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  1. Ok folks here is that "kill screen". And my unofficial first score. I assure you I played from the start and got a little bit into the game because I do not think this works on the earlier levels. Don't quote me. 19555 emulating because of the screen on my Lynx is hard to capture. This is unlisted. Just for you rad kats.
  2. I will make that video tonight or tomorrow folks but here is the simple of it. Your score appears at the start of the next level and there is no true kill screen. HOWEVER, if you fail at a level too many times you will be given the options to skip that level and move on to the next puzzle. That is where you should take your final score from, when it displays on the next level. Honor system: please do not continue and add to your high score from that point. Hope this helps and again, I will show what I mean in a video here tonight or tomorrow! GOOD LUCK
  3. 13 is a great number!!!!!! I'm good with that. What a turn out! This was wicked fun. Good job everyone.
  4. She got really got this afternoon after the camera was off. Kid was a natural. Thanks bud and it is good hearing from ya. Do you still have my number??? Shoot me a text, we should go get a coffee or something soon bro!
  5. Just a warm up!!! 12220 Using OpenEmu and USB game pad. Real hardware coming soon! STRONG LANGUAGE
  6. You all should know I'm in. LOVE this game!!!
  7. Thanks for keeping it going Justin. Many would have just walked away but not you, your passion for this community and its future is so amazing. Been a great trip so far, lets keep driving. Who knows what we will see down that road!!! Thank you bro!
  8. Huge thanks once again to @RickR for another fantastic deal. (cash deal not trade this time around.)
  9. 100% my friend. This response is what's up. Enjoy your stay and a wicked huge welcome!
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