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  1. I started printing the shipping labels today. I’ll finish up later tonight or tomorrow morning and they will leave the island tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
  2. PRIZES 1. Pac Man Ghost Light 2. Pac Man Ghost Light 3. Set of Arcade Prints 4. Retro gaming puzzle 5. $25 Atari Age gift card 6. Super Mario pillow 7. Space Invaders cuff links & two repro Activision patches (Freeway & Pitfall!) 8. Pac Man pint glass 9. Pac Man Light (smaller than the other Pac Man lights) 10. Blinky Light (smaller than the other Pac Man lights) 11. Dig Dug Funko Pop 12. Game Boy Light 13. NES Coasters 14. $40 Amazon gift card PRIZE SELECTION ORDER 1. Soulblazer - $40 Amazon gift card 2. TrekMD - $25 AtariAge gift card 3. GRay Defender - Arcade prints 4. TV Stevie - Super Mario pillow 5. MightyMattD - Pac Man light 6. Strudders - Game Boy light 7. socrates63 - Dig Dug Funko Pop 8. AtariCreep - Space Invaders cuff links & two repro Activision patches 9. RickR - Retro gaming puzzle 10. nosweargamer - Pac Man Ghost Light 11. Hugh - NES Coasters 12. GreatSaiyaman81 - Pac Man pint glass 13. fergojisan - Pac Man Ghost Light 14. MattB - Blinky Light (smaller than the other Pac Man lights) Once each prize is selected, I will update this list. I will ship all prizes this week. Thanks again!!! https://youtu.be/Z2O4ZyxHDKM
  3. Here is what I believe to be the final list of donors: 1. socrates632. RickR3. nosweargamer4. TrekMD5. AtariCreep6. Hugh7. Strudders8. GRay Defender9. MattBuc10. tvstevie11. fergojisan 12. Soulblazer 13. MightyMattD 14. GreatSaiyaman81 My test stream last night worked, so fingers crossed that I can pull this off tonight. Twitch.tv/TheRealStormSurge
  4. I’m going to shoot to do the live drawing Sunday at 8 PM (eastern). I’ll test it today & if that’s successful, I’ll schedule and share the link.
  5. Please, you don’t have anything to apologize for sir! You’ve done plenty! @Atari Creep
  6. Fallout 3! LA Noire also debuted as a 360 game. You certainly won’t run out of good options.
  7. I had a lot of time to think over the weekend (marathon, raking leaves, etc.) @Atari Creep & this topic popped up from time to time. You're intimidated by this: but are okay using this? 🤣 That thing was scary to 7 year-old me & still is today!!
  8. Thanks to all of you who supported me! I apologize for not being able to stream any of my classics. 😞 I am glad I saw @CrossBow's note in Creep's PS3 thread about LA Noire! I've had that sitting there waiting to be played for years & that was the PERFECT game to play for 18+ hours this weekend. I'm going to draw the order for the prizes in the next couple of days. I'm going to hopefully stream that and I will let you know in advance when that will take place. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I did! I received it on release day, which was a very pleasant surprise. I'm upgrading from the One X, so I don't notice that much of a graphical upgrade yet. I haven't tried any optimized games for the Series X yet (Cold War, AC Valhalla, NBA 2K21) but I will soon. What I have noticed is how incredibly fast it is, loading games, switching between games, etc. and how equally quiet it is. Modern Warfare made my One X scream like a jet engine. This thing is stealthy. I probably wouldn't have tried to upgrade so quickly if I didn't have that Amazon gift card earmarked for this but I certainly don't regret it and am looking forward to what's coming in the future. Once I test some of those games (even Forza Horizon 4), I'll give an update.
  10. So I ran into some issues streaming my classic systems. I could not get the Retron 77, NES Mini or Genesis Mini to connect with my HDMI capture card. If I can get that working this morning, I will begin at 1 PM today with the retro sessions I was hoping to have yesterday. If not, there will be a lot more LA Noire. Thank you for all of your support!
  11. Phil, that was a horrible attempt, but I appreciate the kind words. 😀
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