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    The Atari Creep

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    The Atari Creep

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    The Creeps Play Things

  5. Atari Creep

    Squad Challenge - Centipede (Atari 5200)

    Wicked AWESOME to see people already jumping on this on. Sadly I do not have a way to play 5200 so I will have to enjoy this one from the sidelines. Maybe I will still play along on another system in a cheerleader capacity. Good luck everyone!
  6. Fantastic job everyone. Great scores all around! This one was so fun.
  7. My latest offering. 022237100 Not sure its going to get much better than that for me lol but Justin joined me live tinight on Instagram. Had fun!
  8. Atari Creep

    The Creeps Play Things

  9. Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

  10. Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

    I did not reach a score worthy to post in the Squad Challenge so I did not post this video there!!!
  11. After Justin's Instagram live stream I went a few rounds myself. 017590100 I will be playing this live again on Instagram Sunday the 20th if you care to join me. Check the calendar for info.
  12. Here is my not so impressive first offering. 012273700 Playing on The Necronomiconsole (custom Sega Genesis model 3) Using a flash cart. EDIT***** Yes I know I misspelled "high"