star Wars figure or 2600 game or board game or coloring book or any number of awesome things that I was fortunate to have as the fabric of my childhood. Occasionally I'll get that feeling for a few seconds but it's never long enough. I feel lucky that I have those wonderful memories and I hope that I never lose them. So to answer your question, everything. 😀
  3. Keep your eyes open for this stuff. LOVE it! It obviously has a nice little kick but not too bad. Incredible flavor.
  4. Thanks @Justin! I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming!! Thanks for keeping the lights on!
  5. Welcome!! @nosweargamerbeat me to it! Love your avatar!
  6. I'm old enough to remember when Sunkist was released! Since I'm older, I'm converted to 99.999%*** diet soda. I realize that's not particularly good for me either, but in my mind, it's better than all the HFCS & calories that comes from regular soda. ***The exceptions are Mexican Coca Cola (real cane sugar!), Mountain Dew Pitch Black (if it ever comes back) and other interesting flavors that don't have a diet version.
  7. There's five lighthouses I can see within a quick walk from my house to the shore. The first is my all-time favorite, Race Rock: The story about the construction of the lighthouse is insane & Ghost Hunters filmed an episode there, but I'm not going to dignify that with a link. 🙄 Next up is New London Ledge Lighthouse. This one is a little farther away, but the ferry to FI passes right by it: The next in line (I'm going west to east) is North Dumpling Lighthouse (you can see it in the background of the Ledge Light photo). The cool story about North Dumpling is that the island is owned by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway. Check out his mini Stonehenge! Next in line is Latimer Reef Light. Nothing too fancy about this one, but it has a cool bell that chimes frequently. And finally, Watch Hill Lighthouse, which is in Westerly, RI. Taylor Swift has a home near that. 🙂 On a clear day, I can see Montauk Point Light on Long Island.
  8. No worries! I ended up tracking down my original collection. I'm sorting everything and logging them on the Trading Card Database (tcdb.com). My 1989 Score football set is just missing 18 cards to be complete.
  9. @RickRI've already come to that conclusion with regards to NFL games. NFL games in person are BRUTAL (granted, I've never been to a home game for my favorite team). You see so much more of the action on TV, I don't have to deal with parking/travel, I can follow my fantasy teams better from home, etc. There's no incentive for me to want to be in the stadium for an NFL game. MLB is a different story, as is college hoops/football. To me at least, the in-person experience for those is much more enjoyable. Back to the topic, probably not, but I usually only go to see Star Wars movies. I don't think there are any being released in the near future. I'll also echo what most have said. Drive-ins are FANTASTIC!
  10. I’m jealous of all your rain! We might get hit with a little tropical system Friday night & pick up some needed rain. Rain at night = awesome sleeping atmosphere Rain during the day = perfect for being lazy & playing video games I despise summer. I can’t stand humidity. Give me fall & winter all year round. The Pacific NW sounds great, I would just need to be on a mountain to get some snow. 😀
  11. All is good here! New York (& CT, which basically where I live, even though it's technically NY) have done a great job (so far, knock on wood). My tiny island has seen the invasion of the summer people, but there are strict protocols in place (visitors are strongly encouraged to be tested prior to arriving, then quarantining until the results come in, masks everywhere, registering with the doctors office, who sends a symptom checker email out three times a week). So far, so good. Only a few cases here, but that can change quickly, as I know not everyone will follow the recommendations. I realize my situation here is pretty unique and these steps wouldn't be feasible anywhere else. They're also necessary, as we lack the health care infrastructure to handle an outbreak. Thanks for checking in @RickR! I hope you're doing well too! (That goes for everyone here! Hang in there!)
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