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  1. I don't have one but I'd recommend it. Jaguar games are either hard to find or worth a LOT of money now...and those that sell them know this. And it doesn't matter if the game is complete or not most of the time. Still, the Jaguar is an awesome console to have. I always did like how the console looked without the CD add-on. Personally, I think it is the sleekest looking system ever made. And even if the controllers are huge they are comfortable.
  2. You know things are bad when someone uses a game console shell to house "expensive" dental gear. The cartridge shell is even the same! Oh...and don't forget...they took the GameCube's handle, too.
  3. Are you sure you don't want the special edition model?
  4. Welcome to the world of Jaguar! Jaguar stuff is almost up there with the NEO*GEO stuff. I'd recommend a few titles but they probably won't come cheap. Definitely keep an eye out for Tempest 2000. That's easily the Jag's top-dog. I've never played Pinball Fantasies. And I still play Cybermorph to this day. One of my favorites on the console.
  5. I'm use to playing Asteroids without using any help...just turn and fire! I also try to remain in the center of the screen.
  6. I couldn't do that to my Lynx. I'd feel like I murdered the thing. To a Lynx that has a bad display, maybe. The only issue with making an adapter to play 2600 games on the Lynx would be the size (2600 games would feel bulky) and emulating TIA which I don't think the Lynx has.
  7. There are a few games the 5200 got, or would have got, that others did not get. Space Dungeon was one of them, Sinistar should have been released! So should have Super Pac-Man. You couldn't tell the difference between it and the arcade. It was spot on. I don't play my 5200 as much as I use to. Mainly because the controllers, even after a rebuild, are just not wanting to hold up like they use to. The machine itself is fine and I still try to play it but I know from decades of experience when there is something not right with the controls. Buttons are fine, it's the analog controls. I'm not getting the travel I should be.
  8. Yes they do. Unfortunately in my home there is soo much modern day interference from more modern technology (bluetooth, wifi, modern consoles/computers) that the two 2600 JRs I own can't block it all out of the RF signal. And I have not found a way to choke it out.
  9. Here ya go. This is my 2600 JR arsenal. Bottom unit has issues with Power & TV Type switches. They don't "feel" right and TV Type switch half the time doesn't work. The top unit must have been babied. The texture of the plastic shell is still very much present. My only gripe with these Junior models...there is a huge difference in how the carts feel being inserted in these compared to the, how do I say it, "woody" models. These can sometimes be stubborn depending on the game. Never the less, I love the design and have thought about modding the bottom unit. I want one, however, to remain unmodified for integrity. Thanks, MD...now I'm going to have to play a 2600 game 😉
  10. I also like this but I can't find the full version. I'd really like to hear the rest of this one. https://youtu.be/YJt7KRmv2bQ You'll have to click the link as the author does not allow embedding on other sites.
  11. Since someone else already posted the band "Band-Maid" I'll post a song they do that I like very much. And of course the outfits fit them. It is to portray their band name 😉 They are maids. I know it's the same song but I like watching them in the official video.
  12. I guess I'm one of the weirdos. I grew up with the 5200 being my first console. I never had controller issues the whole time I owned it (from its initial release until 1987). I learned to love those controllers and found ways around imperfect controls to find happy spots in every 5200 game I owned at the time. 7800 controllers hurt my hands worse than 5200 controllers ever did. I guess I'm one of few people that have a passion for everything 5200. It is what it is, it's what Atari big wigs decided was enough to put it into production mode...even when it wasn't ready. I might be the only one who's passion for the 5200 is far greater than anyone else's. I have yet to meet anyone else who has has the passion I have for that console. I will defend it until my dying breath. I play mine a lot with just the standard controllers. I keep hoping to find a controller holder for it someday. That and a trackball controller.
  13. You've got some great games for your 5200! I see Tempest, an instant winner. I'm digging those end labels.
  14. I think the difference is in manufacturing. The carbon dots on the more modern consoles post 5200 I think were manufactured in the buttons whereas the 5200 must have been dipped or something. The 5200 was the first console I know of to use the carbon dot buttons on a game console. Knowing that I think the 5200 was more of a trial and error system: it either worked or it didn't. It was a rushed product. Beautiful machine with 1980's styling all over it...but it wasn't ready when it was released.
  15. I've got a controller with the white flex circuit. I believe all the traces are black on it so I'm not sure what the traces are made with. Most likely aluminum since it can flex easier without damage or cracking. Yes...oxidation is a huge system killer when it comes to the 5200. Dust is its worst enemy.
  16. If done correctly, the A8 can handle more colors than the 7800. You would, however, need to squeeze every ounce of the processors out of your code and make use of all the RAM available in the machine. GTIA and ANTIC were never fully pushed to their limits. I believe the only few games that pushed those two were 5200 games with Sinistar (never published) being one of them.
  17. Reminds me of High Score's website. I didn't see Super Cycle by Epyx in the ST section, though 😞
  18. I was under the impression that games "required" a certain amount of RAM on the system and video card itself. I'm using a GTX 460 with only 768 MB of RAM. I have not found a game yet it can not handle except a Car Mechanic 2021 demo I tried out. I had to turn everything to the lowest settings possible just to get 20 FPS. Then again it was a demo so maybe the full game will fix a lot of that. Oh...and I use Steam and Epic Games for my PC games. But all of my other games (PixARK, ATS, ETS 2, etc.) all run without any issues with med to high settings.
  19. Sounds about like my 386 I had BITD. It ran games it shouldn't have and I never found another 386 or first-edition 486 systems that came close to its performance. Then again I kept Windows off that system and stuck with MS-DOS 6.22. I hated Windows then because it was such a resource hog. I can't say anything bad about Windows 10. It has worked well for me...so far.
  20. My new channel has been started. Thus...I'm starting a new thread to go with the name change. I'm going to be posting new videos I do in this thread from now on. There's nothing left of the old channel. First video: This was a first run with the new channel. I combined three things into one video.
  21. I found a new formula and my channel has been redesigned and renamed. With @Justin's permission, I'd like to remove this post completely and start a new one since previous posts are linking to videos no longer available. Everything I had before is gone with no back ups. I do like the new design better and the name of the channel fits better. I'm no longer limited to just video games, although that is the main center of attention for the channel.
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