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  1. My ALL TIME fav scary game is Silent Hill for the Original PlayStation. Thanks bud for these generous giveaways.
  2. I feel ya bro. Keep it interesting. 31 flavors for a reason, ya know?
  3. 15510 Emulating using a usb gamepad.
  4. I'm with @RickR on this about the timing. It was just a busy time. Hearing from them might help better. Only they can say for sure but I would guess it was due to it being Intellivision. Not as common in collections and emulating can be tricky. In my case I could only shoot up, down, left and right but I made due. I wouldn't let that alter anything though, we have had some great INTV turn outs in the past.
  5. You kind of get used to it after a bit. If you think about the controls that's when ya start having issues.
  7. Not going to lie here, I thought this being a wicked popular game there would have been a ton of folks playing. This is my first time playing this one for real, there is no way I should have the top score. LOL
  8. Unles you use 2 controllers, 1 controller to move and 1 controller to shoot it is the same on real hardware.
  9. I am SOOOOOOO sorry it took me this long to get to it but I hope this helps buddy.
  10. WHOOO bud, slow down. Lets get ya taken care of, get your needs and you better start a new collection. 😀 Sure the stuff you made memories with are gone but the memories are still there. It's just STUFF and can be replaced to add to the memories bro!!!!!! We are all just happy you and yours made it out safe. Sorry I have not been around the past few days, looks like the Go Fund Me is doing well, I will pass it along here tonight or tomorrow and see if we cant get it to go over the top. Stay strong friend!!!!
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