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  1. You are right, a CRT today does use more power than a modern flat screen. I found this article from 2017. How Many Watts Does a TV Use? You Might Be Surprised - Understand Solar Here’s a quick rundown of electricity usage for a medium-sized TV, averaged from a myriad of sources across the internet: 32” LED: 30 – 55 watts 32” LCD: 50 – 70 watts 32” OLED: around 60 watts 32” CRT: around 120 watts I wonder how much power my 36" Trintron is using, I bet it's a lot.
  2. I imagine Flat screen LED TVs have become more efficient over the past decade but they have also become much larger and are now backlit. I am unable to google anything that says LED TVs consume less power than a CRT. Everything I can find states the opposite. http://www.electrical-efficiency.com/2012/09/how-much-electricity-do-flat-screen-televisions-use/#:~:text=Picture quality is significantly superior,monitor uses an average 746kWh.&text=A larger screen usually uses more energy. Picture quality is significantly superior, and so is the electricity consumption of flat screens: whereas a 32-inch CRT set uses an average 292 kWh every year, a 42-inch plasma TV monitor uses an average 746kWh.
  3. Today's flat-screen, high-definition televisions, including plasma and liquid crystal display TVs, are generally larger than older, cathode-ray tube sets, and use more energy. According to technology writer Michael Bluejay, a 19-inch CRT uses about 80 watts of electricity, with larger screens generally consuming more. An April 2010 CNET article reports that the average standard LCD uses about 111 watts of electricity; for example, a 46-inch Mitsubishi LCD TV draws about 187 watts, while a 32-inch Vizio LCD consumes about 87 watts. By comparison, a 46-inch Sony LED TV uses about 87 watts. https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-much-voltage-does-a-tv-use
  4. The comb filters and the progressive scan line doubler on my 36" Sony WEGA Trinitron make all my analog video outputs connections look great even VHS. It has 3 S-Video, 2 component HD, 1 coaxial antenna in, 1 coaxial monitor out and 5 RCA composite connections. Back in the day it was a DAX catalog special edition. It's the best CRT I've ever owned and it only weighs 256 lb. The biggest downside is that light gun games don't function properly on any flat screen CRTs so I have a normal curved 27" RCA CRT for playing light gun games on my Saturn, PS1, PS2 and Sega Master System. I believe that developers used both the strengths and weaknesses of analog CRT technology to get the best video possible and sometimes those same programming tweeks that made analog on a CRT look good have the opposite effect on the translation to flat screen LED TVs. The one occuring theme I hear is that people don't have room for a CRT although most LED flat screens are 50" plus wide and realistically take up more real estate that a 36" wide CRT. Even when mounted on a wall that 50" plus vertical space is taken.
  5. I recently performed an interesting experiment in social studies. I posted this same topic verbatum on both this fine forum and another popular Atari related forum, sat back not posting anything more myself and observed the results. The other forum evolved into discord. Arguments, condensending remarks between the posters were flying and people even attacked the quality of the youtube video attached. The mediator rightly stopped the thread. On this forum the discussion is an informative amicable discussion about each individuals personal experiences relating to RF and CRT TVs. I no longer participate in the other forum.
  6. My RF hook ups are all CRT. My Intellivision II is on a RCA 27" regular screen, my Colecovision is on a 36" Sony Wega Trinitron in progressive scan mode. I don't question that the majority of the time RF is technically inferior to composite video, but in my case the combination of my CRTs and my particular consoles are a magic combination that makes for a great looking picture and sound. It's kind of like a bumblebee, it shouldn't be able to fly, but it does. I sometimes question the rational of people who spend a ton of time and money in order to get retro games looking as good they originally did on a CRT TV....
  7. All Atari Paddle Controllers compatible games: Astroblast (joystick or paddle) /Bachelor Party/Backgammon/Blackjack/Breakout/Bugs/Bumper Bash/Canyon Bomber/Casino/Circus/Circus Atari/Demons to Diamonds/The Dukes of Hazzard/Eggomania/Encounter at L-5/Fireball #3/G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike/Gigolo/Guardian/Kaboom!/Mangia/Mondo Pong/Night Driver/Party Mix #10/Picnic/Piece O' Cake/Poker Plus/Secret Agent/Solar Storm/Star Wars: Jedi Arena/Steeplechase/Speedway II/Street Racer/Super Breakout/Tac-Scan/Video Olympics/Pong Sports/Warlords/Warplock
  8. I have the option of RF or composite but I prefer the picture quality I get out of my Colecovision and Intellivision II RF and it's not nostalgia and I'm not alone. This video is a good example of RF over Composite on this particular SNES / TV set up. The RF image is unquestionably sharper and more detailed. This YouTube video I found illustrates my point.
  9. I have had 2 Intellivision II consoles. One I bought new in the early 1980s and one I picked up recently that was part of a complete ECS system.The control pad/disc on each systems controllers are different. One control disc is molded in a really nice shallow concave, the other is completely flat. The concave one feels and controls much better. Anyone know why they are so different?
  10. I have the same problems playing Wizard of Wor and Defender 2600 and of course everybody has problems with the flicker fest Pac-Man 2600.
  11. I love the game play and concept of Yar's Revenge, but I can't play it for long due the neutral zone's constant flashing lights and the sometimes extremely jittery movements of Yar. I have read that the flashing neutral zone is there intentionally to distract our eyes but for me it does it a bit too much.
  12. Does anyone out there know why the boss in Astro Fighter has the letters 'GS' emblazoned on his chest? My guess is that it may be an acronym for Gremlin/Sega the North American publishers.
  13. If you even have a squad challege for Touchdown Football, Count me in!
  14. I did not know that ATARI was an acronym for Advanced Technology and Research Institute. I always thought Atari was a term used in the game Go for a situation where a stone or chain of stones has only one liberty, and may be captured on the next move if not given one or more additional liberties.
  15. I will keep trying to enjoy game play in Fight Night but I always a feel a disconnection between my movements and button presses and what actually occurs in the game. Whether I win or lose I sometimes wonder how I got there.
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