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  1. Well now. Let's see what I can come up with. Space Invaders for the same reason as @socrates63 Super Breakout was my very first game cart...on the 5200. Galaxian and Star Raiders for turning me into a fan of space shooters Pin*Bot influenced my interest in video pinball Wolfenstein 3-D on PC was my first FPS experience in shareware form solo much I spent $60 to get the rest of it. F-Zero on SNES sparked my interest in arcade racing Gran Turismo changed the way I looked at serious racing games. Forza Motorsport was the reason I wanted an XBOX Sonic Adventure influenced my decision to pre order a Dreamcast... ...and Shenmue's open world aspect only proved I made the right decision.
  2. Welcome Crash! You have a new home here. We always have something interesting being said or done. The 5200 is my console of choice but I do have a few 2600 models and a bit over 100 games for the VCS. Again, welcome aboard!
  3. Me either. I sort of lost interest in modern gaming in general. I think I'm done collecting modern hardware. The only consoles I'm after are a PS3, Wii U, and Switch but I'm in no position to consider any new hardware for the time being. I'm also satisfied with my PC I use for Steam games. Congrats on getting yourself a new XBOX, StormSurge. Edit: I need to be more specific on what I mean about modern gaming in general. First the XBOX One is a nice system but most of the games that have come out for it have either not kept my interest or interested me at all. I love Forza, enjoy Terraria, Borderlands, Mudrunners, and Farming simulators. I enjoy Farm Together, too. But what I mean by "modern gaming" is aimed at the new XBOX and PS5 consoles. I have not seen content that interests me. That's all I am trying to say. There are modern games out there I like...just not enough to warrant the purchase of a new machine. Switch has more titles that interest me than the new XBOX and PS5 consoles.
  4. After a lot of consideration my channel is, yet again, getting a name change. But this one will be the final one. I'm changing it to just Kamakazi's World. I want to share other things that interest me besides gaming. It has taken me a long time to figure out what all I would like to do with my channel. Finding time to do any videos has not been an easy task with just video games. So in order to expand to include anything I take interest in might prove to be a bit better. To make the transition...ALL current videos will be taken down. I am starting completely over with a new concept and content in mind. This way I can do: Video game play videos Video game reviews Talk about music formats and hardware Reviews on music formats and hardware General technology General technology repairs and upkeep I'm hoping that the switch will offer better content with my target audience not being limited to just video games. I also don't want to limit myself to age groups as my target audience, young or old, might find something entertaining/educational from my videos. Some current videos will be up until close to Christmas but I am already starting the process of removing videos that have not done anything. This will give me time to redesign graphic and video assets for the new channel. My opening theme I used before is being redone with the help of an Atari ST and Casio keyboard. I'm looking forward to the change. Thank you all for subscribing and I hope you will enjoy the new content coming.
  5. Hey Guys and Gals! Well, I managed to save three of our old sets of Christmas lights. I had to go through 900 lights to find the bad ones but, at the end, it was worth it.
  6. If you have never played any modern games might I suggest, on top of those previously mentioned, the Darksiders series. These are hack and slash mixed with puzzle elements and a unique story that I did enjoy. I favor Darksiders II out of them all. If you like Diablo style games check out Sacred, any in the series, and lastly I feel you might get some value out of Saint's Row but I would suggest Third Row and IV. Those two have a LOT to offer. Gat Out Of Hell, the last in the series, is great fun, too. If you can find those then picks em up as long as you don't mind Teen or Mature game ratings.
  7. I never played it but I hear the Last Of Us was a good game. I know that there were others but I can't for the life of me remember the names. Hey GOOGLE!
  8. I recommend ModNation Racers. Its a Mario-Kart style game where you can design your own tracks. I had a lot of fun with the demo version years ago. If you like side scrollers check out Little Big Planet. Of course 3rd party support is great on that machine. Need for Speed titles are on there, Sniper Elite, Borderlands, Gran Turismo, the PS3 has loads of stuff. I'm sure you will enjoy it. That sure was a nice machine to just dump. I miss my ps3.
  9. I really wish Nintendo would have updated the Wii software so that Netflix could still be used. It made for a great little Netflix box for an older TV.
  10. I can't complain about Metroid Other M or Twilight Princess...I haven't beat them yet but I have had a lot of fun with them. I also enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy. Then again the most expensive Wii game in my collection is City Folk, the rest were $5 or less. My wife gifted me my Wii (Christmas) a few years ago and grabbed Speed with it along with two others. I spend more time on Speed than most of my other Wii games. I don't care that I've already beat the game, I still enjoy the sense of speed and sounds the game has. Its a simple, easy to pick up and play game. My Sims and My Sims Kingdom are fun as well...for me though. The Wii's library of games are casual games and are a nice break from the usual stuff that are far more frustrating and stress inducing than is really necessary. Based on that I don't think the Wii library is entirely terrible. Then again I only have about 30 games for it.
  11. Did you notice your PP2 game says (C) 1984 ATARI, INC. and not Atari Corp.? You might want to check out those other games with the same door.
  12. Clean the lens! Try using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently clean the lens. It might work.
  13. New SMB is by far one of the crown jewels on the Wii.
  14. See if this video helps you RickR.
  15. And mine is the family edition. No GC functions although if you place a GC disc in the drive without the loading mech it loads.
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