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  1. Space Harrier II Sega Genesis Difficulty: Default High Score: 22,328,300 November 20, 2022 Note: NEW WORLD RECORD! Discussion thread here:
  2. I was able to post it on lvlupscore.com, thanks Marco1019 for the heads up on that. I also posted it on high score.com as well. Next step is to film it. Even though I took a picture it’s not filmed so I want to make it legit. during this run I actually died at the boss, my score would have been even bigger if I would have took him down.
  3. I Sega Genesis, used the 6 button controller
  4. Just hit the world record for Space Harrier 2. I’m trying to load it up to high score.com but until I record myself playing it I’ll post it here. 22,328,300
  5. Ok gang, tried on an actual Genesis today just to see if the phone and backbone gave me an advantage, nope - I am Space Harrier. 21,751,500
  6. One more for the road. Had to use my daughters phone to take a pic of my phone.
  7. Ok I’m done for today. Got to the boss rush and died at the Dark Harrier. 21,192,200
  8. Let me repost my last picture. I’m playing on my phone on this… Backbone one
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