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  1. Oh and speaking of them, ALMOST FORGOT!!!
  2. They are so unique for the time, hell even for now. I plan to get a bunch of the space related figures and do a video in the future. There are a few that cost a bit more than I would like to pay. Look up the xRay Adventure People. THEY ARE WICKED RAD!!!!
  3. She has her jets now. Almost 100% complete.
  4. Its like Pac-Man meets Ghost House on the SMS! lol Looks cool but I am running a mac these day. Wonder why it won't work on an NES emulator? Looks the part.
  5. Here are some really cool cards i got ina recent box from @RickR
  6. Come preorder your Ataribox VCS 800 Pro System XEGS Panther.
  7. I'm torn between the OG good/wood and that red, black and white one. The red with carbon fiber is too sext not to love.
  8. thanks so much bud! I felt it was boring and uneventful, glad people are enjoying it.
  9. I just wish there was still an arcade to have the life in up there. I have one more childhood arcade spot to film the I KNOW has the games and then some!!!
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