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  1. Man this little guy is Squirrley as all hell. I remember seeing this in K Bee Toy Store and this king how bad ass the Master System looked - sharp, black and red... wow. 14800 playing on a retro pi
  2. I have my original pack in and 3 of the cheaper “black number pad” thin cord ones. I’m wondering if the thicker corded grey number pad variant is what was left over from the Falcon? I have seen pictures of the grey / blue button Falcon controller but never held them in my hands.
  3. Barnyard Blaster on 7800 Ave - New Episode 


    1. Justin


      The moment you shot Gramps just to see what would happen has to be the greatest moment in BTB history.

  4. Duel of the light guns! We had some fun filming some light gun episodes - check it out!!
  5. Very very excited for this! Great job guys, looks like a blast.
  6. That will help in many situations. That’s a BTB guarantee 💯
  7. I’m not sure, but I believe it was some kind or legal issues with those games. Gate of Thunder was an amazing game but lets not forget Legendary Axe was their first huge game, I remember that in the gaming magazines back in the day it taking game of the year, still one of my favorites.
  8. Is it just me or are the levels completely randomized? It feels like every time I play its different - which is cool, but challenging. 38,064
  9. 27,554 just a little higher. I’ll have one really good run then 3 that are terrible. I love the risk and reward factor of this game, so many tempting things to get on the ground but you run the risk every time. Keep plugging away
  10. Thank you, it’s fun to mix it up from time to time. It’s an interesting joystick for sure, much better for shooters I believe but could be use for just about anything. Thanks for the good vibes on the move, we’re all gonna need it.
  11. 7800 is packed away, playing on a retro pi 25,059
  12. Been playing my mini for about 3 weeks now. I bought my little bro and myself a Japanese version - the grey Core Grafix version, and a 8bitdo wireless controller to boot. During quarantine this was the perfect little package to receive and Ive really been loving it. I know I do a whole bunch of shows on Atari stuff but I actually had one growing up... I felt like the only kid on the block that had one , thats because I was lol. Yours truly helped out with this great episode, turns out we live close to each other and he’s dying to play Raiden for the Jag. Check out this great series - and get a mini... Better yet, play on real hardware.
  13. NEW V61 Review!


    1. BlackCatz40


      Interesting review. I liked the presentation. :O)

    2. Justin


      This was a great one! I gotta get my hands on one of those joysticks 🕹️

  14. Double review on some excellent V61 products I got recently. Sealed Desert Falcon and the Gripstick controller, perfect combo.
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