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  1. This should be a fun one.
  2. I liked PP2 in the arcade. I think it was one of the first games that you could select what course you wanted to race? But I could be wrong, but that was the big draw to it for me.
  3. Does it to me all the time. I have to rotate it sideways once and save, then rotate it back to the original. I haven't figured out another way yet.
  4. Actually that is the exact two I picked up. Asteroids is impressive. Love the sounds in that one.
  5. Just purchased this tonight. Fun game just wish they would release a paddle. The joystick version just doesn’t cut it.
  6. What platform? Mame I’m using turfmast but you’ll need the ng bios.
  7. Thanks everyone, I kind of got hooked on it when I was getting close to the badge score.
  8. So we play all 18 with continues? or go as far as you can go w/o? (playing mame version)
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