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  1. Live on IG tonight. I sat on the controller just before streaming. Busted it but was still able to rock n roll a little. 7400
  2. 3600. Water levels are brutal to me. Lol OpenEmu on my lap top. USB game pad.
  3. They are, that is why I switched over to Atari. It's weird, I grew up with Astroblast and played it a lot but killed it on the INTV port. Kind of though moving over and focusing on the Atari port that would have voided out my INTV score. Thanks @Justin
  4. Switched over to Atari. 9560 and I am embarrassed to post that score. Just a quick warm up though. STRONG LANGUAGE
  5. I have used mine on my Retron 77 for a while now but not the paddle. Going to give it a shot.
  6. How is it using the Ranger on OG hardware? I might try it tomorrow.
  7. Astrosmash using OpenEmu and USB game pad. Peak was 112985 Final 111845 Might jump over to the Atari port though. Thats the one I grew up playing for hours. We will see.
  8. Got top 5 in the state for an individual!!!! THANK YOU ALL for all the support.
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