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  1. THIS is how I will be playing... on the BTB barrel pong, with spinner controls. Nuff said
  2. Viking Child review on Lynx



  3. Viking child on the Lynx.... seams like something is missing? Who had this for Atari St or Amiga, wondering what happened to this port?
  4. Ha!, Well you're gonna see it again in the next episode because i film them in batches then edit them all together in time. My Kung Food episode took a dive as my computer is in the shop so that was going to be the bumper in between... oh well. Ive seen them live and it was a blast - got to see Check it out live... good times
  5. 17050. I feel like my first game is always best, then after that it’s all down hill, I start rushing and making stupid mistakes. Slow and steady wins the race.
  6. New Lynx review Scrapyard Dog. 


  7. Let’s get scrappy! Scrapyard Dog on the Lynx - more “Heroes Run Right” on the Lynx Lounge. Which one do you prefer, the Lynx version or the 7800 version?
  8. DO NOT PUSH SELECT! It resets the game, at least it did with mine. 116200
  9. Dirty Larry review for Atari Lynx 


    1. Justin


      You feeling lucky punk?

  10. You feeling lucky punk? You’re gonna need all the luck you can get playing Dirty Larry. A new episode of “heroes run right” on the Lynx Lounge
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