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  1. I've got it! I figured it out! Dollar Tree employees are handed that cartridge once hired. They have to go home and use it. Once inserted and turned on, it zombifies them into real Dollar Tree employees. Full of repeating short advertisements with annoying music and repeated animations, tests, etc.
  2. Yep. I prefer the physical manual myself. But when you own a game, can't figure it out, and need a manual to help you out, this is the next best thing.
  3. First and foremost...this is NOT a way to get games I am after. Please read before making an assumption. I've spent the past few days on my 5200 and its library of games in my collection. As I was playing I got to thinking back to all those ads that mentioned a few games I never could find and compared that to the games I have now. After seeing what I had to choose from I think I have most of what I had before along with those I heard about. I also have a few I never knew were ever made for the 5200. And so I started thinking about games I am still missing and came up with 5 games. They are: Gyruss Star Trek: SOS Star Wars: RotJ Death Star Battle (yea...I didn't know about this one) Dreadnaught Factor Wizard of Wor I consider my collection very satisfactory. I don't necessarily have to find those 5 games. If I never found another 5200 game in the wild or elsewhere it would be no big deal. So, to give this conversation a bit of interest, I'm curious. Not counting the AtariMax carts, if you have/wanted any 5200 game carts, which ones would they be? Is your current library of games missing that one title you wish you could find? I'd like to hear about it. Please tell.
  4. Have a 5200 game with no manual? Fear not! I have located a large collection of these manuals in PDF format from the Internet Archives, free. So if you are in need of a manual, click on the link. On the right, under DOWNLOAD OPTIONS, you will see a list of file types. Click on the PDF link and it will expand to show all the game manuals up for grabs on a per-game basis. To download the manuals simply click on the game title. https://archive.org/details/Atari5200Manuals_201812
  5. Very odd. I've looked online for what the pinouts were to the 5200's expansion port and, pin for pin, the entire A8 SIO port is back there. I wonder if anything could be done with it to load games from a floppy?
  6. The way I recalibrated this system and controllers actually brought back the way I remember the controls working when I was a kid. I adjusted the POT on the console first to get that cross hair horizontally center. I then adjusted the POTs in the controllers to fine tune the centering. Works like a charm now.
  7. Come to think of it, many 5200's I found in the wild during the 1990's I had to fix, some had that same tape on them, some didn't. All were 4-ports except for 1. I'm curious but I'm not sure I want to remove that RF shield. I wonder if that motherboard is officially modified to work with the VCS adapter regardless of the serial number? They did have upgrade kits to modify original units to work with the VCS adapter. If I asked for an original 4-port, and the seller went by the knowledge of the 5200's serial number without knowing it, there is that slight possibility that the unit I have could have been modified at some point. I've never taken the RF shield off. I've only dusted it with canned air and a toothbrush. I normally take the motherboards to my consoles, after I get them, spray them down with a liquid chemical, rinse them off, and then dry them off with a bath towel to remove all the years of build-up. I never did that this 5200 because 1) it worked, 2) these things are very picky and delicate, 3) I can't afford to replace it should something go wrong.
  8. It's a small black peg. No...it doesn't...but I would expect to see marks from a tool twisting those. I see none unless I'm missing it. That piece of tape when I lifted it up for a photo op felt really brittle. I know many 2600 boards I've worked on that had that same color tape on them, the tape was so old it just fell off, you really didn't have to touch it much. This felt like that so it's been on there for a long time. It is possible that the motherboard had been repaired by an authorized dealer before I got it.
  9. Well, these are the best pics I could get. It doesn't look like the tabs have ever been moved. If they had the tarnish would be almost gone on those tabs. That tape has given away to time and is no longer sticky...but it's glue residue is on the motherboard. It's been there a very long time for that to happen.
  10. After dinner I will pop the top to check. I know I've never taken that RF shield off. I'm very particular when it comes to the 5200. I specifically requested an original 4 port, unmodified, because I had no intentions of owning a VCS adapter because I found that to be overkill since I already owned a 2600. I don't want a 5200 that is backwards compatible with the 2600 library. I don't need it.
  11. You know what? Since I centered the crosshair in Star Wars all of my games have been playing really well again. I don't have any stray-walking characters, 4-way controlled games respond well, all games using analog controls are actually controlling really well.
  12. My 5200's motherboard number is CA018087. It has never been modified and is not modified to accommodate the VCS adapter. It has always been there since I've owned it. I have no clue how or why it's there but, believe me, it's been there since I've owned it. Maybe I ought to investigate it?
  13. Well, most of the games I tested all played very well again. I have one more controller to check and adjust if needed then I'm buttoning everything back together and calling it good. I did find a field service manual for the 5200 in PDF format.
  14. Hey Atarians! I had to do some routine maintenance today on my 5200. I'm mostly having to recalibrate the controllers again because that POT on the console is very erratic while it's being moved (remember those old volume knobs on stereos?). A little cleaning and exercising it eliminated most of that. But I have no clue where on the screen... ...that crosshair in Star Wars is actually suppose to be when the controller is in a "dead-center" state. Is it suppose to be between the two top gunners or as centered as possible between all four gunners?
  15. I need to get one of those flash carts some time. I have posters that advertise the basketball game. That one would be neat to see on the 5200. Released I mean. I remember hearing about Track & Field in a later ad but I never seen it officially. That Curling game sounds interesting.
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