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  1. NES Search Planets for Help Very much like Star Raiders Save Your Mothership
  2. My first time doing one of these so here goes... NES/Famicom A pill to cure ills Viruses Everywhere The Doctor is in
  3. I'm going to try although I might not be any good at this. Is it Sewer Shark?
  4. SO sad. I remember when Radio Shack had a large catalog that was the electronic version of the Sears' Wish Book. Every component you could think of and never knew existed was in that catalog. I used it often when I lived with/took care of my grandmother. I had a small workshop I fixed electronics in and that book was my go-to book to find parts I would not have found otherwise. I wish they were still around. It is also sad how times have changed. Tinkering with electronics was once a hobby and some great inventions came from those hobbies. Now if someone does that it's hard not to worry if they are planning an attack somewhere.
  5. You have to start a DollarTree business and be successful. You also have to fight off thieves and thugs that might raid your isles. 😄
  6. Yea. YouTube has been going through some revisions...again. I kept getting copyright claims on a few of my videos that had no music. That's one of the reasons why I'm revamping my channel. I love the Famicom I got, just no games for it yet. I like the Japanese revision of the NES better than what we got. It just looks cuter.
  7. This would be my problem. Well that and I don't have a Switch yet. I'd kill someone trying to do that here. I'd have to be careful as well. I tried Sports Champions for PS3 and loved that game. Especially the disc golf and there was a one-on-one fighting game that I liked but I overdid it and started having chest pains. So, yea, I don't try to do very many video games that require exercising too much. But that game does look like a lot of fun. I'm more like these guys...
  8. You know, that's the first thing I look for when I open a new game that has sat around for decades is any kind of a catalog. When I opened one of my silver labeled games and seen that red Atari catalog I was all excited! I must have read that catalog for about an hour before I played the game. I didn't care about the game, it no longer mattered. I had a catalog. The 5200 games got a poster that showcased games. I sort of miss the "wow" factor Atari went through to sell a product. That silver that the 5200 used heavily was always awesome to look at. Umm...colored labels? What's those 😉 When I owned my first 7800 (I was in high school so a very long time ago) I found a copy of Ms. Pac-Man where the cartridge label was colored. I've never seen another one since. At the time I didn't realize how rare what I had was but I soon learned how Atari was treating the 7800. The inconsistency with the product bugged me. It was a killer console, still is, but it would have made a larger difference if Atari would have gave the system the love it deserved as well.
  9. 👍 That's a DollarTree Easter Basket special purchase 😉
  10. I remember that poster. I always made fun of it but I also wondered where they got that 7800 controller until I learned what it was many decades later. Now my turn to nitpik at this poster's art. The 7800 is way off. The chrome strip is not that high up...or is it? The car seems a bit unproportioned on the front. I thought F1-style cars had a front wing that went in front of the tires completely to help protect them? Centipede looks like he has make-up on. Bentley Bear looks like his face seen a baseball bat. But I do see one good thing which might have been the starting point. The football player seems to be of a similar style that early 2600 games used. OH...and the 2600 JR model doesn't look too bad. Then again how hard is it to draw a wedge? And in some ways I feel the poster should have said the Atari "Dis" Advantage. In some ways. Not everything under Jack was completely bad...just had a short life span and/or cheap feel. Kind of makes the 5200 seem more like the better product before Jack came along. I'm not going to say anything about the 2600. That machine could survive an apocalypse.
  11. I use a late model Sanyo and I found a Toshiba. Both are 20" true flat CRT TVs. The Sanyo still plays like brand new while the Toshiba until does have a bit of trouble across the top of the screen but I can live with it. Both have stereo sound, too (remember when that was an upgrade?). Absolutely stunning picture quality on both units so believe me when I say I really don't need the 4K experience since don't have much gear that would take advantage of that. OK. I'm going to give a little secret here. A CRT actually uses less power than most modern TVs. How? CRTs only pull what power is needed and at the most you might be looking at 1,000 Volts, most of which is supplied by the flyback transformer. Most modern TVs don't regulate power consumption and unbeknown to consumers a HDMI capable TV has to be able to control millions of transistors to display images. The more transistors per pixel the more power required. FACT: I owned an RCA HDMI TV from 2009 for seven years. When the backlight went out I took it apart to try to get a replacement. Yea. The control board just for the backlight and screen had a "CAUTION! 20,000 Volts present when on." sticker on it. I pitched it. So, contrary to popular belief, some modern TVs actually use more power than any CRT TV ever thought of using.
  12. OK. I was reading all the posts but learned something new about this game. For as long as I've played this game I've never seen massive machine in it. Does this game actually have a boss-like enemy I don't know about?
  13. I've watched lots of YouTube videos on these from best starter set games to repairs. Even though those videos said it was small pictures do not do these machines justice. They are a LOT smaller than those videos try to show. It could easily be a hand held system. It doesn't seem to weigh much more than a GBA. In all honesty, I believe the original GameBoy probably weighs more than the Famicom. Then again its small size makes sense. Japanese families usually have houses with small rooms compared to most American homes. The Famicom's small size, and the small carts, would make it easy to collect for without taking up much space. I've already got a power supply for it when I got a 3rd party 3-in-1 adapter for the Super NES. It will power the Famicom as well. Specs on the power supply are perfect for it. I may borrow the pads out of my regular NES controllers for a bit to test this thing out when a game arrives to test it. I don't play the NES much any way only because the types of games I enjoy playing on the NES I don't have (Life Force, Gradius, Destination Earthstar, Stinger). And I plan to get a LOT of the 2D shoot 'em ups for the Famicom that we (Western world) did and did not get. This is going to be a learning experience that I am looking forward to. Maybe it will also help me get my passion for gaming back as I've seemed to have lost some of it for some reason. I love the games I have but when I go look at what I have trying to find something to play I just give up. Almost like I have no ambition to play them. So I am hoping this new addition will help me find my gaming passion again. I can't wait to play something on it even if it is a Mario game. Oh...and Galaxian! They got Galaxian! Why didn't we get it? So now that I have a new console from across the pond, and I believe a few here also own one, I'm going to ask and see what all pops up. Games! It's all about the games. Those that are familiar with the system I'd like to know what games you enjoy playing on it. I know it has Salamander (aka Life Force), Gradius, and Gradius II...games that are on my radar. I also learned that Blaster Master was released in Japan as Meta Fight and a much nicer looking Title and Start screens. What else is there? Only rule: I don't read Japanese, yet, so anything that doesn't require a whole lot of translations would be appreciated. So, list of games for the Famicom, and...GO!
  14. My wife and I have added a new family member to our gaming family. Welcome to your new American home little guy. No games yet and I have to replace all the pads inside of both controllers. Those have literally dry rotted.
  15. THAT'S the only game those paddles were designed for 😛
  16. It depends on the system. Some RF signals work good on CRT TVs than some modern HDMI flat screen TVs. The only LCD TVs that might work best with RF signals are the early all-analog LCD TVs with no digital junk interference. The only exception is if you can use composite outs with a Hi-Fi CRT TV. Those usually give a great signal no matter if you use RF or composite. But it also depends on the TV, how well it's made, and what all is in the house that can cause interference (like cellphones, wi-fi, computers). As far as colors go...I get the same colors with RF and composite on a CRT. I don't get the same colors if I use either or on a modern flat screen. Again I think it all depends on how well the TVs are made.
  17. I have a TI but I rarely use it. I have three games for it and a pair of Amiga controllers. The games are Parsec, Treasure Island, and BurgerTime.
  18. The one thing I'd like to see in this game? NISSAN. I don't see any Nissans. I'd love to see the Nissan "Z" cars in this game. From the 240 up to the 300 ZX...those would be cool to see. The Skyline would be nice to see as well.
  19. Here's the 3 ... no ... 4 Porsches I found in the junkyard. 3 of the are the Carrera GT, one I believe is a 911 Turbo. The one on the left is the only one I've done anything to. On that note...all I've done is replace the body parts...nothing else has been touched yet. I'm simply too tired to try to finish it. Darn energy level is kicking me again. I'm going to try to work on all 3 tomorrow, keep one for myself, sell the rest. These are apparently worth a lot of money. Just with the new body parts and not running the one on the left is worth a little over $90,000. Here's the 911 Turbo. Poor thing. Kind of reminds me of Herbie in Goes Bananas when he was tossed overboard into the water. He needs eyeballs...hold on... There...that's better. Now we can see you. Kinda cute actually. I may keep this one as well.
  20. Nevermind. I just found another one. This one has a little more to it than the last one. I'm keeping this one but I'm not doing anything to it until I can expand my garage and remove that rust! There's more of an engine here, too, compared to the other one. I spent less on this one, though, than the last one. Building these cars is strangely relaxing and healing. Tearing them up at the abandoned airport is a lot of fun once they are running again...except the Willie's Jeep...that thing is slow. Oh...a bit on how the junkyard works...cars are random. If you don't get 'em when you see 'em, then leave, you miss 'em. There's no telling when you'll see them again.
  21. Yea. Most of the cars found in the in-game junkyard barely have anything. I've found one car with an almost complete motor but nothing but a barebone body. No doors, no windows, no panels...which didn't matter anyway as I can't repair those any way yet. ...and the finished product. Man I'll be glad when I can remove rust off these car bodies and can paint them. I'd like to see their real beauty. But, Justin got it. Ford GT40...pretty much the only Ford I really like. I'm more of a Chevy fan but over the year the MOPAR stuff has grown on me. That engine...they nailed the sound of it. I'm torn. I need the profits. I didn't realize how much I gave for this car in the junkyard. That first image I showed of this car was exactly as I found it and when I returned to my garage I noticed a huge chunk of my money missing. I didn't even pay attention to the ticket showing what the car was when I bought it. I'd like to keep it to repair it but I need the money. I also do not know if/when another one will turn up in the junkyard. There are still car models I have yet to see in the junkyard including RAM trucks. I found three Porsches last night and bought one to fix up. Cars in the junkyard are completely random with some becoming rare finds. The GT40 being one of them.
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