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  1. Probably same as usual! Typically on Halloween my mom makes a bunch of Halloween inspired snacks, and sometimes also orders pizza as well 🙂 My family spends time together and we also help pass out candy as the neighborhood gets crazy. Each year it is super busy!
  2. My high score - 697,300 I really enjoy this game ☺️
  3. I played Guitar Hero on Wii yesterday! 🎸 First time playing it in so long! It is one of my favorite Wii games 🙂

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    2. Justin


      Do Switch joy cons have the same sort of accelerometers in them that the Wiimotes had? They should come out with a new Wii Sports! Maybe Switch Sports :nintendo_mario_1up:

    3. RickR


      The assisted living center that my mom lives in has regular Wii Sports tournaments.  It's such a universally loved game and it really helps people be a bit active. 

      PS - my mom does not participate and that makes me feel pretty sad.  She just has no interest and never has.  Oh well. 

    4. Gianna


      That's nice they do that there! @RickR

      @Justin That's a good question, and yes, that would be neat. I feel like Wii Sports is so iconic though. I have RingFit for Switch, which I assume is the Switch's version of Wii Fit. I enjoy RingFit but personally I feel like Wii Fit was so much more fun, and had better mini games. I also liked the board you stand on. If they came out with a Switch version of Wii Sports I would definitely want to try it.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions so far ☺️ I will check them all out! Currently I have been playing Tomodachi Life. It’s sort of a quirky game that involves Mii characters.
  5. That one looks like something I'd enjoy! I haven't played sudoku in years.
  6. Gianna

    eBay FAILS

    This is not related to gaming. I haven't sold much on eBay but I used to occasionally list clothes, and one day years ago someone bought a shirt I had listed. This was a nice shirt that was worn once or twice, accurate in size and priced low (maybe even too low). After the person received the shirt, they sent uncalled for and inaccurate messages. Followed by those was a request for a refund and I was supposed to receive the shirt back as a return. They got their refund but I never got the shirt back. Intentional?? 😒😠
  7. Does anyone have suggestions on DS or 3DS games that I should check out?
  8. A little late for this, but anyone have any fun plans this weekend?!

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    2. MaximumRD


      Sabertooth I know all about them, they are awesome! I follow them on Twitter and retweet them as well as share their Youtube vids, they rock oldschool! 🤘

    3. socrates63


      We celebrated my eldest son's 21st birthday. On Saturday, the day of the birthday, we had dinner with my parents at a Korean restaurant.

      Yesterday, at the son's request, I made reservations (two months in advance) at an upscale Japanese restaurant in downtown Seattle of his choosing. He wanted the omakase experience, and the owner is apparently very famous (I saw a lady asking him to autograph is his book for her daughter). The birthday boy was extremely happy with his first omakase experience ($150 per person, or $180... don't remember), and I hadn't seen his face light up like it did with the first piece of sushi since his very first birthday party when he was around 4.

      My wife and second son and me -- we aren't sushi connoisseurs that my eldest son strives to be. I mean, we like sushi, but a $1 sushi and $10 sushi taste about the same to us. The rest of us had grilled fish which the three of us found very disappointing. But no matter--not our birthday.

    4. RickR


      Happy birthday to your son!  21 is a big one.  Cheers. 

  9. 3335- This game is quite difficult on this level! Photo creds to @Justin. I look like an alien! 😯🧐
  10. I hope we get to update our work laptops to Windows 11 because the Windows 10 sounds are horribly painful and annoying 


    1. MaximumRD


      I've always defaulted to turning off ALL Windows sounds but then I am easily annoyed by such things. I tend to disable or remove a lot of the defualt apps and tasks etc. 😆 Notifications OFF, Cortana OFF, User Account Control OFF (I hate being second guessed with every move I make) Just keep quiet WINDOWS ! 

    2. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      I have to admit...I like the Win 10 sounds a LOT better than previous versions.  I don't know how many times I got sick of hearing trumpets playing "ta DA!" and "DING!!!" when Windows was trying to tell you, "No Sir!  I'm not doing that!"

  11. Happy Atari Day! 🕹️

    1. RickR


      Atari Day snuck up on me!  I'll pick out an Atari game to play later today.  Thanks for the reminder


    2. DegasElite


      Yes, it is. You too, Gianna. :O)

    3. Justin


      Happy Atari Day everyone! 

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