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  1. I have a set of 3 of them Coleco deals. Race, Sports and I think Shooters. Can't remember. Made a video about all 3. They are awful but still have a charm to them.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving and a very HAPPY ATARI Day to you all. Hope no matter what you're doing or not doing its filled with joy and ATARI!!!!

  3. That Lego ET is amazing!!!! Here is what I put in:
  4. So rather than attach a Patreon to my channel or turn the "join" button on I have started a Discord Server thing. The idea is to offer some advantages folks get from the other services without a stupid pay wall. Things like being able to vote on or suggest topics, participate in contests/giveaways, early access to videos and anything else I think of. Still figuring out what to do with it. So if you are subbed to my channel, feel free to join. Right now we are talking about the latest HSSC and @btbfilms76 paddle controller giveaway. 


    1. MaximumRD


      I'm in, as you can see for whatever that's worth lol. Discord newbie.....

  5. 29400 MAME on OpenEMU using a USB controller. Found a rom but think it glitches. Maybe because its a spinner game, not sure. The dude running tends to do as he wishes. Sometimes the screen goes black. Either way, I dig this one and want badly to join in.
  6. Oh my god dude, I am SOOOOOO SORRY I missed this. I feel like an a$$hole. Hope you had a great stream and had a ton of fun. More importantly hope you fundraising went beyond expectations bro. Again, I feel so bad I was not there too support ya.
  7. Thats awesome bro!!!!! Enjoy.
  8. Was good to hang out @chas10e we will have to do it again!!!! Man that box STILL looks jam packed with goodness even after all that.
  9. Stupid fat fingers on a digital keyboard. Not fixing it though so you all have to just deal!!!!!
  10. Well, it's theist one I got to mu knowledge. Unless there are a few hiding somewhere. LOL
  11. @nosweargamer took 3 pops out because there was no room at all after I was done. So glad this will be a handoffhandout be shipped. Lol Ready to go, tomorrow @chas10e will have this.
  12. Well, I will make sure I know where it ends up!!!! 🙂
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