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  1. btbfilms76

    RetroPie - Raspberry Pi Emulation

    Its the mouse input. Basically The turbo twist is a mouse input. One knob is the X axis and the other is the Y. Its registered as a mouse. If I can get Retro Arch, Mame and Atari 2600 to recognize a mouse Im in business. I'd ship it out if anyone can help. How ever I can't ship the Turbo twist - just note it's only a mouse.
  2. btbfilms76

    MAME Help

    Yes I did. How ever what it seams like to me - being a novice on the Retro Pie, it's almost like its built on a few different layers, and I have to write some code on a text doc. That being said it seams like Im doing something wrong, or the build I have is not setup for it.
  3. btbfilms76

    MAME Help

    Reaching out to the community here for some help. Im trying to get my Pong Cabinet in a perfect state - right now its not. Imagine a beautiful sports car with a Pinto engine. Im not happy with my Mame set up, so I switched to a retro pie - thats not perfect either because I cant get the turbo twits to work, the whole point of the cabinet. Can anyone help me with either getting a solid Mame interface - thats guest friendly (meaning I don't have to babysit the cabinet) when people are over. Or get my Retro Pie to read the turbo twist working. Im hoping the Atari.io McPeeps can help me out.
  4. btbfilms76

    RetroPie - Raspberry Pi Emulation

    Rick I need some help getting my turbo twist to be recognized. Im having trouble getting my "mouse" function to work, so Ive got no control with the turbo twist. I would love some help with this. let me know.
  5. btbfilms76

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Not that it's not going too well - It just needs to be perfect, and easy for my guests to use.
  6. btbfilms76

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Trying to rack my brain on what I could possibly need. The one thing that come to mind is my pong cabinet is not perfect, and I’d like to fix that. The micro computer I was using as the MAME interface was not stable - not good for guests to navigate around. I switched over to a retro pie and I can’t get the dang thing to recognize my spinners. Im at a loss and would love some help trying to get the perfect set up dialed in.
  7. btbfilms76

    Squad Challenge - River Raid (Atari 2600)

    35,410 Played on a 7800 with the Euro pad
  8. btbfilms76

    Squad Challenge - River Raid (Atari 2600)

    Ye old risk and reward game play mechanics of River Raid - Do I get the fuel... Or blow it up? Looking forward to putting some time into this game.
  9. 42093 Atari Flashback Portable
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