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  1. Same here. It was looking good for a few weeks but not the past few days.
  2. Ugh, that sucks. I've dealt with that on a smaller scale, with the online portion of some sports games being shuttered after a few years, but the offline portion of the game still works fine. This is a different beast altogether is not a good thing for anyone.
  3. Welcome sir!! I'm the rare person who loves cold & snow and gets a little annoyed when people here in the Northeast complain about it. It's sooooooo much better than 85 degrees and 90% humidity. (I also love rainy days as those were the days as a child I could stay inside and play Atari all day.) Also, I'll need Kirk Cousins to start looking Stefon Diggs' way a bit more and if they could work Irv Smith Jr. into the passing game more, that would be great too.
  4. SPOILER! RickR - Custom controller Eugenio (TrekMD) - $25 Atari Age gift certificate & SMB ice cube trays Greenween - Pac Man board game GRay Defender - Space Invader & Q*Bert Funko Pops LSGreger - Art of Atari book Elitgro - Game Console book AtariCreep - Set of 3 2600 journals
  5. Here's the prize choices: Custom controller Art of Atari book Game Console book Pac Man board game Space Invader & Q*Bert Funko Pops Set of 3 2600 Cartridge Journals $25 Atari Age gift certificate & SMB ice cube trays
  6. If anyone is interested in me playing horribly at 2600 games, here's the first three hours of my marathon: @Atari Creepwas a trooper & kept me company in the wee hours of the morning while I made my way through some COD: Modern Warfare campaign. @Control Issuesstopped by while I was playing some virtual golf. Thank you again for all of your support, both financially & with spreading the word. I will draw the order for the giveaway later today (hopefully).
  7. I'm currently in 6th place for my hospital, $95 behind 5th place and $345 behind 3rd.
  8. I'm going to do everything in my power to stick to this schedule!
  9. Yes you did!!! Thank you so much!!!! 🙌
  10. I'd appreciate that greatly! No worries at all about not being able to donate. I totally understand.
  11. I did & loved it as well. It's always nice to spend time in the BB universe.
  12. Yeah, that thing looked to be in rough shape. 😀
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